Goods: Araragi Koyomi Plushie (Bakemonogatari, Senjougahara Hitagi, Gift)

Surprise bishie plushie release!

Title: Bakemonogatari Plushie Series 2 Araragi Koyomi 化物語ぬいぐるみシリーズ 2阿良々木暦
and Bakemonogatari Plushie Series 1 Senjougahara Hitagi 化物語ぬいぐるみシリーズ 1戦場ヶ原ひたぎ
Price: 2,940 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: May 2011
Preorders open: 25 January 2011 at gift online store:
Araragi –
Senjougaraha –

Araragi Koyomi 阿良々木暦 is a character from one of my favourite anime series, Bakemonogatari 化物語 in 2010 :D He is also voiced by one of my favourite seiyuus Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷 浩史 too.

His figma was put on preorder recently ^^ well, hopefully they have plushie Araragi on normal preorder :)

Comparatively, I don’t find Senjougahara’s plushie not as cute. So it’s good. I can save some $$.

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8 thoughts on “Goods: Araragi Koyomi Plushie (Bakemonogatari, Senjougahara Hitagi, Gift)”

  1. @ponytale Yep, I’ve watched few Bakemonogatari episodes and didn’t like the series, even having Kamiya Hiroshi as his voice, I don’t like Koyomi at all. LOL I’m a difficult person when it comes to anime or manga that isn’t BL XD LOL I didn’t even know he has a special eye, is it like a contract?

    I think so! Already have Sebby and Ciel for April, then it’s time to recover after the huge spent of that month and be prepared for Keisuke and Akira in those jumpsuits! And maybe the remake of the 1st ones for me, cos I don’t have the oldies. But really, my priority is get Keisuke. I already have slut Akira plush and I’m waiting my postman deliver my military Akira plushie this month! With so many Akiras (but we still think never is enough!) is better get them a Keisuke and a military Shiki yet. And their “son”, Naitou! XD I think Akira face in jumpsuit and normal clothes will be the same, and very much like (if not the same) of the military plush version.

    Plushes are really addictive! I still have Okita and Saitou plushes, and I regret so much not bought the Lucky Dog ones, specially Giancarlo! And Harada and Kazama too T__T XDDDDD When I see that Yuuno from Nanoha in plush form I feel so tempted, even not liking the series LOL and this match of grayish eyes and black hair of Araragi makes him adorable! But I’ll resist for now, Keisuke is promising to be the cutest of them!

    1. @planck-chan: Koyomi was attacked by a vampire and became one too. He was later healed but some of the effects remain, like his eyes turn red when he becomes angry. I kinda forgot the details. I’m usually not very into harem animes lol~ but I liked Bakemonogatari for the folklore concepts, interesting characters and different animation treatment here. Kamiyan is one of the reasons of course hehe and do you know that Sakurai Takahiro was also one of the main characters? I couldn’t recognise his voice at first XD so it was a big bonus when I saw the credits.

      Yea… somehow I’m becoming addicted to the plushies too. I ordered more plushies than I should and I feel a bit guilty looking at all of them cos I have no space to put them all *_* However, I don’t think I can resist the new Togainu ones. I’m also looking forward to this Keisuke and I think he’ll be such a cutie! :D I still hope they give us a different expression Akira since they did such a lovely one for the Y-shirt. Hehe… hopefully you can get the rest of the ones you want too!

  2. aww~ so cute! I was surprised to see them make a plush of him. I want this cough*semi-emo*cough plush. XD
    That’s if it’s available on another site other than gift.;

    you must take lots of pictures when you get the figma!*v*

    1. @sigma: Yeah, hopefully they have him on normal preorder. If he is a gift exclusive, then I’ll most likely wait until they released the new Togainu plushies before buying them together using a proxy.

      I’ll try to do that! Can’t wait to get his figma XD

  3. He looks ubber adorable in a totally unwilling way XD
    Felling quite lucky here for not liking plushes all that much because his merchandise so far is pretty tempting.

    Apparently GIFT is also going to release two new akira plushies plus shiki and keisuke… so all I can suspect is that 2011 is really the year where most japanese companies are “out to get us”, pff.

    1. @Oru: Yeah, Gift can make mopey looking bishie plushies look so cute like that lol~ XD I’m looking forward to the new Togainu plushies too! Must buy…

  4. That’s bad. I’m bravely resisting the urge of pre-ordering his figma, cos I’m not into the character. But there’s something about plushes, I can’t say exactly what is, maybe the ”huggable” possibility, the cuteness, dunno, but I love them! Maybe I can resist him in the end, but I’d really like to have him!

    Ah hope he has the two eyes XDDD I really don’t like hair covering eye! But… his eye format and color, plus black clothes and hair (if it was not covering one eye) kinda remind me Kamui from X – if you look Koyomi the figures, the resemblance is zero, but dunno why the plush remind me of him.

    1. @planck-chan: Yea, now that you mentioned it he can pass off as Kamui XD Well, planck-chan, if you don’t like him as a character as much, just keep him on the wishlist and save up the money for the upcoming Akira/Keisuke plusies ^^ they’ll be my priority over Araragi too.

      If I get Araragi, I’ll be sure to peek under that fringe of his and see if he had that special eye :D And yes… he sure looks cute as a plushie!

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