Goods: Aquarion Evol Kagura Demuri 1/8 scale PVC figure (Megahouse)


Remember the “orgasmic cries mecha anime“? Yeah, this is another red head bishie that I would love to add to my collection :D

Title: Aquarion Evol Kagura Demuri アクエリオンEVOL カグラ・デムリ
Price: 7,600 Yen
Scale: 1/8
Date available: December 2012
Pre-order starts: 9 August 2012
Company: Megahouse

Megahouse revealed this babe during Wonderfest Summer 2012 in July. It’s amusing that this hot bad boy gets a figure release first rather than the main character ^^;;

Side-by-side comparison with the illustration it was based on. I have the calendar of the Aquarion Evol anime illustrated by Kurahana Chinatsu and Ishida Kana. The hair looks wrong lol~ and he needs to show more muscles and definition :P But overall still looks pretty good.

Close-up of Kagura’s face… what do you think?

Illustration cards from the desktop calendar and pamphlets.

Plastic stand for the illustration cards.

Main character, Amata. I think if he does get a figure, this is probably the pose. I’m not too hot on getting him though. Sorry Amata-kun. Maybe only if you go on discount sale ^^;;

On the other hand, I would LOVE to have Mikage’s figure. His character design looks fab.

Here’s another angle of Kagura :D I wonder if he’ll come with exchangeable parts as is the usual of most Megahouse figures.

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30 thoughts on “Goods: Aquarion Evol Kagura Demuri 1/8 scale PVC figure (Megahouse)”

  1. uh…. the 2d artwork… is it same with togainu no chi illustrator? (sorry i forget the name…)
    i kinda disappointed with lamento 2013 …
    i love togainu and sweet pool’s illustrators style

  2. @ponytale They should have made Mikage’s figure FIRST!!!! DAMNNN!!!
    *trying to stop the rage*
    If they do announce anything please tell T___________T thank youuuuuuuu

    1. @Lazuli888: I’m sure Kagura has the most number of fans among the male characters. The others are a gamble though I definitely would LOVE to have Mikage.

  3. @Ponytale @Hannah : THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION! that’s why i’ve been wondering… -.-” sorry for my lameness as well…

  4. he went on preorder today… that seam… u aint fooling me megahouse, that aint no clavicle!
    it’s a horrible horrible seam! >_<

    now, i'm not even sure if i will get him even is he goes on sale :/

    1. @Shirokaze: That really is a seam *_* but if you want to explain it away, it’s the mark of his pants around his waist and neck? orz;; I’ll put him on the wish list first.

  5. And btw thanks ponytale for posting about this! I requested you to post this in another thread and there it is the next day! lol!

    Awwww, he’s not messed up! He looks so devilish and that’s exactly why I like him!! Love his powerful stance. He looks so much better than the original illustration!

    1. @urusaiii: Thanks for the reminder too XD
      I think the figure looks good! But he shouldn’t be so skinny though… They really should put a bit more muscles on him <3

    1. @Hannah: Well, its kinda WTF but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Very entertaining, doesn’t take itself too seriously and has BL fan service. “Orgasmic cries” much XD Give it a go if you have time.

    1. Same here. I don’t know for sure, but the male characters do look like something done by Nitro.

  6. The photo of the character and the figure look different. The figure’s hair doesn’t match the photo. The same thing goes with the face and his muscles. I like it though. I love the character art. It looks awesome! ^ – ^

  7. Yay!!!!! Kagura!!! I LOVE him. I only wanted to watch Evol because of him. Evol is definity one of my favorite shows. He’s sooo sexy~! I’m happy they made a figure of him~! Wish I can get my hands on him! Kagura, I love you! <3

  8. don’t even know who this guy is but the figure’s pretty hot! might end up snagging one. i actually find the figure’s face MILES better than the illustration itself lol

    cool beans

    1. @Becki: Yeah Kagura deserves our love <3 I find the face good looking but I am also fond of the original illustration. He seems to be more menancing which isn't easy to capture in a figure I guess. His body in the illustration is more manly too. But generally I like the figure too :D

  9. face sculpt and neck does seem kind of weird…..i don’t know anything about this series, but that mikage person looks yummy~~~

    on an unrelated note, getting stuff from mandarake is really just impossible….i have been trying to get a military akira 1/10 from them for ages now….some have popped up, but they are sold out before i even see that they are up for sale…..orz

    1. @iced_wine: Yeah Mikage is delish!
      The thing about Mandarake is that there are no guarantees that what we see on their web store is still available after we place the order. Cos the physical shop may have sold the merchandise before they can put it up online or process it for us orz;;

  10. i’ll get him if he goes on discount.
    his face and neck look odd to me :/

    if they do mikage figure i hope they dont mess it up like they’re doing here with kagura D<<<

    1. @Shirokaze: I’ll see what extras he comes with too. With Aoba figure looming in the distance at 12000 Yen and Yukio/Rin figures. We gotta prioritise. Fingers crossed for an awesome Mikage fig.

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