Goods: Aomine x Kise oyasumi good night bedsheets (Kuroko’s Basketball)

Aomicchi and Kise bedsheets, anyone? :D

Title: Kuroko no Basuke Goodnight Bedsheet Kise Ryouta 黒子のバスケ おやすみシーツ 黄瀬涼太
Title: Kuroko no Basuke Goodnight Bedsheet Aomine Daiki 黒子のバスケ おやすみシーツ 青峰大輝
Price: 9,450 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: 26 January 2013
Description: Special new illustrations created for this purpose!
Size: 2400 mm Height x 1500 mm width x thickness 0.2 mm
Material: Polyester, full colour print.

Their poses don’t give us much funny moments like Kuroko and Kagami’s but they are quite nice by themselves. There’s probably more to come! :D Ah~ such fun.

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11 thoughts on “Goods: Aomine x Kise oyasumi good night bedsheets (Kuroko’s Basketball)”

  1. I always wonder why pillows, bedsheets and the like for male characters show less skin than their counterparts… It’s not fair… I want more skin…
    (Okay, i’m being a perv, but…. o(><)o )

    1. @endlessnine: Only the BL ones would give us more skin lol~ They don’t want to scare off potential customers when it comes to mainstream anime.

    1. @ Ponytale

      Oh, Ponytale! You’re making me blush! >//////< I got an Akira pin that cost $14.50. Some people told me that I was jipped off from my money because I could've got a pin set that included Konoe, Youji, Aoba and Akira for $42.00. I didn't know since I was very excited but I don't regret it. Oh, Ponytale. Next time, is it okay if I can send you a gift? I was going to send you a gift before Christmas but I forgot to ask you where you lived. So maybe next time I can send you a gift? If you want me to. ^ – ^

  2. LOL I love how you can always photoshop those bedsheets pics like characters were laying together. XD A little deception with Kise pose, it should be more sensual, more skin showing like shirt slightly open. Aomine pose is nice, he’s very natural and manly.

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