Goods: Another topless (or naked?) bishie to smex up your bedrooms (Official Magi, Sinbad bed sheets)

The purple long hair reminds me of Gakupoid (Vocaloid)

Title: Magi Bedsheets (Sinbad) マギ シーツ(シンドバッド)
Price: : 8,400 Yen (w/tax)
Date available: 9 February 2012
Size: about 130cm x 250cm
Fabric: Full colour printing
Order from:
Movic Japan.
Animate Japan.

If I’m not wrong, this bedsheet features design of this character in the middle of the manga cover on the right.

To be honest, I don’t know much about this shounen manga series, Magi-Labyrinth of Magic, created by Ootaka Shinobu (大高忍). I’ve read that it is very popular. There are 11 volumes and it is still on-going. It isn’t officially BL but it is popular among BL fans in Japan.

The bedsheets caught my eye because of the design. Rather nice I would say :)

I remember reading tweets of my followers who are fans, so I thought it might of interest?

Definitely not to be missed if you’re a fan since these fan service official goods are relatively rare.

The story is set on a caravan that is travellng through a desert in search of Oasis City with its abundant supplies of water. A trader named Lyra travels with the caravan despite the thieves that bedevil it. One day, a mysterious boy named Aladdin appears before Lyra, and their encounter opens a door for adventure.

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Another topless (or naked?) bishie to smex up your bedrooms (Official Magi, Sinbad bed sheets)”

  1. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Sinbad~ If I could have a husbando, it would totally be you~! <3
    lol, thanks for sharing this. Totally stopped by randomly to check all the stuffies you posted that I missed. And THIS totally just made my night! (lol, I haven't been to bed yet, so please ignore my sleepy-hyper!fangirling!)

    1. @minutani: This proves that fujoshis are definitely an economic force to be reckoned with! Since Magi seems to be really popular with the Japanese fujoshi.

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