Goods: Angry Birds Plushies (mobile phone game app, Rovio Mobile)

Probably old news ^^;; but the phone app which has taken the world by storm… is now in solid form.

Check them out at the official store:
Price: US$11.90 and above.
Official site:

May wanna get one or two for my little nephew who absolutely loves the game. Spotted a cool video on youtube too. Playable, edible birthday cake! :D

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2 thoughts on “Goods: Angry Birds Plushies (mobile phone game app, Rovio Mobile)”

  1. I actually have no idea what Angry birds is but the video was so sweet and actually a pretty creative idea, considering how kids normally enjoy “recking” the cakes ^^

    1. @Oru: It’s a mobile phone game where the objective of the game is to catapult the angry birds and destroy the pigs who have stolen their eggs. Very popular with young children (3 yrs and up?) and adults alike.

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