Goods: Akira, Konoe Plushie Strap and Togainu no Chi coasters (Gift, Animate Girls Festival)

Update September 2011: Official photos of the plushie straps

Similar size as Sweet Pool’s Youji plushie strap, Gift will be selling new straps of Akira (Normal) and Konoe (Lamento Beyond the void) during Animate Girls’ Festival 2011 held from 23 – 24 September 2011. Akira slut version is currently being considered for mechandising as Plushie strap.

Buying these pre-sale items at events will usually nab you some freebies like postcards, etc. But these items will usually be sold later on at Gift’s online store. Each plushie is about 15cm tall seated pose. Event price is 2,000 yen (w/tax) each.

Title: Nitro+Chiral Plushie Strap 2 – Akira ニトロプラス キラル ぬいぐるみストラップ2 アキラ
Price: 2,100 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 23 – 24 September 2011 (Animate Girls Festival 2011) Booth
Preorder: 27 September 2011 (Gift Online Store)
Exclusively at GIft Online Store:

Title: Nitro+Chiral Plushie Strap 3 – Konoe ニトロプラス キラル ぬいぐるみストラップ3 コノエ
Price: 2,100 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 23 – 24 September 2011 (Animate Girls Festival 2011)
Preorder: 27 September 2011 (Gift Online Store)
Exclusively at GIft Online Store:

2nd Preorder start 17 January 2012

Design comparison. Size not to scale. Left is new Akira plushie. Right is Akira plushie strap.

Also, coasters of Togainu no Chi chibis featuring new illustrations by Yupon! OMG! Check out Keisuke’s HUGE + mini screwdrivers! LOL… There’s no rest for the wallet OTL;; gotta work real hard for more $$$ for these cuties.

Title: Togainu no Chi Rubber Coaster 咎狗の血 ラバーコースター
a) Trump ver. トランプver.
b) Gakuen (Campus) ver. がくえんver.
Each coaster costs 525 yen (w/tax). Event price: 500 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 23 – 24 September 2011 (Animate Girls Festival 2011)
Preorder: 27 September 2011 (Gift Online Store)
Size: 88mm each. They should be available for general release. No mention of being Gift Online Store exclusives.

2011 August sneak peak.

Title: Animate Girls Festival 2011 Event Exclusive Togainu no Chi Mug Cup
Price: 1,000 yen (w/tax)
Available: 23 – 24 September 2011 (Animate Girls Festival 2011)
Gift mentioned in their tweet that they’ve increased the stock for this exclusive item so people who attend the event should have a higher chance of owning one.

Title: Togainu no Chi Clear Bookmarks Trump ver. 咎狗の血 クリアしおり トランプver.
Price: 525 yen (w/tax) per set of 4
Event Price: 500 yen (w/tax) per set of 4
Available: 23 – 24 September 2011 (Animate Girls Festival 2011)
Preorder: 27 September 2011 (Gift Online Store)
They should have a general release since they’re not tagged as exclusives.
Gift Online Store:

Gift event page:
Animate Girls Festival 2011 link
Report on Animate Girls’ Festival 2010

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58 thoughts on “Goods: Akira, Konoe Plushie Strap and Togainu no Chi coasters (Gift, Animate Girls Festival)”

    1. @planck-chan: They look so cute!!! OH MY! *_* Ready our wallets planck-chan! I know Rai was in the works and his finish product sure looks good! Konoe will be so happy lol XDD I want Asato too!!! I hope they’re not Ikebukuro Animate exclusives orz;;;

      I’m so gonna get Saito! <333 Very tempted by Heisuke too but I WILL RESIST!

    2. OMG I WANT!!!
      rai! and asato too pls!
      i dont care for the utapuris lol
      i do like that paring, but i dont have money for exclusive plushes that i dont really want.
      if they ever release nendos (not the petits), then i will consider buying them :3

      ponytale! be sure to post the link where they are going to sell the rai plush!! Dxxxx

    3. Haha I’d love to have a ready wallet, but we do some sacrifices in the end to get our loved bishies… I’m totally for Rai, as Konoe can’t be alone, but if I knew they’ll do Asato, I’d prefer him over Rai. I’m not an Utapri fan but those lil plushes are adorable, I’d love to get them, but surely they’ll be exclusives, so I’m not counting on it. I don’t have any Utapri merch yet, but I don’t think I’m able to resist their nendo puchis.
      And about Hakuouki plushes, I’m still tempted about Okita, and now they do Saito and Heisuke! LOL when I first saw their pics I was like, it’s Kaito and Syaoran from Tsubasa? XDDD I’m more into Heisuke this time, he’s not my fave but I loved his clothes and looks so cute. Maybe Gift will do Harada (can you imagine Harada in new version, lovely eyes and that slightly opened yukata) and also Kazama. So cruel they have to be exclusives! At least Big In Japan have them, but you need to pay immediately.

    4. @planck-chan: yeah *sniffs* I’ll get all the cats if I can afford it! Utapri ones are tempting but I will resist! Especially if they’re exclusives orz;;

      Lol~ Syaoran and Kaito in yukata! Now that you mentioned it, they do look similar with Heisuke and Saito! I’m not that big fan of Heisuke but his plushie has such a cute expression! *_* So tempted too!

      Okita is a must get! So incredibly cute! I’m really excited and can’t wait to see Harada! I didn’t have money for the 1st plush but I’m so glad they are releasing his casual wear version… since I have bishie in yukata fethish lol~ He will be perfect! Thanks for the heads up on Big in Japan! I’ll consider getting the boys from them :D

    1. @mai-chan: Konoe-chan is sold out on Gift’s online store. So you’ll have to wait for the next reissue. But Akira-chan strap is still available! They’re exclusive to Gift Online store as I’ve indicated in the post :3

      If not you can wait for the next Gift Nuigurumi Festival sometime in Oct/Nov if I remember correctly and try to get them there :)

  1. NOOOO!! I FORGOT ABOUT THE RELEASE DATE!! I was busy getting ready for my school and stuff -___-;

    I really wanted Konoe but he’s sold out now ;______; and I have no clue when he’ll be in stock again. UGHHHHH. Damnnnnnn.

    1. @momo: oh my! O.o I didn’t expect him to be sold out so quickly. I was going to be away during this period, so I asked my proxy to try getting him during AGF.

      Don’t worry I’m sure he’ll be restocked soon. (>.<)

  2. o0o0o~~the trump version coasters and bookmarks look yummy~~~if they come out with a general release, are major distributors like amiami and hobby search the ones to carry them?

  3. Wow, the coasters are pricey, 500 Y each? I thought it was the set! Oh my… The mug is amazing but to save some bucks, I’d pick the bookmarks, I love this trump design!

    About Konoe, maybe it’s better for me use a proxy and get him on Gift site, cos I already have Len support version with proxy, so I can add stuff to my order, and ship all together… too bad I have to wait til january to have all… other possibility is use the services of that guy that goes to the events, but have to pay all in advance and then the shipping won’t wait too long… hard decisions!

    1. @planck-chan: Me too! I thought they would come in a set or at a cheaper price, say 300 Yen per coaster? Maybe they figured that not everybody wants all the characters and it is easier to sell the items individually. That increases costs which adds onto the price of the final product OTL The rubber straps that Kotobukiya is selling costs about the same for each strap right?

      Konoe will only be available from Gift online store, so we have no choice but to go by proxy. If you’re getting the proxy to go to the event, it would be more worth it if you but more things cos he has to pay entrance fee for it.

  4. i dont know i dont know i dont know
    these months are all full, i cant buy anything else Q.Q

    ok… IF they are still in store by november…. i’ll get them
    if not… then fml T_T


    LOL. I want the PLUSH STRAPS! But i’ll wait for it to go online at their site.


    =__=; Gift, I hate you soo much. You and your goddamn exclusives. LET MY WALLET REST. GOD.

    lol, buttt, I really have to get Konoe & Akiraa! and wow, they’re more expensive than Youji T_T;

    1. @momo: I’ll be waiting too since they’re not exclusive to the event. As for the mug, I’ve tried to order from the proxy. If not successful, we can stalk auctions for it later on ^^;; my wallet needs a rest too… sigh.

      I think Strap Akira’s eyes are cuter than the normal sized plush. I’m also upset over the prices of the new plushie straps too… 500 yen more each means a lot to us cash strapped fangirls DX Youji’s design is much simpler but still… sigh again.

  6. Ahhhh finally KONOE!! what took them so long to make a plushie of him i don’t understand >A< If only they would make more plushies of the rest of the characters from Lamento and Sweet Pool just like they did for TnC ~~~~even if its a strap I'm gonna try get him later on , but darn proxy just like how i got Youji is gonna make it double the price TTATT

    1. @sairu: Yeah Lamento doesn’t get enough love :3 I hope to see his cute face soon. I got Youji through proxy too… one way is to buy more stuff together so that it works out to be cheaper overall OTL;;

  7. lol. it’s kinda funny, they put their other plushies on sites like AmiAmi and stuff, and yet, their Nitro+Chiral are all exclusive -o-; suuuucks.

  8. Noooo! That Konoe plushie! ( ´Д`)ノ I would do anything for it!
    Why does everything got to be exclusive or only sold at Animate?
    If only they’d sell it at AmiAmi or any other regular shop. Take my money! Take it all!

  9. Ahhh–! <333 I would buy a Konoe strap in a heartbeat! There isn't enough Lamento merchandise out there, haha~;; 'Tis my favourite Nitro+Chiral game so far, so I'm pretty happy about Konoe getting a strap!

  10. Gosh, why this now?! I so want to see Konoe! And Aki, they changed his eyes, like those new Gift plushes, so it’s like saying “buy me, I’m different from other Akiras, and I’m cutely smaller” XD Difficult to resist. And those coasters are perfect, Aki as the Jack is too cute, not to say Rin as the Queen, and lol Joker Keisuke’s screwdrivers. XDDD

    And yesterday just saw this on Kanegon twitpic, I wonder if it’s part of AGF, it’s for the future, will be exclusive, dunno, but Gakuen Hetalia is a dream, love it!

    So my expectations of stop buying plushes for a while are totally destroyed! Congrats, Gift, you win. XDDD

    1. @planck-chan: Yes, all our plans to save $ are failing miserably.

      Oh yes, those Gakuen Hetalia will be presold during AGF too ^^ I should make a post on that later. I feel so sleepy zzz OTL;;;

  11. Omg, I want that Konoe plushie so bad ;A; Too bad I don’t know anybody who attends the event, so I hope I can order it from the Gift Online Shop ;U;

  12. lol! I also that the one on the right was Shiki as well. But then I was like, no wait…that’s Youji!

    Aw, yeah, I never did buy the new ones either since I got the old ones. They’re both cute but I like the old versions more.

    Oh man, if they ever made those illustrations into one-coins, I’d be so broke D:!

  13. CUTE! Akira looks cute. I can’t really see Konoe though. But I bet he’s cute too. Haha i’d love to use it as a strap but its actually really big O__O from what I can see. I never got the chance to get Youji but maybe when they all go up on the gift site, I’ll grab them all (that is if they don’t get sold out) :D

    If they make slut Akira into a plush strap, that’d would be SOOO funny to use. I have the plush version, and my brother always asks why he’s naked and then strips him lolol.

    And the COASTERS are cute! Oh god…there seriously is no time to stop spending money. My wallet just keeps shrinking O:!

    1. @momo: Yeah that’s the only photo that was available but no worries… I think Konoe will be cute! Look at that pair of cute neko-mimi :3 For a second there I thought the one on the right was Shiki but it was Youji. Seems that they only make ukes? lol~

      I think the plushie is too big as a phone strap too. It’s not practical at all lol~ But as a plush, the size is really nice and cute! I have Youji’s plushie strap and I love him to bits X3 I’ll be happy to get this version of the new version Akira ^^ I haven’t found the motivation to buy the full sized one cos I already have the old version.

      Hahaha your brother can’t help it, can he? Slut Akira is such a lust magnet <3 lol~

      Yes! Love the new coaster illustrations! If they made all the chibi versions into one-coins I think I'll really be a lot more broke than I currently am. D:

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