Goods: Akira and Shiki Nendoroid Plus Charm Collection! (Togainu no Chi)


Newly announced at Wonderfest 2010 Summer!

Nendoroid Plus Charm Collection of Shiki and Akira from Nitro Chiral’s BL game, Togainu no Chi 咎狗の血 are currently in the works! OMG! Togainu no Chi being animated has got to be one of the best news for BL fans this year :D

Special features of this new product line:
1) A 40 mm tall small character charm figure which comes with a base
2) A voice unit that features up to 4 different famous lines of the character.

I was really excited when I saw the pics but on closer scrutiny on the product specs, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. They are not action figures and are about the same size as the one-coin figures by Kotobukiya.

An actual Nendoroid would have been much better but it’s a promising start! I wonder how much it’ll cost us this time.

In fact, I seriously prefer to have figmas of these boys cos they are more true to the original character design and it’ll be so awesome to be able to pose them!

Anyway, packaging of the finished product is expected to look like these K-On! ones.

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11 thoughts on “Goods: Akira and Shiki Nendoroid Plus Charm Collection! (Togainu no Chi)”

    1. @sigma: yep yep XD Everytime I look at the picture of Y-shirt Akira, I can’t help but smile :3 wanna squeeze and pinch and kiss and hug him XD MUST BUY!

    1. @planck-chan: yeah it is a good start! I’m definitely getting the plushies if I can too.

      @sigma: I think maybe the images are classified? View the plushies and the photo will self-destruct in 10 seconds or something Lol~ XD There are 3 apparently. Military Akira, Shiki and Y-shirt Akira X3

  1. I’m very happy seeing GSC making TnC stuff! It gives me a bit hoping they’re gonna do puchis or nendos from them! The keychains are cute but too tiny… Imagine a set of puchis with all the guys!
    Then the plushes… I don’t know how they’ll cost, but I’ll buy them all! No way I could skip it!! ~ Keep imagining what’s bellow the white yshirt *¬* ~

  2. @pony: omg are you series i saw the lucky dog plush on your wishlist only to find it’s already out of print! When did it even go on sale? X_X

    ;_; aww i didn’t know cdjapan was selling them you think they’ll have the other plushies too?

  3. @pony & momo: eh military plushies wha~~~*_*?!!! this kinda make me glad i didn’t get the regular ones then~ an ah white T-shirt Akira?!!!! *dies*

    y-yea…..poor wallet.OTL

  4. Hehe! They are cute! I saw these like last night :)

    Well, its a disappointment they were nendos, but, well, a good start and also made my GSC! SO, maybe, there will be a nendo in the future. ;)

    I’m so getting them when they are out, so I hope they come out sometime soon. :D

    There’s also going to be new plushies of them by Gift! Military Akira & Shiki and also a white shirt Akira.

    1. @sigma: totally OTL and there are more upcoming items that’ll bleed us… just from Nitro+Chiral/Gift alone! momo has just given us a heads up. I’ll post and update on those Gift plushies soon. I’m also hoping they cost less than US$20… maybe 1500 Yen? That is acceptable although still seems expensive for general standards. But I’ll definitely be getting them when they are out ( T~T) pities poor wallet.

      @momo: yeah, with good sales, I think they’ll release more items. I so want a figma tho. Uwa~ Thanks for a heads-up on those new Gift plushies <3 I'll check them out and do an update soon!

  5. lol omg so cute!! knowing how they love to empty out our wallets i bet they cost around 20-30 sense there is voices in the charms OTL;;; if its more than i’ll be shocked. I’m hoping it’s range is just 8-20 at the most. *wishful thinking. XD;;

    I can’t wait for more togainu goodies! I’m so glad i havn’t ordered anything yet.*holds wallet for dear life* lol

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