Goods: 18+ DRAMAtical Murder Aoba PVC Figure (Nitro+CHiRAL)

Artwork of figure revealed during 2015 Wonderfest Summer

Update 22 April 2016
Aoba is available for preorder now! He is made to order, and preorder period ends 20 June 2016.
Price: 19,000 Yen excl. tax is pretty reasonable for a 1/7 scale.
Release date: November 2016
Official Info:
JP Store: Orders: (selected countries only)

Last update: July 2015 I didn’t know that native stood for “naked” & “creative” lol~ anyway here’s more pics of the illustration taken during the event.

Curious how the final prototype will look like and if there’ll be any cast-off :O

Last update: 2 March 2015

Sh*t got real. Official 18+ Aoba PVC figure announced! *o*

The news was announced during the recent fan club event 「CHiRAL Fun Club Special Show」 held on 28 Feb 2015.

It is one of the projects planned for Nitro+Chiral’s 10-year anniversary, Aoba’s 18+ figure 蒼葉18禁フィギュア. The illustration will be newly created by character designer Honyarara ほにゃらら.

You can expect to see nipples, chains and belt *o*

The figure will be produced by a figure maker specialising in high quality 18+ male-oriented figures. (Confirmed Rumoured to be Native: ) This will be the first 18+ female-oriented male character figure.

I can only hope he turns out great but DOESN’T cost a bomb orz;;

In the meantime, they are also working on a new game *o*

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10 thoughts on “Goods: 18+ DRAMAtical Murder Aoba PVC Figure (Nitro+CHiRAL)”

  1. Hi do you know where we’d be able to pre order him when he’s up? He’s been prototyped and colored at Wonfes so I was wondering if they would have it at amiami? or is there another place maybe?

    1. @dandycorsets: They’re up for preorder from 25 Aug 2015 :) so that’s today! You can get it from their global online store Shipping starts 4 Sep 2015. You can read more about it there. There are more volumes coming up!
      Also, only book purchase during their anniversary event in September will contain the limited edition sticker (first come first served)
      There wasn’t mention if the book would be on sale is general bookstores.

  2. I must have this… I missed out on the Limited Aoba figure, and they’ve been delaying/abandoning all the previous 18+ male figures… so I MUST HAVE THIS.

  3. LOL I was just going to tell you now and then I saw your post and laughed! XD Just found out about it just now OH MY LORD! I can’t wait!! I LOVE the figures from Native *have a few on my wishlist that I have been wanting *shot*. I can’t wait to see THIS!!!!! *DIES* Saving my money!!*0* Give my the nipples and chains! *SHOT*

    1. @Ponytale I thought I replied to your question before but I guess not?;; (Maybe it didn’t post)

      Anyway the figures I have on my wishlist for long time from the Native company is
      The above are by one artist I have watched for long time that I admire. The sculpts are also very amazing reproduction of the art work.<3 Also the second link is sculpted by long time favorite sculptor/Artist Iwanaga Sakurako!!
      Again amazing sculpt by Iwanaga Sakurako!
      Awesome reproduction sculpt by another favorite artist.

      I really love these figures, but I honestly could never afford them lol, but If I ever did have the money, I'd definitely would get Sakurano's figures from above as an instant buy. So for now I'll admire them from my wishlist.XD

      -I came to revisit this post (that I thought I had posted here) because "Iwanaga Sakurako"!! I just saw that she is the sculptor for the next Ciel figure coming soon!!! Also the illustrations for it is also amazing!!*Q* This figure is going to be so epic!! I really love her elegant style she gives to her figures! *hyperventilates*! XD I have never brought two PVC of the same characters before, so now this will be my first. (I think; Can't remember at moment lol) If she sculpts a Sebby… Imma have a heart attack.. as I have to find a way to buy these baby's, there so expensive!!

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