Game: Uta no Prince-sama (PSP) + Dear Girl Stories Hibiki (NDS)

Can’t help posting this up when I saw who the illustrator of the Playstation Portable (PSP) game うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ is… the mangaka for Togainu no Chi and Lamento illustrator/character designer, Kurahana Chinatsu-sensei! (倉花 千夏) Btw, it is not a BL game… rather an otome (girl adventure) game. I haven’t gone through the game’s official site in detail yet but the game features some of my favourite seiyuus, such as Miyano Mamoru, Suzumura Kenichi, Suwabe, Junichi, Taniyama Kishou (and minor casts?: Yusa Kouji, Toriumi Kousuke), etc and will be available in (probably mid) 2010.

Official website:

I don’t own a PSP but… this is another motivation to save for one now.

dear girlAlso, another seiyuu-driven game Dear Girl~Stories Hibiki (DearGirl~Stories~響 響特訓大作戦) helmed by Ono Daisuke and Kamiya Hiroshi for the Nintendo DS (which I also don’t own x_x) in December 2009

*&^%$# I’m squatting in a corner like Ouran’s Tamaki emo-ing over this too.

Such cute mini games!!! XD HiroC chibi on the right reminds me SO MUCH of the actual person! XD
dear girldear girl

Release date: 17 December 2009

Limited edition 7,140 Yen (incl. special talk CD + pouch)
Normal edition 5,040 Yen (and not including buying a Nintendo DS -dead-)
Preorder special for both: Special Calendar

Official web:

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30 thoughts on “Game: Uta no Prince-sama (PSP) + Dear Girl Stories Hibiki (NDS)”

  1. Well I have a psp but not like it’ll matter anyways ( = A = ) No good games are ever imported to the states… I love the work of Kurahana Chinatsu soooo freaking much, I always have to miss out on it.

  2. Sigh. I have the DS and PSP, basically, I have the consoles to play pretty much any game BUT, I got one huge problem, language barrier >___:<

    1. @momo: I guess in the end many anime fans will try to learn Japanese at some point in their lives ^^ in my case, listening to BLCDs over the past few years definitely helped a lot. So don’t give up :3

  3. Yah I realize that D: Uu… I’m ashamed to forget WordPress uses HTML…

    I’m expecting Waccha to be in more anime roles though, since sometimes ago he was given best new

    Haha~ It makes me a bit comforted knowing someone who thinks that ToriKouxKamiyan part was quite boring in comparison to Yusa’s part :D It’s not really their fault though the story was pretty much… Uninteresting to me @_@’

    I’m not really a devoted gamer of BL and otome now that I think about it hehe~ Haven’t played Hanakage which is quite hyped by my friends -Lazy reasons added- Though I do await for STEAL! if only for Kamiyan (though seme… I’m… Wailing… :() and release info on Haccaworks* AkayaAkashiyaAyakashi. ;o; I want the full version of the latter already! /stalks any shop that might have order list

    I KNOW! Endless series was so painful for me to listen, in the bad way @_@ It’s such a shame that one factor about the BL at that period of time have “oh I’m weepy, emo, pitiphul uke, and I love to be dominated by the seme in all my life”-type of uke, much more so when Ishida were given all them. I’ll try out Oujisama Lvl Drama CD then-it seems to be fun seeing Ishida-uke!Bully~! Then again I’m biased to Ishida!Bully lmao as if I would forget his Break Xerxes of PH XD And I really want more BL mangas to have plotlines like some pretty good adapted-to-drama-CD novels, since… Errr… Yeah, I’m not particularly fond of lots of BL mangas nowadays DX -fail-

    Let’s hope that Kizu and Nise will be animated then~ As much as the content of both novel are questionable :o (Then again Bake itself will not finish in… 2 months at best orz Waiting time for stream~~~!)

    LMAO I DIDN’T REALIZE THE SCHOOL SENSEI WAS TELLING THAT BEFORE-I THOUGHT HE ONLY SAID SOMETHING AROUND THE SCHOOLBOY IDENTITY (because I think if I heard it correctly the schoolboy was like pretending to be a girl and the sensei knew his identity, but I definitely missed the notion about the nurse ofiice! XD) And yeah~ I never categorized that as Bishoujo Moe lmao because it was done with men’s voices (definitely was lol-ing in the sensei-schoolboy part XD) so I was “THIS IS BL MOE IN DISGUISE D:” and keep my BL fangirl squee than my normal fangirl orz The second part was so cute because of Kamiyan!cry in cliches soap drama <3 Though i did laughed a lot because of OnoD's over-seriousness lmao oh OnoD, you are so… <3 As for the seiyuu for the first group, I think Ueda Yuuji was there as well as Horiuchi Kenyuu (Ueda playing the sensei I think since I'm pretty sure that's Sannosuke's Ruroni Kenshin voice there, while Kenyuu playing the schoolboy-in-disguise /me goes lmao Someone drag Ueda to BL world as I have never seen him!) but I never recognize who is the last one playing the kouhai D: But I think Chiba Susumu played the third wheel for second part~~ X'D

    Ah, here is the yandere game link: Kamiyan character is so cuuuuuuuuuute~~ What is so yandere about that, Miki-chan? <333333 I want to know what drama CD contain this and Bishoujo Moe vs BL Moe and order it~~ :x

    And that "Do-S" was so fun in the cute and sadist way XD How much time did Kamiyan say 気持ち悪い in DGS anyway? XDDDD But but he still sounds cute being S *o* (Cute S without having S tone… wow that's.. New! XD) Now that I think about it, maybe OnoD is a true M… *shot* Thanks for pointing that out~! That was a really fun video especially for DGS fan wholovesOnoD=Mtheory~! XD

    I feel really guilty though to rant through the comments DX So sorry…

    1. Hmm, the only mainstream anime I have a deep impression of Waccha was 07-Ghost but even then his role was relatively minor compared to the main casts. I think his voice is harder to “type”-cast *_* (Like Kamiyan and Junjun is often cast as gentle chara and Sakurai Takahiro the prince type, etc) What other non-BL anime roles was Waccha in?

      Yeah, I relistened to Subete’s first story some time back and well, the H-scene where Toriumi’s seme forced Kamiyan’s uke to fera*cough* his loaded gun was kinda “innovative” and sadistically hot ^^;;; ah~ the things seiyuus have to go thru for BL lol~

      I’ve only played Hanakage’s trial game… no time for the actual thing. Most of the CGs are seriously beautiful. I like Kondou Takashi’s uke ^^ but it seems he raised his pitch a bit higher for this character cos he is younger… but still good. Tho I like his adult voice better. He was pretty yum in Decoy with Koyasu Takehiro.

      Kamiyan’s seme isn’t bad but his uke rules XD oo~ I’ve read so many good reviews for Hana Ki Sou… they took so long to release the new game, I bet it’ll be awesome ^^ They’re a doujin group, aren’t they?

      I’m probably one of the few who haven’t finished watching Pandora Hearts… :X Planning to marathon it one of these days too. There’re still gems among the mountains of BL manga smut ^^ I have nothing against pure smut BL either cos each style serve different purposes lol~ But I think using BLCDs as a guide, we generally can see what is popular recently. Popular may mean good plot or good smut or both (Maybe let’s filter out the older works like Miscast ^^;;; ). There are some lovely BL manga that get made into dramas… those are the ones we can go back to. ^^ I do hope that they come up with BLCD for Yuu Watase’s 1st BL work Sakura Gari. I’m not a fan of her shoujo works. I couldn’t stand Fushigi Yugi x_x but Sakura Gari was twistedly awesome. Another manga based drama that I’m eagerly anticipating is the sequel to Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru They’re split into part 1 and part 2 and will be released in Nov and Dec 09 ^^

      Oo~ Bake was suggestive… how are the other 2 questionable? :O Not read them, so not sure.

      *pffff yeah, and I don’t see how that was bishoujo moe either ^^;;; a boy dressed up as a girl (is that a girls-only school?) Is that moe for boys? Perhaps being surrounded by girls is in itself moe. Yeah OnoD’s was over-enthusiatic and Kamiyan’s half-hearted portrayal was so funny and his little cry was so classic!!! I listened to that over and over and I’m still smiling at the thought of him running away in tears SO CUUTTEE HAHAHA XD (Are we do-S for feeling this way? Ijiwaru desu ne lol~) I also can’t tell who was the one who did the girl’s voice lol~

      I think Ueda Yuuji did BL before (both seme and uke) but they’re older works and he may have left the BL world. Eg. P.B.B.(uke), Momo-Can (seme), Setsunai Koi Daze (uke) check this wiki Link:

      Hehehe… me too. Would be nice to have a CD to safekeep the classics lol~ They never mentioned which radio show that came from :O

      Yeah, Kamiyan sounded so cute huh… kudos to the person who did the video editing XD Ah~ makes me wanna get a NDS and then buy the DGS game for it x_x -Bank account needs a transfusion before that can happen-

  4. Woah, some of my comments back then seems to be cut off DDDD: /shot WordPress Then again I shouldn’t rant much from the start *shot self conscience*

    Kyaaa~~ I’ll listen to that fast~! Waccha’s hawt karami is always a yes in my book~~ Thanks for the rec ponytale-san! ^_^~/) Oh Waccha, why can you be such and adorable teddy bear and cool at the same time? <3

    "Subete wa Kono Yoru ni" will never fail to reduce me into crying baby ;A; Everytime I listen to it, I just want to clench my heart and tears up in the last tracks *sniff* Seriously this one need to be translated for the full effect and got widespread, what with my friends not knowing the existence of the CD ;A; Yes, Kannou does have some special effects ala Sutasuka. Though i can't listen to them without grinning, especially on the real "drama" part (All the tracks except the last story are narrating+one-person/monologue in all 3 releases :)) for Kannou 1 and 2… Kamiyan "moans" makes me wonder whether I really listen non-BL, and Yusa+Sakurai combo has… Amusing tones. So amusing~! They really went OOC with their voice loooool~ (I know it shouldn't be OOC, but… It's just… Amusing!) ^^''

    Yesh, I have~ To be honest, the game's story got messed up in the last part for all roues-so much story holes and cliches in the end, contrary to the good build-up at the prologue D: But Sahriya's route makes me forgive all the negative parts~ I'm not really positive about the game though aside from Sahriya's route (which make the game worth it) and Tooya's if you want to have fun with all out tsundere-chan XD

    Yeah, Ishida was given the roles of weepy uke too much. D: And I do like him more in anime/non-BL roles more~ I haven't heard much of his BL roles since uhhh… To be exact, I laughed at him in Mis Cast 1. *ducks* It was because I found his Karami scenes quite "fake". And I'm really ashamed to say that I love it when he leave BL world orz -rotten tomatoes throw avoided- And we all will always be in learning process when it comes to BLCD~~ X'D There is no way I would be able to finish the piles of so oldies drama CDs, BLCD or not XDDDD

    Uu– It's sad I know for Zetsubou-sensei to end ;A; Though bless the God, there is no way SHAFT would throw away Zetsubou-sensei sequels thoughts~ Now that Bakemonogatari really sell well, I can hope for better hope can I? <3 *Wants SHAFT to hire Kamiyan more often lmao*

    Oh and do you have nico-nico account? If you have check out 美少女萌えvsBL萌え (Link: I laughed out loud at the story, and it was so fun to hear OnoD character's acts so serious while Kamiyan's was like using "D: why must I get dragged. O' well, I just read the lines… X:" tone~ (and yes, I keep wondering, where is the bishoujo moe lmao cause all the characters are voiced by MEN. Let's laugh out shall we?) The contrast was amazingly cute~! And the other group was… LOLZ. XDDD The yandere game video linked there was amazingly so wrong ROFL~~~!!!

    1. *_* gaa~ sorry about that. Maybe try not to use the pointy brackets in the comments cos it does wierd things to the HTML code.

      Yeah so far I haven’t been disappointed by Waccha’s karami (me so pervy) XD and well, it does add (MANY) points cos he is handsome and seems to have a cute personality in real life (^///^)

      Yeah first time I listened to Subete wa Kono Yoru ni, I fell asleep at ToriumixKamiyan 1st story, somehow I woke up for the second story (I can’t remember what time it was in the middle of the night) and the story caught me right to the end! I was quite shocked to cry cos I never thought I would be moved to tears by a BLCD :P and I understood enough to enjoy it. Some dramas just fly by me… *_* couldn’t catch what they’re saying unless there’re translations available.

      Wow serious! I must listen to Kannou Mukashibanashi for all the points you mentioned XD

      Ooo~ I’ll keep the game on my list to watch out for ^^ The artwork is very good! I still have a couple of BL games that I want to complete sigh~

      Besides weepy uke, Ishida Akira was given many IDIOTIC uke roles. x_x;;; If I remember correctly, I think Miscast was one of them. I couldn’t go further than the 1st track. And he was almost always raped and helpless in his BLCD roles. Very pathetic. Yeah so after a while, he does sound kinda fake… I think maybe he was numb to the characters he was typecasted in. That’s probably why his performance sounded so good when he was on a rare occasion given a stronger uke character. It’s almost like, “FINALLY, I can bully a seme for once”. Try that Oujisame Level CD if you have time, I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I remember reading about his comment saying he has already lost count of the number of men he has had on top of him already. Lol~ Anyway, those weepy and girly uke seemed to dominate many BL material during his time. There are so many better plots with more believable characters nowadays.

      I was very happy with Kamiyan in Bakemonogatari too ^^ Sigh~ this series also ending soon…Let’s hope for more! YAY SHAFT~

      *美少女萌えvsBL萌え LOL*
      Do you recognise the seiyuus in the 1st group? The sensei in the 1st setting sounds so pervy when he tells the schoolboy character to “Meet me later at the School Nurse Office” LOL, my BL-filter fired like crazy even though it was supposed to be 美少女萌 HAHAHA. And The BL萌え setting was so cliched lol XD Third party goes “Senpai! I can satisfy you… emotionally… and physically too!” Then Kamiyan’s character runs off crying and upset… (SO CUUTEEE) Hilarious! Thanks for pointing me there. I didn’t see the Yandere game link… :O Oh yeah… this one is cute Link:

  5. Noo~~ You remind me of the kisses! (*///*) Seriously among all the CDs, I ended up bluushing and grinning a lot when he did the kisses (We can be dating his voice only amirite? His wife would surely let us… Pretty please? ;_; )~~ Seriously, Yusa is just gooooood at rousing emotions when he really wants it~~ andhisreversibilityisgood <3 *referring to Kannou Mukashibanashi and Subete wa Kono Yoru ni* his lovely voice *coughandmoanscough* sure is a big plus and bonus indeed~~ And yeah, anything that has Yusa is a definite must try, although I'm getting lazy in hearing "Yuki yo Ringo no Kaori", the newest release with Yusa :( The story is really slow-paced :C Though there are some bonus point for Yusa's character in there… kekeke~~ *Just hear the drama to find out what I mean _< *Adds to re-listen list* And yeah, so far his breakthrough role is only on the Otome world as Sahriya, in which fangirls when tearjerking and fangirl his song XD His range is also quite wide though it doesn't mean he can produce much sounds like Ishida (or maybe I'm just picky :p) still love him to bits though since he definitely is they type who produces emotions in his actings, like most seiyuus did in general anime/drama world ~^///^~

    Oh God, Kamiyan's Fuyuki is godly. No one can really acts as Fuyuki better than Kamiyan because it's really good ~ Although I swear my addoction to him started in the very wrong way, when I watched Natsume Yuujinchou (hadn't watched Zetsubou at that time XD) I went into "THIS. THIS IS THE QUEEN OF UKE" mode lol~~~ |D Though it definitely was his BLCDs that made me fell in love all the way in my heart, especially with Seikanji and Kotonoha <3 (def my top favourites drama CDs XD) Zetsubou-sensei and Bakemonogatari was really lolz because of his exasperated *tsundere-ish* scream lmao~~~

    P.S: Oh and put Dhurarara!! on your watch list this Winter~ The CVs are A list (FukuJun, HiroC, OnoD, Miyano all in a pack) and HiroC and OnoD's characters seem very interesting~! As well as the 犬猿 description for their relationship lololol~ SlashmaterialFOUND XD Not helping that Kamiyan character seems to be quite… Interesting XD

    P.S.S: Do you have any good rec for Hatano's BLCD? I-I lost all my Waccha data and really is in need of good Waccha these days~ (*_*)

    1. First off… please go check out Hatano Wataru’s new BLCD Oshigoto Kudasai! He plays a naive (but fortunately not idiotic) salaryman who works for an ex-Yakuza and his karami is…. OMG *dead from nosebleed* Even the other seiyuus commented in the freetalk that he is awesome lol~ and he was so embarassed. Kawaii!

      Subete wa Kono Yoru ni is one of my all time faves. It always makes me cry when I relisten to it *_* so amazing cos I already know what’s going to happen and yet I’m still moved to tears every time. It’s on my list of dramas to review too. Yeah… Yusa is our voice boyfriend lol~ XDD Oo~ I haven’t had time to listen to his latest work yet. ^^ Will keep that in mind. Never heard of the seiyuu voicing the uke before… :O I read that Kannou Mukashibanashi uses special 3D sound mixing or something… wanted to try it but got too busy hehe… okie goes back onto the list.

      Ah~ icic I went to the game website. I thought the character design style looked familiar! Checked the staff list… no wonder, by the artist who did Messiah XD Beautiful. Have you finished playing this game?

      I prefer Ishida in normal anime ^^ Generally I don’t like Ishida’s weepy ukes very much now that I’m more exposed to BL dramas… I think many of us began the BL drama journey with his works? I heard him once as a forceful uke (where he kinda raped the seme) that I thought he was pretty scary but cool lol~ (Oujisama Level BL game drama) So I think he actually sounds so much better as a stronger uke… like in Double Call but this series is so long I didn’t complete it.

      Hahaha… XD good thing you watched Natsume Yuujinchou! I love Kamiyan as Zetsubou sensei and in Bakemonogatari too (^///^) I can’t remember which made me notice Kamiyan first… although when I first heard him in Seikanji 1, I was quite o_O by his high-pitched karami… it didn’t help that I didn’t understand the story then (BLCD/seiyuu noob at that time… I’m now still in the learning process tho’ XD) Then I fell in love with Zetsubou Sensei and Seikanji 4+Kotonoha (also my top faves!) came along and sealed his Goddess status in my heart lol~

      Btw… ZETSUBOUSHITTAAAAA… The series just ended! Let’s hope for a new season again! XDD kk notes down Dhurarara~ the cast sounds yummy indeed! :9~

  6. *I shall delurk more often then~ <333 Your blog is full of exciting news and you're so fun to talk with~~~ <333 The nendroids especially are SO. KYUUUUT~ <333*

    YES~~~ Iku seriously is <3 (It's my M side! My ドM side is acting up again! D: ) Megane-sensei with eroppoi lines *proof that he is not fit to be a sensei lmao but details on realistic aspect is nitpicking so~~* are just a deadly combo XD (Speaking of which, my fujoshi tendencies always start to corrupt my rational toughts when I played the game. Oh God, Iku's character is just begging to be slashed with Ishida's character lmao~ "Kouta-nii~~" makes me a happy fujoshi than an otome fangirl I tell you~ XD) I also got a bit :| at some of the CDs before Yusa's for some reason but… I gave in to the temptation of having an ijiwaru character when Yusa's character is released haha~~ Iku being such an interesting, playful character who keep teasing "us" (WE CAN DREAM. 8D) is just fueling lots of nosebleed :3 At first I was like "lol, tiem to go crack on the premise 8D" when I heard about the CDs (which I sort of… Did actually X)), courtesy of me following Honeybee's "Hitsuji de Oyasumi Series". But I can't help to be a bit disappointed with the overall atmosphere being too unbelieveable especially with Midorikawa's CD, the very first one I heard make me so… lmao putting it with your words, "I don't buy the whole idea" haha~ Then I went to loosely follow this series just because the art just begs not to be missed out XD

    But, but when I bought Yusa's CD, when it reaches the wake-up call track, I actually goes into mushes hearing Yusa's わがまま, 子供っぽい voice! Then then on the jealously track… Oh my, I think pouty Yusa's voice is just <333 Most of the tracks he really uses his エロい voice so you can imagine how much blushings I did there XD Ahh~ seriously I can imagine why this CD still ranks so high in among the CDs! It's just so… <33333 Even if I prefer Yusa's moans ~causeI'mapervert~ I'm still defeated by this drama CD since my M side really resurfaced lmao~ 3rd time re-listening already and still loving it to bits!

    Yusa's (Iku) CD is still my favourite even though I generally like calm/genteeeeel characters (like if you say Sutasuka, Hirakawa's lol or errrmm… *tries to find any from BL world which is only a little in the sea of characters* -fail D:- ) and/or tsundere (Kamiyan's due to be released one… Or most of ToriKous's characters XD) unless I'm being masochist X'D For OnoD's character, you need to play the game so that you would really appreciate his CD :33 Especially since he acts just like a mom with how Sugita's and Midorikawa's character acts XDDD Mom!OnoD is so rare so I highly appreciate his! XD

    *poms poms* Yes, spread the Yucchi's love~~ I'm waiting for the reviews once you have the motivation and spare time to write them~~ :33

    Yes~ Save money for PSP~~ Here is hoping some BL games got released at PSP tho alongside the otome games! *coughTogainuI'mlookingatyou!cough -Sweet Pool is too… Honestly high-concentrated XD-* But truthfully the otome games released for PSP only comes from Otomate and KOEI so far so I'm not really holding up high hopes for PSP's future in the genre :( I'm still plowing through Futashika (Lol I completely forget about it orz) XD Still on the… 10 mins or so lol~ Planning to continue it once I can break free from all the language literary stuff that is piling up soon~~ But I actually want TachiShin to voice a character that has lots of cheesy lines haha~ I mean that guy can turn super cheesy lines into BAWWW-fest to me orz just like when Yucchi is acting emotional :C I also want him to voice haraguros more often~! His Ura!Takuto in Messiah… Oh God, I think I loss some blood there D: None of his BL Drama CDs have impacted me so much though so far, so here's hoping he will continue to improve for the better~ Tachi-Shin really has a big potential, now if he don't get typecasted as hetares (lol so far 2 already in Sekaiichi and Otona Keikenchi)… _<'' Good thing I has yet to lose (and still in control of) my rationale or it might be rant overall DDD:

    1. Hahaha… agrees! This sensei sprouts so many eroi and suggestive things to the student. Kyaa… (*///*) I join you in dreaming too. I find myself smiling to myself -A LOT- whenever I listen to it… so embarassing but I like it~ XDD I love all the emotions he is able to convey with his voice. I can clearly imagine the character’s face. He is just so awesome *gush gush* There are so many fav moments in that CD. Serious fan service with all the kisses too <33

      Ah~ Yusa's moans are another lovely aspect HAHAHA *doki doki* and he is so great cos he is reversible in BL <3 I would try any cd if it has Yusa. And yeah, oyasumi-series is another of those lol~ Some oyasumi cds also fail x_x for e.g.the OnoD x Nakai Kazuya one. It is just -STUPID- cos OnoD's character gets smacked (loudly a few times) by Nakai Kazuya. I find that so unnecessary and disturbing. Like hello, I'm trying to sleep here! I really liked Nakai Kazuya's voice but that is the main reason why I don't feel like adding that CD to my collection. x_x Some others are quite nice tho… like Toriumi Kousuke and Yusa's playful voices ^^ planning to slowly buy the ones I like. I totally understand why fans refer to them as "Moneybee" CD Collection lol~

      Do you have Scorpio friends? They REALLY are tsundere and ALWAYS say the darnest things!!! I wouldn't want to be in the line of fire when they're in the mood ^^;;; but it can be quite amusing so yeah, I'm very much looking forward to Kamiyan's Scorpiio lol~ Hirakawa is awesome when he plays gentle characters (so funny at the end when he got all typically virgo-"anal" about the carpet and table arrangements lol~). But nothing gets our attention more than the bad boys, no? Yucchi~~~~ *dies*

      Hmm I bought the Autumn game too (Yucchi… you're sucking my bank dry) Installed but don't have time to play. Sigh~ Paired with Ishida's character, do you feel Iku is uke or seme? Ah~ I only have the Autumn game… don't have the Spring or Summer ones (T_T) Yeah Cancer is typically homely and motherly~ XD

      Gakuen Heaven is going to have a PSP version! Coming out end of Nov. But it is for 15+ I want 17+ or 18+ at least lol~ but I think eventually we'll get what we want in the future ^^

      Seikiichi felt like uke x uke XD but it was quite touching. I didn't understand why Suzuken's character's dad did that to Tachi-Shin's dad. I'm quite interested in their daddys' past lol~ Haven't listened to the other drama tho'. Messiah BL game? I haven't played it… awesome looking CGs!! Tachi-Shin has very similar vocal range as Kamiyan. I think he just needs that breakthrough role. Kamiyan is immortalised in my heart, thanks to his Fuyuki in Seikan-ji series.

  7. Haha~ Take your time, life has been hectic in these months as always-I can understand ^w^ I love your reviews, so having good reviews of the drama CDs (especially the ones I particularly love) are always soothing for me! It’s better to have good reviews anyday, but I still love yours even if they are short (Mostly proof that they are good :p~) Good luck and be well~ I will always be lurking sinceI’membarassedtocomment D: *And sneaky revise is lovely <3*

    (Though I really want you to write about the Sutasuka Date/Drama CD-Yusa's character (Iku Mizushima)~~ It's my favourite among all the Date CDs I have heard since it's just that good in utilizing Yucchi's emo/hawt/lovely/teasing voice in a pack haha~ *followed by OnoD's at this moment*)

    As for the otome games (and games in general XD) I actually suggest you to try some because some CVs are goooood in voicing the characters. Tachi-Shin makes me cry a lot there than in his Drama CDs, and well, basically while it has this flowerly atmosphere *cough* still good to see some CVs fortes being utilized! :333

    Haha, Yucchi only recently got casted as one of the (sadly :() side-characters in the 4th arc so it's really news. Top that his character is a silver-haired bishie that can be smooth talking at time and we get his forte lmao~ He only appeared in one episodes – 3 lines *sad* so far, but according to my memory he should talk a lot later XD So marathon it if you have spare time ^w^

    A-Awww, I-I have no confidence in my fanart, so I decided not to post them anymore :'C It's more like no self-confidence orz But very much thank you~~~~ <3

    1. Thanks for the encouragement (^///^) and glad you delurked and commented! XD I’ve become a lot more selective about reviews I write and now tend to want to write more about the ones I really enjoyed.

      OMG! I love IKU MIZUSHIMA!!! My friend Sigma pointed me to the series when it was first released. We both have our own favourite boys (seiyuu XD) kekeke. Anyway, when the first cd was released, I listened to Midorikawa Hikaru’s character but somehow I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief and get into the whole idea. It just sounded so unbelievable. Then months later, when they finally released the one that was voiced by Yusa Kouji, I decided to give it a shot again. Although I fell asleep midway the first time I listened to it (too tired XP) I liked it! And since then I’ve re-listened to it many times :P It helps that his character setting is a sensei hehehe that’s moe + he is a MEGANE character woo~ XDDD double-dose moe AND he has a playful and teasing (ijiwarui) tone~ gaa~ *SHOT DEAD*. I haven’t listened to all the other characters yet (only a few) Iku is still my favourite. *gush gush* XDDD OnoD’s character sounded cute too but… Yusa is still No. 1 XD Hmm, I’ll add it to my list of reviews and get more people aware of it. ^^)b

      I would love to try some otome games cos the seiyuu cast are usually pretty impressive. Time is a factor tho. *_* Maybe investing in a PSP is a good thing? Cos they’re releasing more of these otome games for PSP… maybe can play while travelling to work or something lol~ Tachi-Shin has a lovely lovely voice ^^ Have you listened to his recent BL work Futashika na Silhouette 不確かなシルエット? (The seme is Morikawa Toshiyuki) He was beautiful in it.

      kk~ I’ll take your advice and do a marathon when all episodes are completed lol~

      Gaa~ do post more! As you draw more, your skill and confidence will get better! Looking forward to them!

  8. Haha what a coincidence seeing otome games (… Okay one is more like, simulation+mini-games. Anyway minor details!) that I have been planning to buy when I was browsing to see whether you have new BLCD reviews or not ^w^

    Anyway, Chinatsu Kurahana-sensei is the other (and current) workname of Tatana Kana, the character designer (plus illustrator) of the games, not the manga (which is by Chayamachi Suguro, both) ^^” I’m currently following the news of that one since the story seems to have the moments I can crack on (LMAO even the premise is already making me “… WAT.”~) XD

    P.S: On the note of Yusa Kouji, you might want to check Umineko anime though. Yusa voices one of the characters there recently. =D

    1. Hi Natsu! Thanks for dropping by! XD I haven’t had time to craft proper reviews recently. I’ve listened to a couple which I would like to write about when I can. Thanks for pointing out the error (revised keke) I’ve not played any otome games before. Only BL games XD May take the leap for the artist~ IF I do get a PSP I’ll probably get this game… but IF I get a nintendo, then Dear Girl stories game lol~ decisions decisions… *_*

      Oo~ I’ll take a look at Umineko! Thanks for the recommendation. It was on my watch list during the start of the season cos the story seems interesting but … *_* not enough time to go around so eventually forgot about it. Didn’t know Yusa Kouji is in it, so that does give me more motivation now. XD

      I popped by your blog~ love your fanart~ you should post more of them! ^^

  9. i’ll keep the anime in mind. like you i am busy too OTL i didnt even watch anything to this seasons new releases. i am also using halfadders guide to play through the whole lucky dog game.Usually i only use it when i need help with a characters cg event. I like guessing the choices but i know im going to be even more busier soon so i want to finish before then.i realise that this year went by so fast! its almost over….

    btw Did you ever buy the lucky dog drama cds? I kinda want to just for GxG;;
    i saw on someones blog that it comes with mini postcard(?) cute!

    i dont know what this is but….its yummy;
    miracle noton ;A; im so adding this to my wishlist

    zomg look *_*
    (whats the super pack ?)

    1. Yeah… I cut down on a lot of anime too. I was tempted to get Lucky Dog drama but I’m too broke *_* (YOu can find them at the forum already) I also shelved Hanakage to my wish-list. No $$$ after getting the Maiden Rose DVDs DX Time went by too fast… so many things haven’t accomplish yet.

      ZOMG they’re so EVIL! You can only get those calendars if you subscribe to the magazine, right?

      The super pack is collection of artwork from Yura’s works. Seems like there are 2 books in the pack? New artwork and 2 new scenarios (short story?) Does SS mean Screen Shot?? ^^;;;

  10. After reading the manga i check out epi 1 and then 2 an then stopped. I so loved the manga better. (Even though its just short side stories)XD;

    omg its is long! The dialog is alot but that’s good. its just the skip function that i hate, i think they made an error with that because unlike other games its skips EVERYTHING! The dialog/events that hasn’t been reached yet it skips!X_X
    I ended up missing some important stuff because of it.;_; i don’t dare touch that button anymore i use the enter key now if its something i already seen.

    1. BBB anime only gets lots more interesting midway onwards… I kept on watching cos of Zelman and Aniki but I guess its not a priority keke… only if you have extra time ;)

      Hmm… i didn’t notice any skip button issues *_* but maybe I haven’t replayed enough routes yet ^^;;; I’ll watch out for that when I get the time to go back to it. (T_T)

  11. The two novel illustrators do look similar, there artwork is really nice.*-*

    thanks for the link~! Aniki is major coolness (If akira an shiki were to have a kid he’d definitely would look like this *Shot*) XD

    Lucky dog is hard; they have so many choices.
    The purple haired guy is so adorable an the voice! I thought before playing the game he’d have a soft but darker voice but when i played the game an heard his voice it was so sweet!*dies* I definitely can’t wait to get his route. All i got were bad endings at first. OTL;

    1. Yeah Nara Chiharu is extremely popular. Many Japanese fans buy the BL novels cos of her illustrations (from I read in their reviews on blog sites/Amazon Japan). I’m not sure who came into the scene first but they do create delicious illustrations XP

      HAHAHA… XD you’re so right about Jiro!!! Ultra cool and cute. Love his little vampire teeth XD Did you watch the anime?

      Yep~ Gulio’s voice is really sweet! Like a little boy ^^ he is especially so when he is with Gian. I didn’t finish any character route yet… only got to the point after they escaped but I did get a couple of bad endings while inside the prison XP This game is quite long too so I think you’ll be occupied for some time indeed.

  12. Yeah me too! XD I read the news again… the target audience is “elderly” lol~

    I saw the partially scanlated manga at this Cireus forum a few months back and went on to buy the raw manga XP It is very beautiful~ I just checked it and they’ve completed the scanlation now. The Jiro in the manga so HANDSOME! *drools* This is the direct link they provided ^^

    Uwa~ enjoy Lucky Dog 1! I think you’ll probably complete it before I do lol~

  13. omg bigger screen would so be better *_* glad i waited then XD;

    lol yea i can still tell them apart its cute how they rival each others styles. XD
    And omg pony why you never told me about this manga, its so inugata!!*___*
    *happy* i must read it some time. (I recently got lucky dog 1 to work! Going to be occupied by it at the moment XD)

  14. lol yea i think that is my only reason for owning a psp. gah i can’t wait to get a ps3 an play FF verses when it comes out. Looks so good!;A;

    wah thanks for the link! It looks interesting, i love the sebby wallpaper. XD;

    it bothers me how much Kurahana and inugata seem so alike but not. I went to her site yesterday an there was a artwork which looked like from the game (that are vocaloid;) not sure.

    1. lol~ that was the main motivation if I were to shell out $$$ for PSP/PS3. Btw, if you’re looking to getting a NDS, there’s a rumor that they’ll be releasing a bigger screen version at the end of the year for the same price as the current one. Target audience: older folks who say they can’t see the screen! Duh~ even if I can see the screen, I would prefer a bigger one anyway XD

      Yep, always great to have some freebies kekeke… hmm you’re right, they’re getting lots more alike… tho’ we can still kinda tell them apart? o_O I’m not sure. I’ve also seen this mangaka Yonekura Satoru 米倉サトル whose style is so similar to Kurahana/Inugata Summit that I thought it was drawn by either of them. First encountered her works in Black Blood Brothers comic anthology. I haven’t found her other works so… who knows, maybe that’s her other pen name??? ^^;;;

      I also discovered recently that these two novel illustrators have very similar styles too, Nara Chiharu 奈良千春 and Asanami Katsumi 朝南かつみ. Their men have droopy, sexy eyes. Quite distinctive. Do a quick google image search and you’ll see what I mean XP

  15. If i had to make my chocie over again id have gotten a NDS i notice from having a psp that there isn’t much interesting games i like for it. I also heard NDS comes with camera too don’t quote me on it.;
    Kuroshitsuji game sounds nice~

  16. kya~! Kurahana Chinatsu-sensei is so much love ♥
    I love the character designs.
    The otome game looks fun to play.;w;

    Psp is not bad. i got one for my bday but… i havn’t used it sense. XD; (no games expect guitar hero sadly) i wonder if U.S version can play Jp games?

    1. Yeah the character designs are so pretty! XD SIGH~ So nice! I’ll wait for Christmas season, see if there’re any big electonics sale THEN decide if I wanna splurge on a PSP. I think US version PSP can play JP games too. It is only when you want to play *cough* version games that you require modded PSPs. I’m super tempted by the NDS Dear Girl stories game too x_x There’s a Kuroshitsuji NDS game as well lol~

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