Game: Smexy Sleepy Time Boyfriends on your mobile (Shukan Soine Kareshi, iPhone, Android App)

Oh my~ insomnia will strike again!

Title: Soine Kareshi/Boyfriend Shukan Soine CD ver.~ 添い寝カレシ ~週刊添い寝CD ver.~
OS: iPhone3G / iPhone3GS /iPhone4/iPhone4S/ iPod touch, iPad etc. Check the versions! And Android (June 2012)
Date: 10 November 2011
Available from: App Store (All countries) Link:
Category: Entertainment (エンターテイメント)
Producer: Visualworks Co., Ltd.
Price: FREE
Update 12 August 2012: The apps are finally available for Android phones since June 2012! :D Free too! Go download away!
Update: English translated versions are available now!

Another reason to get an iPhone :P And best of all, its FREE and available to all stores. Well, at least I didn’t have any problems installing it from my account. First up, are characters from vol. 1 Kakeru and vol. 2 Jin. Other characters are scheduled for release too.

A quick rundown of the functions. There’s Setting, Shop, Notebook and Site (links to Animate Japan store for you to buy the Shukan Soine CD.)

On the left is the Setting page. Top on the first option to set the alarm to on. The second part is the time to wake up. Third option is to choose the voice for the alarm. Fourth is to repeat or not. Fifth is snooze time and last is vibration.

On the right is the shop. You can purchase additional sweet voices to use as your alarm for 170 Yen per collection. A review pointed out that the paid voices pack do not contain new material, so you might want to take that into consideration when buying.

On each character’s page, if you go into the settings, you can select which voice pattern you want as your alarm voice. There are two for each character, unless you decide to buy more.

Tap on the character to get into their individual pages. Tap on the left button and he’ll talk :D There are a number of voice patterns to enjoy and they sound pretty yummy! Short voice clips are edited from the original Soine CDs. Tap on the right button to go into sleeping mode.

Tap on the left button to get him to whisper more sweet nothings into your ear. On the right is the Notebook which serves like a capture page for you to see what voices you’ve already collected. You can tap on them and listen to them anytime you want. As you can see, there are 35 voice clips to collect for each character. This is a fantastic feature which I wanted Touch my Shitsuji app to have.

Go back to the main page and slide across the screen and you can select Jin to accompany you in bed. So glad they’re releasing this for FREE too…

It is a pretty fun and squeeee-worthy app hehe :D

Some Character bios from the official page.

1) Kakeru 翔 (CV:平川大輔 Hirakawa Daisuke)
Age:24 years old
Occupation: Fairy tale author
Type: Gentle big brother type
Sample lines:

2) jin 仁 (CV:安元洋貴 Yasumoto Hiroki)
Age: 28 years old
Occupation: IT Manager/Director
Type: Magnanimous adult type
Sample lines:

Planned release of other characters.
-December 2011 智哉(CV:立花慎之介 Tachibana Shinnosuke)
-January 2012 壮介(CV:寺島拓篤 Terashima Takuma)
-玲央(CV:吉野裕行 Yoshino Hiroyuki)
-和也(CV:鳥海浩輔 Toriumi Kousuke)

A very simple app but it works! The voice feature is a definite improvement from the voiceless Starry Sky sleeping boyfriend app. And even better. ITS FREE! Go grab em now.

Update: 2012 March :D Thanks honeybunny for sharing her detailed guide and translation to the Shukan Soine app at her blog:

Link To This Page
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

69 thoughts on “Game: Smexy Sleepy Time Boyfriends on your mobile (Shukan Soine Kareshi, iPhone, Android App)”

  1. Hello :)
    I was just wondering if shukan soine is an otome game is it BL or for girls? or boys?
    Im a guy so i dont know to buy it of not

    Thanks you for you time :3

    1. @RyuBatsu: This series is otome… so you do get the boys addressing a female listener especially if you’re listening to the CDs but on the apps, you can just install them and listen for free. Most of the voice clips they say are non gender-specific :)

  2. I’ve downloaded the app but this app and the other boyfriend app doesn’t talk to me. My iPhones audio works because I can still play music but these apps won’t make a sound. Would you happen to know why?

    1. @MoMo: When you have started this app, try to tap on the characters. While they “speak”, press your phone’s volume buttons and see if you can increase the volume. Let me know if it works! :)

  3. kyaaa got an android today, and downloaded the app :D good news is that it is translated into english now, with subtitles, bad news is that Jin ver. seems to be unavailable D:

  4. ponytale..haha
    just downloaded this now..and YES its in English! hahaha hoorah! even they’re lines are subtitled..<3
    thanks for letting me know about this apps btw… now my Ipad wont be such a useless tool..XDD

  5. Wow! Massive update on this app! They’ve added English menus and English subs for all the guys!! Also, a new guy has been added (Yuki) >w<

    1. @Jiji: Yeah, great news for all fans :D although to be honest, I prefer seeing Japanese text. I’m considering if I should uninstall it and reinstall with my JP acc lol~
      Yep yep Inoue Papa :D

    2. ^o^ Luckily you can turn the subs off, I agree that I’d prefer some Japanese subs to help my kanji / hiragana reading along…

    3. Hehe I was just about to say the same thing. It’s so useful to have the subs even if I was doing fine without them but it certainly helps >///> Also ponytale, I think you can just change your phone locale to Japanese and it’ll keep it that way? Haven’t tried it yet but who knows !!

  6. Personally my favorite is Takahiro, what a ray of sunshine he is <3
    It used I be Reo but after listening to Morita Masakazu as Takahiro…


    And speaking of Takahiro, the app had another update so now we can wake up to him, as well!

    1. @Pandapastries: hehe what a cute nickname your have. Thanks for the heads up! :D

      I like Yocchin’s chara! But have to listen to his freetalk separately otherwise it’s too loud lol. Morita’s chara is a such a sweet guy too :3

  7. Just commenting to say that I finally got an iTouch and this app was the first thing that I (shamelessly) grabbed. XD I’m tempted to buy the other voices for Kakeru and Reo now..

    1. @Nyaa~: Yeah like what TatsukiHoneyBunny says, you need a iTunes account to download all the apps. You won’t be charged any money if the app is free.

  8. Thanks for this guide! :))

    I hope you don’t mind if I ask: can you collect all the lines they have without buying the extra voice clips? I have collected 10/60 for most of the guys and I can’t seem to unlock any more than that ^^;

  9. Oh… i was using it wrong this whole time -.-‘ well i least i got it to work! THANKS! i think the guy with the glasses (dont rememder their names) looks like like Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club and the blonde one with the red eyes and blue shirt-type-thing sounds like Hikaru (also from OHSHC) on the japenese version and kinda looks like him too.

    1. @Shadow Lover: Using it wrong? :O how??
      :D yeah they do look like the boys from OHSHC now that you mentioned it. There are more to come! So exciting!

  10. So…. I played around with this app and I love it!!!!
    Anyways, I havem’t tried it for a whole night…so, I’m wondering, do they keep talking even if you don’t press the buttons?

    The girl in love with the voices….

    1. @kiriie: No worries! Let’s wait for the next update in December and see if they added new free voices. If not, then most probably we have to pay for them.

  11. I just wanted to ask if you’ve managed to get all the 35 voice clips yet? I’ve only unlocked 10 and I’m not really sure how to get more. XD

    1. @kiriie: They’ve only released the first 10 :D The remaining clips will be slowly released over each update. Some clips are planned for over the upcoming update which will include the characters in vol. 3 and 4.

      Update: it seems that the additional voices may have to be purchased. I’ll update again when I find out more.

  12. @ponytale

    Well the ringer is on, and vibrate is on too. It still doesn’t work.. When I click on思出帳, there’s only an icon spinning and it doesn’t talk..

    1. You know what solves the problem? PLUGGING IN THE EARPHONES *ORZ*
      Do all of you have to plug in earphones? This is weird.

    2. @urusaiii: Nope, the app plays through the speaker. But if you plug in the earphones the dummy head mic effect is nicer.

      Are you sure you didn’t switch on the vibrate button that is on the top left of your iPhone? You shouldn’t put your iPhone to silent mode if you want to hear through the speaker at the bottom.

  13. @ponytale

    Ohhh! Then that’s fine :D I have his CD.

    Ah yeah, not having flash sucks but really? that sucks for all the phones then. Boo -__-; well the latest ones that are have flash :D I think…maybe the new ones that are coming soon might support flash (I’m not too updated with phones tho…) XD

    1. @momo: yep. One customer reviewed that they should have new material if they were charging for the voice packs. I agree too.

      It would have been awesome if everything just worked across the board but… oh well, phone wars OTL;;

    1. @urusaiii: This may sound silly but… is your phone on silent mode? Lol~ I set my phone to that mode that once and wondered why the app doesn’t have sound :P You can try increasing the volume after you’ve started the app too.

  14. Oh well. This sucks. My ipod touch is 2G which doesn’t support iOS4 so I can’t play any of these games since I need that version to play it -___-; boooo. LOL; I’d get an iphone but I want an andoroid instead >:]

    Anyways, I wish I could play this though~ I want to hear Hirakawa Daisuke XD

    1. @momo: If it makes you feel better *_* the voice clips are edited from the original CDs… so far no new material yet OTL;; It’s really nice to have tho.

      I’m peeved that Apple doesn’t support flash. That’s the only reason I’ll opt for an Andoroid. I’ve recently read that Adobe is going to stop supporting flash for smart phones now. The battle is lost. Somewhat.

  15. iPad’s too expensive TAT (I need to save up for an possible university semester in japan…someday) though I do consider an iPod touch (is that the iTouch you mention?). But still, I am reluctant to give my money to apple, for some reason….xD

  16. This looks awesome! But I want a Galaxy xDDDDD.

    That reminds me, my MP4 half-died D:. For some reason, it can’t syncronize with ANY pc, so I can’t upload more music. This is sh*t, because I was going to upload Yoshino Hiroyuki’s Shukan soine CD. At least I can still hear the music I have there, and already have the first 4 CDs of the series -o-.

  17. Okay, Hirakawa Daisuke is officially the ear-rape man. I was already so embarrassed and blushy listening to him as Luka in Omerta, but this just takes the cake. o///o I would probably tsundere-ly push him out of bed if he was real. These apps are so good but oh god I needed Yasumoto Hiroki’s voice to calm myself down after being embarrassed forever. Great review, ahhhh. ♥

    1. @Tachibana: Lol~ ear-rape man XDDD The sound quality of the app is suberb~ CD quality I would say. There are dummy head mic moments too. Kyaaa~ Listen to it in head/earphones to experience the magic. Looking forward to the rest of the releases.

  18. ….grrrr. iPhone.

    Then again, I can’t download it even if it was android app because I can’t seem to figure out how to update my phone’s 1.6 android to 2.1
    I still hope they someday port this to android, for free, too xDDD

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