Game: Hakuouki Bakumatsu Musouroku PSP (Miki Shinichirou, Toriumi Kousuke)

Update 29 Feb 2013: English version by Aksys Games now available!
Hakuouki gets the Sengoku BASARA and Dynasty Warriors game treatment.

Title: Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi (US version)
Price: US$ 34.90T
Available: 22 Feb 2013
Company: (Localised by) Aksys Game
More info:
Includes a 16-page full-color character guide featuring art of each of the playable characters in the game.

Title: Hakuouki Bakumatsu Musouroku Playstation Portable 薄桜鬼 幕末無双録
Price: 7,800 Yen (Limited Edition), 5,800 Yen (Regular Edition)
Date Available: 23 February 2012

Platform: Playstation Portable (PSP)
Official Site:
Limited edition package comes with soundtrack cd, postcard and a replica sword.

I love these type of action games… I’m a fan of Dynasty Warriors (真・三國無双/Shin Sangokumusou) although I’m bad at it lol~ There’s something extremely stress-busting and cathartic about using a hot male character to off hordes of 3D soldiers with one clean sweep set to a pumping soundtrack.

It’s awesome that they decided to do something like this for an otome series like Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan :D This is probably a first for game with a predominantly female target audience. I hope they give the characters some fancy moves and skills that we’ve come to expect of these musou games. I wonder if there’s a route for each character that you have to complete to unlock other characters, similar to the ones in PS2/3 games? That said, I do hope the seiyuus also voice the storylines when they’re not fighting.

Besides the main characters and seiyuus we are familiar with in the original series, the game makers roped in popular seiyuus to voice two new characters. KENN will voice Katsura Kogorou 桂 小五郎 and Okiayu Ryotarou 置鮎 龍太郎 to voice Saigou Takamori 西郷 隆盛.

Main cast:
三木眞一郎 Miki Shinichirou as Hijikata Toshizou
森久保祥太郎 Morikubo Shoutaro as Okita Souji 沖田総司
鳥海浩輔 Toriumi Kousuke as Saitou Hajime 斎藤一
吉野裕行 Yoshino Hiroyuki as Toudou Heisuke 藤堂平助
遊佐浩二 Yusa Kouji as Harada Sanosuke 原田左之助
KENN as Katsura Kogorou 桂 小五郎
置鮎 龍太郎 Okiayu Ryotarou as Saigou Takamori 西郷 隆盛

Since this game is on PSP, it is yet another reason besides upcoming Kannou Mukashibanashi PSP that makes me want to get the game console.

Game promotional videos


Awesome soundtrack


Some screens of the game.

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42 thoughts on “Game: Hakuouki Bakumatsu Musouroku PSP (Miki Shinichirou, Toriumi Kousuke)”

  1. My copy of the game got shipped yesterday or possibly the day before! I’m now awaiting it rather impatiently! :3 My PSP is ready!!

    1. O(≧∇≦)O O(≧∇≦)O O(≧∇≦)O
      My copy arrived today!! Am preparing to slash everything in sight in a bid to unlock KazaChi!! >ww<

    2. ;;;OTL Sorry to hear that!! I hope it comes soon! So far so good! Though, I’m finding the text really hard to read!! (it’s pretty stylised, but then I am awful at my reading) which givevs me no chance of me using the accessories in this game correctly…

    3. @ Pony: \(^o^)/ Yay! That would be awesome! So far I’ve played through both story modes on easy to get a feel – I’d recomend that you save often (preferably after every stage) so that you keep all the ‘ingredients’ (that’s the best way I can describe them) for making accessories.

      There seems to be two story modes; one with the bishie’s in their new outfits and one in their Shinsengumi garb, the Shinsengumi play through seems to be mainly a recap of the main game, or at least it certainly feels that way, but with an anime twist.

      There’s three difficulty modes; easy, normal and hard – you really feel the gunshots on hard! (makes it feel pretty realistic!!)


    4. Finally figured out how to get Kazachi!! o(^▽^)o

      Basically: complete both of Hijikata’s story modes (I did it in normal mode, I assume difficulty shouldn’t matter)

      Orz!!!!! Hope it comes soon!!

    5. @JiJi Well done! I wonder if the next issue of B’s Log mag would come with tips and tricks xD I’ll share if it does! Hopefully I can find the time to post them too!

    6. @pony: I hope so! Even tho I unlocked Kazachi, I didn’t unlock both his story modes… (_ _);; still! I’ve got a few more charas to play! :3
      Got yours yet? <3

    7. @Jiji: they arrived yesterday but I returned the PSP console I borrowed to my cousin last Sunday orz;;; I have to get it from her again (;A;) another time

  2. You know you guys, you’d probably all get PSP’s pretty cheaply now that the PS Vita is out. The PSP is pretty obsolete. Me personally? I love PSP, it’s got so many great Otome games on it and I’m hoping that there’s a chance that a small US market is blooming for translated stuff like ASKYS release of Hakuouki.

    I’m very tempted to pre order this… I wonder if my bank balance can handle it? Even if I’m terrible at Japanese, this would be easy to pick up and play.

    And for those of you that are thinking it’s a ‘fighter’ game – it’s actually more of a hack ‘n’ slash where you mash one button and run around (you may occasionally use other buttons, but there will be a main attack button) so it’s pretty easy! ^o^ Don’t be afraid! Give it a go!

    1. @JiJi: I read that PSP Vita is not backwards compatible? It would be such a shame! I’ve borrowed my cousin’s PSP XD and I’m seriously considering getting this too. I enjoyed the PS2 musou games quite a bit lol~ lots of bishies.

    2. @Ponytale: Yeah I believe Japan are getting a “UMD Passport” system on their Vita’s (where they can download copies of games they already own for a reduced price) but no such thing outside JPland… (_ _);;

      Still, it does mean that the PSP is no longer Sony’s main handheld, which should reduce costs of second hand models – might even be some reasonably priced PSPs on Ebay from people getting rid of their old handheld.

      :3 I’m very very tempted by this game! My finger is itching to hit a pre order button some where!! I love Musou games and I love Hakuouki so this can only be a good thing I just hope the gameplay is smooth and handles well. Nothing worse than a stiff hack ‘n’ slash!

    3. @Anonymous: The privileges of being in JPland …
      Yeah, for now I’ll save my $$$ while I borrow my cousin’s PSP console :3 and … I’ve ordered the game orz;;

  3. I am so excited for this game! (the inner gamer side of me is jumping and screaming with joy! Glad that they decide to make it into this type of game! XD)

    And OMG! KENN~! *screams* I think he is appearing more lately… (or is it just me? XD) And not like I mind! lol. /I hope I don’t sound like an annoying fangirl orz Too excited. XD

    So, there are 2 games that I am anticipating so much on February next year! Gosh, February! Please come faster~! XD Cause there aren’t any interesting games at the moment so I am feeling deprived of playing any games on my PSP… ;o;

    Oh wait, make that 3 games! Just remember about Kannou Mukashibanashi. XDD

    Thank goodness I treasure my PSP (that is over 4 years old) so much. ^w^

    1. @Lurker: Yep, KENN seems to have lots more exposure nowadays! Definitely great if you’re a fan of his XD
      That’s awesome! You’re taking great care of your console :D

      My NDS that I bought for the sake of playing the DGS game doesn’t get touched much nowadays (ToT) That’s one of the reasons I put off buying a PSP. I really don’t have as much time I would like to spend on playing games orz;;; even tho I still buy some of these games (IN CASE I have the time to play them one day lol~)

  4. Replica Katana?! *A* Ugh, I’m so tempted to buy this b-but…

    I’ve already preordered the hakuouki english psp game and I don’t even have a psp yet… plus I’m really no good with fighting games, they make me all tense D:

    1. @blue: I’ll only get this if I like the game and the freebies are bonuses :P I’m bad at fighting games too but its fun to play (until I get stuck lol)

  5. ah harada you’re so sexy wielding that spear TuT! WHY MUST IT BE ON PSP?!! OTL I dun like PSP! OTL

    all their hair are down zomg 8D! make it all the more appealing LOL. I’ll definitely get this xD;
    zomg XD

    and oh. heisuke looks cute xD;;; like a little kid being badass ahahaha xD;;; but his armor .. TuT;; it looks like its either 1) big on him 2) he’s soo smallllll looks kind of fragile xD;

    saito is so pretty <3

    *ahem* wish I can comment on all the boys but lol you get my drift xD

    1. @K.K. I’m planning to borrow a PSP from someone until I get my own ^^;; I don’t have time to play games and to invest a few hundred bucks on something I don’t use often doesn’t make economic sense (Although its exactly what I’ll probably do OTL)

      Historical is so moe!!!

    1. @Mayon: Hmm… I think it’s ok? Maybe you’re more sensitive because you’re an artist yourself :D But I notice that the stills in the game are not created by the original character designer, Yone Kazuki

    2. I think that’s because the artsist for Hakuouki’s anime is the same who did Princess Princess’ anime art, right? And I didn’t like that style.

  6. That’s actually really cool o.o omg. Haha, I love those types of games too! Dynasty warriors but Hakuouki ^^

    I would totally play it if I had the money to buy it :D

    1. @momo: Me too! I’ll keep this as a wishlist item! Cos I already preordered the Kannou Mukashibanashi PSP game orz I don’t have a PSP console yet lol~

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