Game: Durarara!! 3way standoff PSP Game + Shi-zaya mascot straps

Talk about misplaced priorities… =_=;;;

How many times have you ended up buying things (that you don’t really want that badly) just because you wanted the free gifts?

Those two mascot straps of Orihaya Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo are only available by buying the upcoming Durarara!! 3way standoff PSP game, limited edition. And that is -ONLY- if you get the first-press cos although you can get Izaya mascot in all the limited edition boxes, Shizuo mascot is included as the game maker, Ascii Media Works’ free gift.

And I don’t even own a PSP!!! I see history repeating itself (ala DGS Hibiki but that is for another post)

Damage: 7800 Yen (w/o tax)
And that doesn’t include the PSP console itself and shipping ( T-T)
Available: 22 September 2010

The game production is supervised by DRRR!! light novel author, Narita Ryougo (成田良悟) and features illustrations by the original manga artist Yasuda Suzuhito (ヤスダ スズヒ).

In this one-player only game, you play a student (gender is selectable) who transfers to the same school as Kida Masaomi (Miyano Mamoru), Ryugamine Mikado (Toyonaga Toshiyuki) and Sonohara Anri (Hanazawa Kana). You get to talk to the characters and explore Ikebukuro where the DRRR!! story is set and learn about the gangs, Dollars, Yellow Banners and a rumoured headless rider who haunts the streets on a motorbike. Celty (Sawashiro Miyuki) <3 Pretty much reliving the anime while playing the game. I don’t think I’ll get tired of Shizuo x Izaya (Ono Daisuke x Kamiya Hiroshi) anytime soon :3 Definitely a fans-only game I guess.

There should be some mini-games as well but there isn’t much information from the official website yet.

Other things in the limited edition includes a UMD disk with newly created anime footage and a DRRR!! pouch. If you ordered the Animate store-only special DRRR!! pack, you also get an Izaya/Shizuo punching bag lol~ No pics for that yet. I’ll pass on the special pack tho’ cos it costs more than 10,000 Yen. OTL.

If I can get my hands on the limited edition first press, it is good enough for me. Baka desu… watashi wa. OTL.

Official website:

セルティ・ストゥルルソン … 沢城みゆき
竜ヶ峰帝人 … 豊永利行
紀田正臣 … 宮野真守
園原杏里 … 花澤香菜
折原臨也 … 神谷浩史
平和島静雄 … 小野大輔
岸谷新羅 … 福山潤

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23 thoughts on “Game: Durarara!! 3way standoff PSP Game + Shi-zaya mascot straps”

    1. Thanks ill look. if anything ill get the game and give it to my BF and just keep the charms

  1. I WANT. I BUY. I TAKE SISTER’S MONEY. Eh, I’ll pay her back sooner of later but I’m going to buy it (They still have press editions even this late), plus I understand Japanese enough to play YAY~


  2. And here is me wondering, like, WHY DON’T THEY JUST RELEASE AN ACTUAL SCALED FIG instead of crushing our hearts with cutesy phone charm on an epic state of exclusivity with the PSP game ||ORZ

    1. @kettenkrad: That’s true… unfortunately DRRR!! isn’t a super long running series like Gintama or Reborn… but let’s hope for the best since it is quite popular XD Besides scaled figures, bigger chibis are also welcomed… I think this Shizuo mascot looks brilliant! I honestly wouldn’t have bought the game if not for the mascots (T_T)

    1. @Luvi: They replied today! ^^ yep they do special packing requests! We just need to email them about when the package is expected to arrive and tell them to watch out for it and do what we ask them to :3

  3. I know, I know. I could learn Japanese…I actually bought books to teach myself but now it’s finding the time and having the discipline to sit down and do it. I will eventually. I’ve been amassing an obscene amount of doujinshis that I really must read one day so I can get rid of at least some of them. Lolz.

    I got the tumbler; waiting for it to arrive. Anime Expo is coming up; I hope they have more goodies there! Lol, I just about gave up on saving money. It’s hopeless when there’s just too many temptations. o_o

    1. @Luvi: Thanks for the tip XDD btw, do they accept special packing requests? For example for the Slyph comics… can I just ask them to pack the strap mascot and freebies and get rid of the thick comic before sending it to me? :O

      @Razberry: hehe I think it is an eventuality that we will try to learn Japanese since we all happen to like Japanese entertainment XD Memorising the hiragana and katagana would be first, cos once you can read them, when you read your doujinshi, even though it seems like you are reading gibberish, occasionally you may encounter words that you’ve heard in anime or other sources before and you’ll get a Eureka! moment XD At least that’s what happens for me lol~ Listening to Japanese CDs and audio tapes would be a good way to train our ears to recognise the words/vocabulary too.

      Ooo the tumbler is cute! I may buy the custom stickers :D It just came out recently for preorder:

      Lol~ difficult as it may seem… but let’s still try to save a little $$$ XDD then blow it all on a big event like that… OTL.

  4. OMG, I WANT I WANT!!! Well, I’m in a different hell than you…I do own a PSP but I don’t know a lick of Japanese so I still won’t really be able to play the game. Waaaah!! The mascots look so cuuute!!! I love that they chose Izzy and Shizzy…they had to be thinking of fanservice when they did that. Lolz! Have you seen the glasses and tumbler btw? They all feature Iz/Shiz. There’s a t-shirt of them as well. I hope they produce more mascots that we can buy individually!

    1. @Razberry: Ever think of taking Japanese classes? XD Yep, they are fan service indeed especially when they cast Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke in the roles XD I didn’t buy Shizaya goods… did you buy any? :D I think considering the popularity, we should be able to get our hands on some PVCs or figures in the future. Figma would be nice!!! XDD

      I’ll try to borrow my cousin’s PSP or something until I save enough $$$ to get my own *_*

    1. @Luvi: Yeah I have an account with them but have not used their services yet. Thanks for reminding ^^ I’ve tried a number of these services and most of the times all those hidden fees add up and become real scary DX

  5. I read about the mascots on a Japanese gaming site yesterday. OTL The price is pretty reasonable for a PSP game, but it just had to be announced just when I’m 100% broke. ;A; I really want to get a copy from Animate (imagine all the ‘fun things’ you can do with a punching bag 8D) but. But! …I need a new job. orz

    1. @Luvi: Tell me about being broke! OTL… Yeah I would love to get the Animate set too… but darn~ going through a proxy to get it will up the total price (at least 10% of total, that’s 1000 Yen + handling fees 500 Yen! And with shipping etc may up the price further to 13,000 Yen?. I have to stay calm here and think rationally ( ;3;) Cos that means paying more than 3000 Yen for the punching bag and I still have no idea how it looks like yet. DX

      We can always do with a bit more $$$ :3

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