Game: Can’t sleep? Come choose your fav Starry☆Sky boy (Soine Kareshi Series iPhone App)

More cute Starry☆Sky boys to accompany you during those sleepless nights

If your favourite is Sagittarius boy: Kinose Azusa 木ノ瀬梓, you’re in luck!

Launched as an app for iPhone/iPod touch, this series of apps developed from Honeybee’s successful Starry☆Sky are meant to help you sleep.

First we get our ears smexed in Shukan Soine series by BlackButterfly that is supposed to help us fall asleep but end up keeping us awake the whole night (in a good way) and now this lol~ It’s a trend now, isn’t it… getting these virtual boyfriends to help you sleep.

Title: Soine Kareshi/Boyfriend 『添い寝カレシ Starry☆Sky~Sagittarius ver.~』
OS: iPhone3G / iPhone3GS /iPhone4/ iPod touch
Available from: App Store (Japan)
Category: Entertainment (エンターテイメント)
Price: 350 Yen (w/tax) Price down: 250 Yen (Sep 2011)
Official site:

No matter what time it is, the character will greet you with gentle words and smiles. First in line is Sagittarius, the cute and straightforward, Kinose Azusa. The app will feature new illustrations and artwork by Kazuaki-sensei. Spend some wonderful time with your boy minutes before bedtime!

Sempai, it’s no use even if you try to leave okay?
Because I don’t intend to let go of your hand.

Because of the the way sempai is touching me……
I feel like I’ll fall asleep before I can see sempai’s sleeping face.

Looks like typical visual novel style and very cute! :3 The only drawback? Currently the app does not have audio yet but that doesn’t mean it won’t be developed in the future.

We can’t buy Japan iphone apps if we are not located there, can we? :O

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8 thoughts on “Game: Can’t sleep? Come choose your fav Starry☆Sky boy (Soine Kareshi Series iPhone App)”

    1. Yeah I didn’t know cos it wasn’t published yet and I don’t have an iPhone when I made this post. It seems like they offer it for other countries iTunes store too. Thanks for updating!

  1. nice.. I’m going to install this app on my iPhone for sure.. and Azusa yeah! he’s my fav guy on Starry Sky //w// and since I just played the summer one, he was my target.

    we can buy Japanese app. Just get a Japanese account and you can get the app ^^ I have one.

    1. @Harata: Thanks for dropping by and commenting :D I think it’ll be even more awesome if they include the voices in future versions of the app. O~ I didn’t know that. I thought it’ll be blocked by licensing issues. I’ll try and see if it works keke. Thanks! XD

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