Fun at LalaParadise Treasure Hunt Find the White Rabbit (Blog game)

Fun at LalaParadise Treasure Hunt (bi-monthly) 2011 with prizes :D

This month I’m still busy as ever due to work but I want to try out another blog game lol~ XDD It was a ‘lighted bulb’ moment while commuting to work two days ago.

Anyway, this time we’re going to try:

((( Fun at LalaParadise Treasure Hunt )))

Game Mechanics: (Slight change to the mechanics. Please see the text in PINK)

  1. Ten clues will point to ONEWhite Rabbit Treasure Post” on LalaParadise.
    (Well, not exactly the real ‘White Rabbit’ but I’m sure you get the general idea ^^;;).
  2. I will post ONE clue each day for 10 days on my Twitter account @lalaparadise.
    At anytime, you can visit my public Twitter page to see all the compiled clues, so it’s ok if you don’t have a Twitter account.
    Note: Clues will be posted on Mondays-Fridays only each week. (cos I want a break on weekends ^^;;)
  3. When you think you’ve located the correct White Rabbit Treasure Post, leave a comment on THIS game post, stating that you found it, like this:
    Fun at LalaParadise White Rabbit Treasure Hunt December 2011 Cycle 2
    Yatta! Anata wo mitsuketaaa! (Yes! Found you!)
    Treasure Post: Put the URL link here
    Name: Your name or nickname
    Email: Your email
    Country: Your country
    Stating the country is for the purpose of the bonus mystery prize and email is so that I can contact you if you win.
  4. To ensure that your comment entry will not be “copied” by others, all entries will be put on moderation mode so only I can see it from my end. I will only reveal the winner’s entry (sensitive info removed) at the end of the cycle. Protect your privacy.
  5. You can post your entry early if you think you already have the answer before all ten clues are revealed but…
  6. To be fair, you cannot change your entry to another treasure post after that, so please think carefully before you submit your entry.

About the clues:

  1. The clues will include content that can be found on the winning “White Rabbit Treasure Post“.
  2. For example, a cropped pic of a photo, characters mentioned, description, category it belongs to, etc etc. I believe it should be relatively easy to guess.

How to win:

  1. There will be one winner per 10-day cycle.
  2. The game will run twice per month, meaning there are TWENTY clues, TWO treasure posts to locate and TWO winners per month.
  3. If there is more than one player with the correct post, ONE winner will be picked randomly from the pool of entries per cycle.


  1. Prizes will probably vary each cycle.

Bonus mystery prize:

  1. If you win the weekly prize AND you’re one of the first THREE entries among participants from your country per cycle. You also win a bonus mystery prize :3
  2. This is an attempt to be fair since we live in different timezones. I don’t want you guys to stay up till some ungodly hour like 3.45 am or something to get the clues OTL;; its just too cruel! DX

Note: Please understand I can’t publish clues at an exact given time either cos… it’ll be additional stress for me to monitor the time everyday… we all have real lives to live (and work/deadlines to meet OTL;;;) and this game is supposed to be fun lol~ ^^;;

Sounds simple enough? I hope so :P If you have any questions about this game, please post them in the comments here and I’ll try to explain further.

Similarly, past winners of previous games can continue to take part in new ones :)

First clue of Cycle Two will be revealed around 19 December 2011 (Monday)

Good luck!

Results will be published on 2 January 2011. Good Luck!

Prizes for December 2011 Cycles


  1. Cycle ONE: Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Mini Notebook A 世界一初恋 ミニノートA
  2. Cycle TWO: Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Mini Notebook B 世界一初恋 ミニノートB
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2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

33 thoughts on “Fun at LalaParadise Treasure Hunt Find the White Rabbit (Blog game)”

  1. Gaaah. Sorry if this is out of topic but where did you get those notebooks?T^T Where they freebies or were they really for sale?? I didn’t know about them.. I knew about the pens though. *shoots self*

  2. Hi~! This game sounds Very Fun!! And this is my first post in this website which I just Recently (yesterday) found XDD And it’s AWESOME~!!!!!!!!!

    This game seems fun and I pretty much get the basic mechanics of it, like we have to find the white bunny, an specific post … but will it look somehow different than other normal posts? And where do we post our answers? Here … or somewhere else? Sorry if you had already mentioned this and for asking once again …..

    1. @Nekokratic: no worries. Each day from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks, I’ll release a clue on my twitter @lalaparadise and they will be about the treasure post. Could be about the pictures, text and so on.

      When you think you’ve found the post, post your answer using the format I outlined above here in THIS post.

      It will be put under moderated mode so that only I can see it. Your answer will be hidden from other readers :)

      You cannot change your answer after posting so think carefully before posting!

      Hope this answers your question.

    1. @pinkstripedmellon: doesn’t matter. The clues are complied and posted here at the end of each cycle so u still have a chance at the game :) good luck!

  3. so we leave the comment in the form that you tell us is in the post that i think its the white rabbit??? O.O *totally lost*

    1. @Mito: Write in this format and post your answer in the comments section here like this:

      Fun at LalaParadise White Rabbit Treasure Hunt July 2011
      Yatta! Anata wo mitsuketaaa! (Yes! Found you!)
      Treasure Post: Put the URL link here
      Name: Your name or nickname
      Email: Your email
      Country: Your country

      The comment entry will be put under moderation so that only I can see it ^^

  4. Sorry, for jumping into yours and Shirokaze’s conversation, but just to double confirm… Does it mean we post a comment at the post itself and not at this post? :D

    (Btw, I love the ideas you come up with for the games to have here~! I dont regret stalking your website. lol.)

    1. @Lurker: hmm come to think of it maybe I like to change the mechanics a bit. Better to post in THIS post and then put a link to the treasure post found.

      Would make administration easier for me heh.

      Okie that’ll be confirmed. Find the treasure post and then post it here :)

  5. im still lost about the posts @.@
    are the posts the ones that are in your blog already? =o
    and you gives clues about that post, so we post in that post? @.@

    im not sure how my avatar changed,
    but yeah, Ita-chan is the cutest *-*
    i have that icon as my ava almost everywhere.

    1. @Shirokaze yep the clues will point to the post which is already published in the blog.

      So for example, if you think the clues are referring to a blog post called: Goods: Keisuke & Akira After School figure set (Comiket 80, Togainu no Chi)

      You’ll leave a comment there in the format I outlined above.

      You won’t know the answer immediately cos the result will only be published at the end of each cycle.

  6. This game sounds like fun. I’ll try to participate. I like games where you use your brain to solve things. I kinda feel like a detective.

  7. im a bit lost to what im suppose to find xD
    im not good at this x_x
    so theres going to be like, many fake treasure posts, and u’ll give us clues to which one is the real one? =o

    1. @Shirokaze: it’s like you follow the clues given and try to identify the correct post. There are posts that may have similar themes but some clues like the photo crops and category hints will most likely make it easy to spot.

      So when you think you found the right post, you post a comment in that post ^^

      Let me know if you’re not sure!

      And what a cute avatar of Italia you have there :D

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