Food: Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel
This is supposed to be an idiot-proof way of making this delectable dessert…

1) A pack of White Wings Creme Caramel Mix (175 grams)
2) Farmhouse Full Cream Milk (1 litre)

Now… how difficult could that be… mix, boil, pour, chill… and it wasn’t my first time making this but its been a LOOOONG while since I “cooked” anything in the kitchen ^^;;; (Yeah I’m very pampered.)

And the result!


Creme Caramel

This was just one of the bowls. I did manage to make 6 of them as indicated in the instructions with the diluted mixture. But that’s probably because the containers/bowls I used were larger.

Mum said she liked it cos it wasn’t as sweet (Maybe she was consoling me? LOL) But personally, I like the taste of it too ^^ Idiot-proof indeed. The custard itself (without caramel) was just right. I remember it tasting a lot sweeter the last time I made it. So I’ll consider this a happy accident!

Anyway, thanks to akiyama for rekindling my craving for this dessert.

Anybody gonna make some too? XD

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25 thoughts on “Food: Creme Caramel”

  1. lol i didn’t know were to put her~
    I don’t have shelf’s and the only place were i have to put them is on my pc table,which is small.

    I’ve seen some people buy those glass cases where they display them, but i don’t think i have room for that in my room either;

    Yes…it is blocking it! *hides* XD;

    1. Gaah~ that’s bad for your router XD I put Miku on top of my old CRT monitor ^^ but I don’t change her pose as much as with Lulu and Suzaku. Glass displays would be nice but I also have limited space. Sigh~ that’s why most of my figure are still inside their boxes and stuffed away in the cabinet.

  2. Keee~ I had already gotten in military akira~;w;
    I didn’t even know he came with a carpet stand! 0o0
    (so now shiki has his love slave with him! lol)

    I found a Rai but….i can’t aford to by any figures for awhile/i don’t know if i should trust the online stores again.XD
    (I still never did receive my money back from that one store. So i’m going to try to write to paypal about it.);;

    1. kekeke… yeah Aikra looks lonely on the stand by himself, so shiki is a must! Are you putting them on display? Mine are still in their boxes and kept -inside the closet- (lol)

      Gya~ that’s a rare find! How much is the listed price for Rai? Do search for the store rating before you place an order *_*
      Good thing paypal has some form of guarantee. Hopefully you get your money back quickly!

  3. yea im going to keep an eye on how long it takes them…:(

    Im so happy though benippon had the akira figure in stock and shipped it out already.*_*
    I can’t wait to receive it *cries* This figure has caused me alot of grief lol!
    Now i have to hunt down Rai figure. Its going to be a pain~

    yes i love the custom nendoroids~

  4. Hmm… careful about delayed refunds. After reading all those complaints on the websiite you showed me, I think they’re just trying to buy time. I remember reading some that say that after waiting 4 weeks, they get another email to wait for another 4 weeks! I think some banks may have an issue with refunding or chasing payments that have passed a certain period. So better to try to get it refunded asap.

    Uwa~ indeed! I just saw one. Those customised nendoroids are nice huh… these people are experts :O

  5. aww its okay thank you though~ *hugs*

    i backordered it from benippon i already.
    As for the refund its going to take up to 4 weeks;;
    it werid because the other site that didnt have it gave it to me the same day they got my email;

    yea i remember seeing a video on youtube with someone who created nendoroids of the fan created vocaloids. none for sale though.;o;
    mikuo is a nice fan creation but i havnt heard any good songs created for him yet…

  6. @both: Inu and Arubito are one-of-a-kind XD hehehe I’ve not seen any lamento quizzes either… Mmm I don’t mind being the Baka-neko Konoe but at my current state I probably will get Bardo as a result. :P

    @akiyama: Nya~ Does Chrisan and you have matching apron? That’ll be so cute! XD Hey take pix of your bento?

    @Fuuga: gosh *_* Hope you get your refund!!! You wanna try HLJ? Might be a bit expensive since it is the full price but they’re reliable. Although it is out-of-stock at the moment, you can try backordering the item. No guarantee they’ll be able to get the stock but they’ll keep looking until they can confirm that it is discontinued. They NEVER charge you before the item is shipped and you can also pay by paypal. See the payment methods here:

    I saw that statue the other day on ami ami website too… so beautiful. And that’s Ciel’s colour scheme! :D Mikuo is fan-created… I wonder if there were any doujin figures that were produced before…

  7. @Fuuga: I probably end up as…ummm ack i don’t know seriously! My wishful thinking is Rai hee hee hee
    I hope you get your refund. Otherwise you have all the right to sue them….
    Anyway thx for the info, i will not recommend anybody to buy something from tht online store ( unless they wanna face the hassle)

  8. @Akiyama: lol!
    No i have yet to see a lamento quiz yet ;o;
    if there was one id probebly end up with another unexpected character like Fir maybe. XD

    @Ponytale: lol motomi~
    im sure your inner rin will come back again soon ^^

    ah speaking of togainu no chi. remember that one place were i order the akira military figure? well…i still havnt received it yet. I did my research on the company and my thoughts were right. Everyone else is having the same problems as i am having with this online store. omg never again! i’ll only trust ebay and amazon…here the site to all the many bad reviews this store has gotten.

    god this store is so bad…two bad experiances from two different online stores…TT_TT

    i sent them a note about giving me a refund i hope they give me one.

    im also upset because benippon had the military figure in a couple weeks ago. if i had canceled then i could have gotten it.*cries*
    ah well que sera sera….TTvTT

  9. @fuuga: Inu? well then you’re mine! LOL~
    He’s nuts, wonder why i got him. *sigh*

    @ponytale: not that bad but not pretty either. I’ve been experimenting on the kitchen lately with the purpose of making special bento for Chrisan.
    I give her a small size apron and make her my little helper. XD

    @both: any of you ever find lamento character quiz?

  10. @Ponytale Yup i make them from scratch!^v^ I forget what brand, its from the latin market. I also use jellos brand. XD

    @Akiyama lol i saw that you got abrito! He is super rare. XD
    Abrito is a funny character.

    When i took it last year i got Inu twice. I tried again this year and i got Akira which suprsied me. I tried awhile ago and got inu again. Inu wins lol~XD

  11. @ponytale: it’s a local brand so yeah *wheww!* yours are like masterpiece and mine are like failed science project XD

    @fuuga: do you take ‘which togainu character are you’ quiz? the link is somewhere in ponytale’s blog. If you haven’t go try it and let us know what you got :D
    I got Arbitro/Arubidoro Grrrr……

    1. @akiyama: Hehehe… no kidding? Don’t give up okie! XD *moral support*

      @Fuuga: woah~ that’s cool! The Jello brand sounds delicious!

      @akiyama & Fuuga: I re-took the test… Motomi again… God I’m turning into an oyaji ( ToT) where did my inner Rin go to? *cries*

  12. Giga pudding..giga pudding…giga pudding.
    Tell your nephew and niece about the song, they sure love it! (and like the pudding too)

    I took side with your mom. i like it when its not too sweet.
    Hmm…i notice the height difference but it’s okie lah. looks yummy (just like Fuuga said)
    and more milk means more calcium. congratz!

    Hmm…will try to make some. But using different brand of course.
    white wings N/A in here.

  13. Ah my favorite dessert! *w*

    Yours looks like how mine turns out when i make it. Looks yummy! I never tried that brand product “white wings”…mmmm It makes me…want to make some now….*hunger* XD

    1. @Fuuga: It’s one of my fav desserts too! (cute Inu avatar btw ^^) Do you make the custard from scratch? This brand is quite yummy! I think the full cream milk helped with the creamy taste too! I totally pigged out on 2 bowls at one go xD

      @akiyama: Giga giga! Hehehe… what brand do you use to make it? I wonder what they did to make the custard so firm hehe…

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