Goods: Kotobukiya es series one coin figure Lamento and Togainu no Chi box sets

Lamento One Coin FiguresThese chibi Lamento (Boy’s Love game created by Nitro-Chiral) figures are very well-made and detailed. Definitely worth the money!

They’re so cute and seriously diabetes-inducing things to have on display…

All neko-mimi fangirls and boys should not miss them.

I also got my hands on the Togainu no Chi chibi figures recently. They’re currently decorating my wall and I love them! I bought a few plastic clear square containers, stuck some 3M hooks on them and hung the boxes on the wall. Lovely!

The secret figures from each set are also inside the boxes shown below. Can you spot them? :D

My Lamento and Togainu no Chi ChibisI’ll probably get an additional figure box set of both games for the sake of keeping an unsealed copy … well, once I save enough money, that is… ^^”

Lamento Box Set

Remember to buy the whole set of 10 so that you won’t miss out any figures. Comes with 2 secret figures, a postcard (featuring Rai) and a little character card for each figure.

The damage? Around USD79.95 (shipping cost varies.)

Togainu no Chi Box Set

Similarly, buy the whole set of 10 and you’ll get 9 different figures + 1 secret figure (super-cute!). Includes a little character card for each figure.

The damage? Around USD79.95 (shipping cost varies)

I got mine from here XD

Both sets are sold out at most places but you can still get the Togainu Chibis from JPQueen who stocks it occasionally.

Update *14 Feb 2008* Togainu no Chi chibis are currently on sale per piece at USD3.90 (shipping cost varies) ! Don’t miss the offer :P I already placed an order for my 2nd set xD What a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. Perfect!

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