Event: Lamento Cafe (Lamento Glass, Lamento Beyond the Void)

Lamento Glass

Hot foursome! New goods (Lamento Glass) and cafe menu!

Title: Lamento Cafe 『Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-』発売5周年を記念してカフェ
Date: 22nd ~ 31st December 2011 (Limited period only)

Celebrating Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID- 5th Anniversary, CURE MAID CAFE and Queen Dolce in Japan will be serving Lamento themed menu.

A quick peek at the menu items.

Konoe コノエ
400 Yen
Caramel flavor syrup x royal-milk-tea + hook tail キャラメルフレーバーシロップ×ロイヤルミルクティ+鉤しっぽ
Rai ライ
400 Yen
Yogurt x Lemon soda + Silver dragee + White tail ヨーグルト×レモンソーダ+アラザン+白いしっぽ
Bardo バルド
400 Yen
Banana Latte + chocolate syrup + shirt sleeve * You can bring the shirt sleeve home. バナナラテ+チョコレートシロップ+シャツの袖 ※シャツの袖はお持ち帰り頂けません
Asato アサト
400 Yen
Blue Hawaiian Syrup x Cocoa + Black tail ブルーハワイシロップ×ココア+黒いしっぽ
If you order a drink, you can add 800 Yen to get the new Lamento Glass.
Usual price of each Lamento Glass is 1,050 Yen.
Not exclusive goods and is available for preorder already :)
Bardot’s warm pot-au-feu. バルドのあったかポトフ
900 Yen (Drink Set: 1,100 Yen)
Sausage and vegetables in pot-au-feu style. Comes with sesame bread rolls. You’ll feel like you’re visiting Bardo’s inn. ソーセージや野菜が豪快に煮込まれたポトフ風スープに、ごまロールを添えました。バルドの宿屋に行った気分でお召し上がり下さい。
Asato’s Cat man man アサトの猫まんま
900 Yen (Drink Set: 1,100 Yen)
Soy sauce and fried crisp taste. Image of Asato realised as a plate of fish minced and steamed black rice balls with black sesame seeds. * The ingredients inside the rice ball are minced chicken. しょうゆ味のさくさく唐揚げと、真っ黒おにぎりに黒ゴマのはんぺんを添えてアサトをイメージしたプレートです。※おにぎりの中身は鶏そぼろです。
Konoe roll cake コノエのロールケーキ
650 Yen (Drink Set: 850 Yen)
Kuimu beside boiled sweet compote, small roll cakes inspired by Konoe’s character image. 甘く煮たクィムのコンポートのそばに、コノエをイメージした小さなロールケーキを添えました。
Rai white parfait ライの白パフェ
500 Yen (Drink Set: 700 Yen)
A really white coloured, parfait made with yogurt, pear ice cream and sweet fresh cream, just like Rai’s image ライをイメージし、ヨーグルトに、洋ナシのアイス、生クリームを添えた甘さ控えめの真っ白なパフェです。

Illustrated coasters
Each order including a special original Lamento menu item will receive one coaster. There are 2 designs to collect.

Sweet Pool cloth coaster

Official sites: http://www.nitrochiral.com/special/lamento5th/

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13 thoughts on “Event: Lamento Cafe (Lamento Glass, Lamento Beyond the Void)”

  1. Gosh that food looks good. Rai’s stuff looks good, the food sure sounds like something I would personally pick out to eat. I’d try out Konoe’s plate and Asato’s drink as well.

  2. Ahhhhhh, I really want to visit this cafe during my trip–! I just…have to find it somehow, haha… The Konoe sounds delicious, but…I probably would not order the Asato… Blue Hawaii in cocoa…? That sounds crazyyyy~!

    fffffff… I really want to try that roll cake too! I’m curious to see what this “Kuim” tastes like~ …It’s probably a kumquat. :V I’ve always imagined that a Kuim would be like a kumquat or a loquat!

    1. @Puchi: Would you be there during the period? There’s address on the website! (curemaid.jp/?page_id=2)
      I think Asato’s dish does need some adventurous spirit to try lol~ yeah would be interesting to try Kuim :D

  3. Lol when I first saw the title I was expecting a plate of nuts and berries since that is all they eat in the game XD I can’t remember what it was called but there was a special nut that Konoe ate all the time, would be cute if they re-made it into something edible for the menu :3

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