Event: Anime Festival Asia 2008 (22nd – 23rd November)

Anime Festival Asia ’08. Definitely THE anime event you should not miss… cosplay competition, marketplace (Bandai, Goodsmile, Medicom… and more XD), live performances, manga and anime…

Event: Anime Festival Asia ’08
Venue: Singapore Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Halls 403 and 404
Date: 22nd – 23rd November 2008
Time: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm

Daily tickets are priced at $5; to fully enjoy all the activities and events lined up, pay only $8 for a two-day ticket. Pre-registration is open. Hopefully they have better crowd and registration management this time. The Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008 (June) was held at the same venue and it was rather chaotic to much frustration of all who attended. I’m looking forward to it but sigh~ I’ll be one of the 80,000 expected willing “sardines” to pack the halls. Gaaah… I hate crowds -.-

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7 thoughts on “Event: Anime Festival Asia 2008 (22nd – 23rd November)”

  1. i enjoyed reading your AFA coverage thank you! i was there and managed to get a shot of a pretty cool bishi sebestian cosplayer from the event.. I had a little squeee going on inside as i snapped shots of him n me.. hehehe.. would u be interested in the picture?

    1. @hizaki: Thanks for your compliments! I’ll let ojousama know too :D and YES! Please share your pix! I would love to see bishi Sebby. Did you cosplay at the event too? I’ve sent you an email XDD

  2. kekeke… yeah it sounds like a big event! I’m excited! I’ll keep you updated ^^ this time I’ll also bring extra batteries for my camera when I’m there. That time at the Singapore Toy and Comic Convention, my batteries went flat just half-way through the event x_x but I guess that’s expected for a newbie convention visitor like me… but this time I’ll try not to be shy and take lots more photos (as long as my batteries can hold out) XD

  3. Hello future-sardine XD

    Drop me a repot and photos okie after the event?
    It’s a big event isn’t it? Hopefully you stumble upon lots of interesting things down there. (such as a guy tht resembles Katou or Iwaki-yummy!)

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