Eek! Earphones sound leak?! *_*

I’ve always been kinda paranoid about whether people can hear the audio of a BL drama I’m listening to while taking public transport and I notice that recently, I’ve been listening to music on my iPod at a much higher volume than before… so more than ever, I begin to wonder if my current volume level is going to out my BL drama listening activities to unsuspecting strangers without my conscious knowledge…

So, I decided to test playing a hard-sex track from Netsujou no Ori de Nemure (when I’m at home of course) at my current listening volume.

Having no other test subject to report the findings, I pressed the earphone against my own wrist and played the track…

OMG… Waccha’s moans can be CLEARLY heard!!!!!!!!

Zetsubou Shitaaa
So if a person is right next to me, which is really common if you’re squeezing with other commuters on a bus or train during the morning/evening rush hour, it’s all there, ecstatic moans, breathless pants, climatic cries and all *MEGA-sweat drop*

Then I tested the same track with my headphones… Since the audio playback is clearer than the earphones at a lower volume, I don’t have to turn up the iPod as loudly. But the sound leak result is nearly the same, although a lot softer, the audio clarity is MUCH BETTER than earphones. Well… yeah, I suppose if I’m using headphones, the person has to stand a lot closer to me to enjoy the smexy audio with me but even then… it’s kinda… o_O lol~ *dead*

Maybe it’s not such a big deal but… I’m an idiot to not to realise this early enough *_* I used to be a little irritated when I sit or stand near commuters who play their music really loudly and the noise spills over from their earphones, so I’ve always been careful to lower my own volume in case it becomes a nuisance to others. But now I think maybe I’ve been gradually turning up the volume on my iPod higher than before. It’s scary cos my ears could be slowly dying on me as I can’t seem to be able to hear as clearly as before at the same volume? x_x

Any experience to share? Hope I not being too paranoid here XD

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19 thoughts on “Eek! Earphones sound leak?! *_*”

  1. “and do you notice that most optometrists don’t wear contact lenses? (o_o)”

    Yea i noticed that too. They be smart! XD

    Okay! Thanks~^3^

  2. Whoah…you even listened to BL drama in public?? *o* awesome~
    I’m way too paranoid to do that… OTL
    plus I can’t concentrate even if I listen to BL drama in public D:

    1. @maku: yeah, that’s silly of me eh? I was concerned about the possibility but maybe not paranoid enough lol~ I thought I perfected my bl-drama-poker face but… oh well x_x Anyway, after that little experiment, I’ve stopped listening to bl dramas in public already *dies of embarrassment* (Maybe until I find the ultimate non-sound-leaking earphones) XD

  3. i wish i could wear contacts but the docter told me id be wise not to…
    Maybe a good thing you don’t wear them.

    I’ll keep my eye on the jacket i doubt it might go on sale though, do items like those usually do? ;n;

    1. My eyes often feel quite dry, so contact lenses feel uncomfortable for me real quickly, say within 2 hours? Well, I’ve been told that long hours of computer-use could be a cause… and do you notice that most optometrists don’t wear contact lenses? (o_o) Almost all the different ones I’ve been to, the people working there usually wear glasses! Maybe cos they studied the eye and know that not putting anything foreign objects into them is the best for us lol~ But that’s just my guess.

      But I think if you want to try contacts, get the daily disposables cos you don’t have to worry about cleaning them later. The bacteria and residues on not properly cleaned lenses are the main cause for many eye diseases XP

      I’ll buzz you if they have a sale! Usually the sales prices are around 30% off but they sell out very fast.

  4. you are megane kyaa thats cute ♥
    When i was small i had glasses but after 5th grade i stopped wearing them hints why my eyes are bad now. I might get glasses soon sometime but i know im going to have a hard time finding a good pair i think i look funny in them instead of smart/sophisticated like some people do.;-;

    (i want that jacket in your wishlist!*o*)

    1. (O=O) yeah megane… XD

      I’m quite blind without my glasses, so they’re a necessity. I’m too lazy to maintain contact lenses but I have a pack of daily disposable lens as a back up. And cos I have a BIG face, it’s quite difficult to find cute(and cheap) frames that can fit *sigh* So I usually end up with relatively expensive frames that I don’t look too great in. Well, I think I look presentable in my opinion but not exactly stylish :P For those that I do look great in? They’re usually branded stuff and cost a bomb and I don’t want to spend that much. I used to be envious of friends with smaller faces who can just grab any cheap frames at less than $60 bucks and still look great. AND change their frames relatively frequently for fun/fashion. But I’ve got over it ^^;;;

      But I think it’s a matter of getting used to seeing yourself in megane or not, that’s why you think you look funny XD But if you can function well without glasses all these years, you probably don’t really need them at all.

      (I’m hoping they have a sale for that jacket!!!)

  5. @sigma: I’m back facing the entrance in my room, so my family would be able to see everything on my screen if they walk in x_x Anyway I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a kid so… yeah *_* eyes already damaged lol~ Megane desu. That’s why when I found out about the kichiku megane BL fetish I was rather amused lol~ XD

    @Ri: My mum did comment that I shouldn’t listen to music at too high volume, so the music was probably leaking from my headphones. I usually use headphones when I’m at home and the normal earphones when I’m out. If I remember correctly, I wasn’t listening to BL drama that time, I -think- … ^^;;; anyway she was standing behind me , so that would be around 1 feet away?

    But normal earphones like those that come with ipod sure leaked like nobody’s business when I tested it at my current volume *_*

  6. Really??? How bout ordinary earphones…i push it to my hand for a test and i can still hear the breath sound like…shimatta! all this time on the train…

    Not actuall test or survey how far the leaking sound would be? Anyone know how if u’re on laptop and use earphone..whether ur cousin behind u for 1 meter would be able to hear?
    XD I also have same concern with you for past few weeks…

  7. Haha! That’s amazing x’D I guess your fellow commuters would be a little distressed. I don’t think anyone’s heard my BL dramas so far – I sat right next to an old lady listening to one with super high volume and there was no reaction. I have had people peek over my shoulder at manga, though, which is pretty funny once they realize what you’re reading.

  8. haha i did some sort of a similar test recently with my new headphones too! XD

    oh well but i guess if you really wanna fully enjoy BLCDs when you’re out on the road, use in-ear earpieces ^^
    my good old in-ear ones has never betrayed me so far & i’m pretty deaf too ^^

    1. @drirelan: lol~ I should have done that earlier! I’ll seriously consider getting those in-ear ones now. I’ve tried my friend’s pair once but I didn’t like the feeling of them inside my ears. hehe we should take better care of our ears, really XD

      @SaffronSugar: The realisation of the possibility feels quite… GAA~ embarrassing. I was trying to remember if anybody gave me weird looks but.., *_* maybe it’s better not to know. Hehehe XD or maybe that old lady was into BL too? Were you using in-ear type of earphones or the “normal” type like mine? XDD Well, I wouldn’t read yaoi manga in the open cos people, like you said, will always peek! *hides*

  9. *_* so much for having the ability to maintain a poker face and looking normal while listening to bl dramas… my iPod has been -outing- me all this while! *dies* DX

    Nobody has asked me about the sound leaks yet o_O but that’s probably cos they’re strangers. *shudders at the thought*

    Horror movie! lol~ XD but I’m listening to the iPod and not looking at its screen *_* I don’t think anyone would buy the explanation ^^;;;;

    Anyway, we really should take better care of our ears! XP

  10. LOL omg your so funny!XD
    Zetsubou indeed~
    But yea i wonder what the other person sitting next to you though?(maybe she/he is a big fan of bl dramas to secretly?XD) If it was me i’d enjoy the leak lol.

    yea now that you mention the problem with hearing is something that i may have a problem with as well, ive noticed a lot of people been calling me at work, shouting my name an yet i don’t hear them most of the time. I know i have a abit of a hearing problem in one ear but this is not normal for me.; (i even had a dream last night about a loud sound in my ears were i couldn’t hear people talking in a class room an i woke up to find my ears hurting…strange.)

    Ive had a similar experience but at home. I noticed last year about leaks With my headphones. I usually listen at full volume to music, one day i went to walk away from the pc with the music on for long while, i noticed it can be heard from about a room an a half away! That was when i was curious to test how loud it was when i listen to my dramas. Which i usually forget the volume is at full level.; An omg to my horror yes everything is clear as day….That’s why now im sure to put the volume at a low level though i know i have to struggle sometimes to hear. Sometime things can still be heard, but whatever if anyone asks i’ll tell them im watching a horror movie an someones dieing/being murdered. *shot*

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