Cosplay: Vocaloid Miku Hatsune, Rin and Ren Kagamine

Cosplay vocaloid

Woo~ Vocaloid cosplayers! How apt… just in time for my recent Miku post ^^ Pretty nice cosplay there! :D

Zombie CrabAnd this weird looking thing lol~ cute xD He is supposed to be a crab zombie *sweat drop* I’m not sure if I heard correctly, so let me know if you recognise this character. I forgot to ask him from which manga/anime/game… An update… This character is from the game Half-Life 2 ^^

Anyway, I snapped these cosplayers at the Games Convention Asia today… there were other cosplayers for Bleach, Vampire Knight, Evangelion (I think) and others for a cosplay contest. I’m not too sure as I didn’t check the program for the 3-day event. They look pretty good too but I was with a friend who was more interested in checking out the new games on show there so yeah… didn’t spend too much time taking pictures.

Official site:

My conclusion of the event? I want a wii :P (to complement my DDR dancing on the PS2) lol~

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19 thoughts on “Cosplay: Vocaloid Miku Hatsune, Rin and Ren Kagamine”

  1. I dunno much about Noh but the one im going to watch is blend with modern dunno what’s it gonna be.

    EXPO will be held mostly in indoor and regarding hotel survey will report back to you at 20th October at the latest.
    Please wait for my report private Tamama.

  2. Awesome! xD Eagerly awaits for your research!

    Don’t know anything about Noh… the only impression I have is that the actor wears a white mask? (or white make up…) x_x Needs education. keke.

  3. will do survey between 16th-19th Oct, i have business down there so will make my time to ask.

    gonna watch Noh performance too

  4. Mmm which reminds me of all the games I need to catch up on =_= so much work ah… and busy with real life.

    Btw, any info about the hotel I should stay in? :P

    So many things on my wishlist xD Wii and PSP being 2 of em…

  5. haha only play Half-Life. anyway i only play Resident Evil 1,2 and 4.
    just a wild guess because he wears white shirt (a bit like lab coat) remind of scientist turned to zombie at RE.

    saving for Wii next year *kaching*

  6. Yep yep… it is ready-to-tie. Since there are 3 in stock on that auction listing, do you want me to bid for it? I can bid for both of us :D

    1) 500 Yen base commission for 4000 Yen and below or 12.5% for 4001 and more.
    2) Bank transfer charge 250 Yen
    3) Seller’s shipping charge (varies)
    4) Shipping to me (If EMS most likely about 1800~2100 Yen)

    Lemme know ^^

  7. hee? so tht’s a real leek? hoo hoo

    cool obi, i want one too XD and definitely ready-to-tie, right?

    sheesh, gotta hurry coz i haven’t found one.

  8. I think it was a real leek XD cool huh… if it wasn’t, I have to agree it was very well made.

    Yeah! Months just kinda flew by… amazing huh… Hmm I haven’t bought an obi yet… I trawled Yahoo Japan auctions and found this… I think its quite pretty and subtle. There are 3 in stock :O What do you think? If I go through online middle man to get it, there would be a minimum 500 Yen service charge and additional bank and shipping charges… but seems ok?

  9. hmm…you have a point.
    i feel slight annoyance too.

    the hatsune miku cosplayer have leek XD big leek…

    yea uchiwa is very useful hee hee…
    have you found an obi? becoz i haven’t…..
    November is only a month away…when we first talk abt the idea of cosplay it’s seems like very long time.

  10. Yeah, wordpress introduced the new theme… I like it ^^ but I liked the previous theme (The Journalist) a little bit better cos it was no frills and I could customise the background colour to grey and it doesn’t “conflict” with the templates files that I have no access to.

    My eyes are weak and I prefer to see less bright/white on the screen.

    However, the creator of the previous theme made some “improvements” today which made my customisation ugly. sigh… so out it goes. I already feedback to wordpress already :P

    Hehe… good idea. Let’s use the uchiwa XD

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