CHiRAL Fun Club (Nitro+CHiRAL fan club)

CHiRAL Fun Club

Member subscription ends 31 March 2015

CHiRAL Fun Club

Title: Time limited fan club CHiRAL Fun Club 期間限定ファンクラブ「CHiRAL Fun Club」
Member fee: 5,000 yen + handing fees
Sign up period: 12 Dec 2014 ~ 31 March 2015
Club activity period: 1 April 2015 ~ 31 March 2016
Member specials:
1) Original member card オリジナル会員証
2) Membership Privilege 描き下ろし入会特典
3) Birthday card (same illustrations for all birthday months) 描き下ろしバースデーカード(各月共通イラスト)
4) Purchase Fan club exclusive items ファンクラブ限定アイテムの購入権
5) Early entry rights for events イベント先行エントリー権

How to apply:
Apply here:
Send enquiries:

The good news is… the website accepts foreign credit cards :D You only need a Japanese address so that they can send you the items when available.

More info:

Update 2 March 2015: Announcements during the 28 Feb 2015 event

Togainu no chi mobile version 咎狗tb スマホ版リリース
Chiral Fan Club event in Osaka キラルFCイベント大阪開催
Chiral song best compilation (2 disk?) キラルソングベスト盤(2枚組?)
Aoba 18+ figure 蒼葉18禁フィギュア発売
10 year’s worth of copyright illustration collection 10年分の版権絵集めた複数冊の記念本
Chiral Cafe キラルフェス開催
10 year anniversary portal site 10周年のポータルサイト
Drama CD Chiral Cafe continuation ドラマCDキラルカフェ続編
New game in planning あと新作ゲーム企画中

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2 thoughts on “CHiRAL Fun Club (Nitro+CHiRAL fan club)”

  1. So this is like a fan club? ;o; Ohhh~~~ So cool!! I have not a japanese address though, so i’d never get it.;_;

    I love the picture. Why don’t they make game with Naito~<3? (Is that his name I forgot already;;)

    1. @Maria: I’ll try to post if I can get any info. A new game is in the works but I guess it’s unlikely to involve Naito ^^;;

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