CD: SLEEP x2 (Fukuyama Jun, Cineria)

This is a situation CD with the sole purpose of helping you fall asleep and at the same time enjoy the simulated experience of having your favourite seiyuu sleeping right next to you. To further sweeten the deal, the doujin cd producer, Cineria サイネリア also threw in one morning call track at the end for you to wake up to his voice as well.

The first CD in this series features Fukuyama Jun 福山 潤 who was the reason I bought it :D

Title: SLEEPx2
Price: 1,575 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 25 May 2012
Seiyuu: Fukuyama Jun 福山 潤
Scenario: 蒼井こんぶ
Official site:
Get it from Comi-comi:
Description: This CD is meant for listening before sleeping. It does not say sweet nothings to the listener. Please listen to the CD after you had a long warm bath and while you are relaxed in your bed. Please take note: If you listen to the CD while in the train or car, there is a risk of oversleeping or falling asleep at the wheel.

There is also a “warning label”. This CD is meant for listening before sleeping, if you’re expecting the concept of a drama cd, you may feel unsatisfied with the CD. Please take note before you purchase.

Lolol~ I didn’t read the “warning label” and that was exactly how I felt when I first got my hands on this CD and listened to it the first time round… lol~ But it’s true that there are times that we just want a relaxing, non-music CD to fall asleep to but situation CDs can make us feel even more awake than ever. Even the some of the cds in sheep counting series by Honeybee, Hitsuji de Oyasumi disrupted my sleep because the seiyuus sometimes say silly/funny things in between their sheep counting tracks (which the brain couldn’t ignore?) lol~ So the Sleepx2 CD fills the gap in this area I guess.

There are only 4 tracks in the CD.

01. すりすり取扱説明 Explanation of what Sleepx2 is about. (2:36 min)
02. 今日もお疲れ様、おやすみ You worked hard today, have a good night! (4:38 min)
03. ZZZ…… (5:30 min)
04. おはよう、朝だよ Good morning, its daytime! (2:32 min)

The first track is the explanation of what this CD is for and how to use the CD.

In the second track, we have Junjun encouraging us after a long day, giving us tips on getting good sleep, like drinking warm milk, etc. And helping us to relax with his sweet voice… before leading us into the third ZZZ…… track that is meant to be put on repeat loop.

The third track gave me quite a surprise cos it was simply the recording of Junjun making sleeping sounds and the sound of gently breaking waves. I wasn’t expecting something like this at all. I’m amazed how natural sounding it is because it really feels like he is sleeping next to me (/*o*\) even without the use of dummy head mic!

Junjun is maji-God-Level (^///^)

But since it was the first time I listened to it, I didn’t put the track on loop. The track felt like it ended too quickly in about 5 minutes and went into the morning call track. Junjun is such a cutie in the track! And once again, he sounded so sweet and natural <333 At first he wakes you up gently and then more insistently when you don’t seem to do so. And when you finally wake up, he even teases you that you have bed hair lol~ Then he asks you to have a good stretch and says sweet things before sending you on your way to a fruitful day. Definitely recommended for use as your morning alarm.

Oh another good thing is that this CD can be enjoyed by both sexes. No where in the tracks did he identify the listener as female.

Later on, my logical mind was thinking… 1,575 Yen for such a short CD orz;;; but it turns out to be a pretty good CD for sleep cos I love the sounds of waves. If you’re a big Junjun fangirl like I am, I guess his sleeping noises are quite interesting too. :D But only God (or his sleeping partner/s) knows how he really sounds like in bed *pffttt*. I can’t identify how many loops of Track 3 it takes to send me to zzz-land but so far it works.

Btw, there are no snoring noises lolol XD if you’re wondering. That was the first question my friend Akiyama asked when I told her about this CD and what I thought of too!

Anyway, I actually do recommend this CD cos its Junjun :) Maybe we’ll get to hear more seiyuus make “pretend” sleeping noises for us if this series continues lol~I also bought the second one by Miki Shinichirou. I’ll post my thoughts (if time allows) when I get my hands on it.

The CD jacket has a shot of Junjun in the studio and a short interview.

And since I bought the CD from Comicomi, I could try my luck at winning an autographed paper from Junjun. You can still make it for the autographed paper of Miki Shinichirou if you send in the coupon that comes with his Sleepx2 II CD before 31 July 2012.

Only Comicomi stamped coupon is valid. Photocopies not accepted.

Comicomi’s address. Deadline: 30 June 2012

Please wish me luck! \(^o^)/

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12 thoughts on “CD: SLEEP x2 (Fukuyama Jun, Cineria)”

  1. it was too short! i drift off within the 2nd min of the 2nd track *shakes head*

    now it doesn’t work for me since i listen finish the tracks already >.<

    1. @Mizuki: I listen to it in full the first time then subsequently I just loop the ZZZ track when I want to relax and sleep :D

  2. This cd is really something! Surprisingly, I slept so good after listening to it XD
    Actually, I was quite surprised to hear Jun’s breathing in the third track, especially his “m-m-m” X) When I heard it for the first time, my sleeping mood flew away instantly ^.^
    But it was super cute~ =3

    1. @Yui: hahaha me too XD those sleepy groans/grunts (how to describe orz;;) caught me by surprise :D So cute… could almost imagine his sleeping face *pokes cheek* (^///^) His stable, deep breathing was very relaxing to hear as well.

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