CD: Shukan Soine Vol.1 Kakeru (Hirakawa Daisuke, BlackButterfly)

Title: Shukan Soine CD Series Vol.1 Kakeru (19/11/2010)
週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.1 翔

Hirakawa Daisuke x You, the listener (lol~)
平川大輔 x あなた

Kakeru 翔: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔

Rating: Highly recommended

Catalog No: BR-0009

Quick Summary:
Your boyfriend, Kakeru (Hirakawa Daisuke) returns home late due to work. He thinks you’re already asleep when he sees you in bed. He gets into bed with you and apologies to you for waking you up. Actually, you haven’t been able to fall asleep and have been feeling lonely while he is away. You seek his comfort and he gladly obliges. In fact, he loves it when you want his attention. Kakeru decides to keep you company and chat with you till you fall asleep…

Produced by BlackButterfly.


Oh… my… God… you can pretty much forget about sleeping… at least the first time you listen to Shukan Soine.

This CD left countless fangirls curled up, squeeing, giggling and drowning in their nosebleeds on their beds (and in my case, a wide silly grin plastered on my face as well :D ) with Hirarin whispering sweet nothings into their ears at night. And the casualties are increasing as the cd flies off the shelves and right into their ipods! [Side Note: The first press edition that comes with a bonus seiyuu freetalk track keeps getting sold out (>_<) but are fortunately restocked. I got my copy from Amazon Japan.] Only the regular edition is available now.

Shukan Soine CD Series Vol. 1 Kakeru 週刊添い寝 CD シリーズ vol.1 翔 is the first of a series of four CDs released by BlackButterfly to help listeners fall asleep under the loving voices, whispers and kisses of your audio boyfriends, voiced by:

  1. Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔 as Kakeru in Vol. 1. (翔) (19/11/2010)
    – The yasashii, oniisan-type (gentle, patient, older brother type) boyfriend.
  2. Yasumoto Hiroki 安元洋貴 as Jin in Vol. 2 (仁) (27/11/2010)
    – The oresama and slightly ijiwaru-type (arrogant, teasing type) boyfriend.
  3. Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花慎之介 as Tomoya in Vol 3 (智哉) (3/12/2010)
    – The tsundere-type (gentle but doesn’t like to admit it) boyfriend and
  4. Terashima Takuma 寺島拓篤 as Sousuke in Vol. 4 (壮介) (10/12/2010)
    – The positive, sunshine-type boyfriend (ボジティブ … “po-ji-tei-bu” took a while to figure out these katagana words OTL;;;)

Each CD was recorded using the “Dummy Head” microphone that is in the shape of a human head.

So what’s so wonderful about this “Dummy Head” mic? See the cute pic of Hirarin x His Skinhead Girlfriend (freetalk quote: skin headdo kanojo) lol~lol~ included in the CD jacket (right).

The mics are actually implanted into the dummy head and it can help the seiyuu visualise and choose positions around the head to record his voice. In doing so, the intimacy and realism achieved by the stereo surround sound recording is simply awesome. Granted the sound engineer could have used the sound mixer to achieve something similar but the interactivity and control given to the seiyuus while they read their scripts makes it extra special and intimate.

Many listeners, myself included, get that tinkling feeling around the ears especially when the seiyuu’s voice travels from one ear to the next… gaaa… Coupled with ruffling noises of bedsheets and goosebump inducing kissing sounds the seiyuu makes… phew~ *fans-self*

Hirarin was awesome and made very good use of the mic. This is the third time he recorded with a “Dummy Head” mic and the first time doing his freetalk with one. However, you don’t really have to be Hirarin’s fan to get all dokidoki (heart-pounding) when he starts whispering into your ear while listening to this CD. His fans will simply melt tho.

The “Dummy Head” mic is not new… it was famously and deliciously used in Kannou Mukashi Banashi series (more about that in this post), then by Honeybee in Starry Sky in Sweet Season and Starry Sky in Bitter Season CDs to lovely effect. However, in each of these CDs, the listener is a pre-set character in the stories, be it the Little Mermaid romanced by Sakurai Takahiro’s Prince or as the unvoiced Starry Sky heroine, Yahisa Tsukiko who gets the love and attention of all the guys in the series.

Shukan Soine took it to the next level by making that setting right under your covers. Yes, your bed… You, with your favourite seiyuu as your audio boyfriend lol~ And because of the way the script is written, ANYONE can be comfortably settled into the mood real quickly because the girlfriend this character is talking to is you, not Rapunzel nor The Little Match Girl or somebody you simply cannot identify with. Erm… unless if you’re a guy listening to the CD ^^;;; chotto zannen desu ne

For many nights of blissful sleep with Kakeru :D

So Kakeru’s character setting is the gentle, patient and mild tempered boyfriend in his late twenties. However, before you dismiss that as being boring… Besides telling you a bedtime story, kissing you, giving you a massage and saying other sweet things, somewhere along the line, you’ll realise that you’re both sharing a single bed! *blushes* Kakeru would also reveal his hungry and –adult– side during the middle of the CD even though he is supposed to help you sleep. Woo~ Girls beware. You’ll become impregnated by his voice alone hahaha…

KYAAA… KORE WA YABAI !!! (Dangerous!) (o>w<)o

By Asamisa’s request, detailed summary of Track 5 where Kakeru makes his move on you added :3


Kakeru was telling you a fairy tale in Track 4 and now he is talking about him reading lots of stories when he was a child. And he says that he particularly likes the story about the prince waking up the sleeping princess with a kiss. Because from the story, he thinks that kisses seem to have magical qualities. When you tell him that he is being a romantic, he explains that kissing is something that is used to express the feeling of love for someone you love besides using words. That’s why he thinks that a kiss has a special power.

Kakeru then says that although he is not a prince, he wonders if his kiss has magical power too?
Then he whispers in your right ear, “Let’s test it, shall we?” *and kisses you* (KYAAA)
How is it? My magic spell. Is it effective?”

The next sentence I’m not too sure but if I’m not wrong, he says that you have a glazed look (because of the kiss) and wonders if his magic spell worked. He says that whatever it is, things are looking bad (or dangerous) because of the expression you have now, you have to be self-aware (of the situation you’re causing)

Then he shifts his body and puts you under him (KYAAA~~~) ^///^
And he says, “Hmm? You’re asking me why? You can tell just by looking, right? I’m putting you underneath me.

He whispers in your left ear: “I thought I’ll help you get to sleep but I don’t think it’s possible now.” *kiss*
No? (Iya can be interpreted as You don’t want to?)”
However, I won’t allow it.
If you don’t say it, I won’t let you sleep.

Kakeru shifts his body and kisses you again. “Although you say no, that’s not what you really think, right?
Because I can see from your expression, that you’re inviting me.” *kiss* (ooo~ things are getting hot!)

Even so, you’re still saying no… I see… Then until you ask me for it (for sex lol~) shall I shower you with kisses?
This time, shall I kiss your right ear?” *shifts over and kisses your right ear*
Ne? How is it?” :3
Sigh~ I see… you’re stubborn, aren’t you?
Then… this time, on your lips…” *shifts over and kisses you on your lips*

In a breathy and obviously aroused voice, he whispers: “I love you… your lips too and any and everything (about you)…”

*music fades out…*

Presumed smexed. lol~ :3


Oh did I forget to mention? He is the only megane-moe character in this series (Kichiku Megane? XD) So add more points to Kakeru for fangirls with spectacles-fetish lol~

The CD also has a track where Kakeru wakes up the next morning… his sleepy voice is so sexy you’ll wanna rape his voice *cough* OTL;;; Hirarin was very cute in the freetalk too, getting all excited and fired up about the “Dummy Head” mic that he called his skin head girlfriend lol~. I enjoyed it very much, so this CD gets two thumbs up from me. You must listen to it!

I hope the company makes a lot more of these CDs featuring other seiyuus too! If you have a choice, which seiyuu do you want? :D My Yasumoto Hiroki/Jin CD is on its way to me. I may write about it depending on my mood :P

By the way, BlackButterfly is also selling dakimakura covers (hugging pillow covers) of each character. Order period ends 24 December 2010.

At 7,000 Yen each, measuring 160cm x 50cm. They’ll fit most standard sized pillows available out there. Special paper drawn by the illustrator will be included. They’ll be delivered early January 2011 to help complete your night lol~ I wouldn’t mind having it if only I had the money for it OTL.

Kakeru Dakimakura Cover 翔抱き枕カバー

Check out the recorded live broadcast of a special night radio program 平川大輔・立花慎之介 朝までイっちゃう?!いけない生添い寝! hosted by Hirarin and Tachibana Shinnosuke, kindly uploaded by a NicoNico listener to youtube. I was fortunate enough to catch it live :D It was an hour-long program, so they are uploaded in a few parts.

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54 thoughts on “CD: Shukan Soine Vol.1 Kakeru (Hirakawa Daisuke, BlackButterfly)”

  1. I only discovered the Shukan Soine series through the iPhone app! What a way to get a girl hooked! Upon listening to the free Kakeru one, I proceeded to pay for the rest. Then I rushed and ordered all the CDs from Amazon JPN and Neowing :D (yeah it’s supposed to help you fall asleep, yeah well, I’m very happy to say, it doesn’t work :D
    And and and then I found out about the other goodies, all of which I missed out.
    And now, I’m kicking myself for not knowing about it when it first came out…. I, SO, sososososo want the Kakeru dakimakura!!!! YUMMY! BlackButterfly, have pity on me, sell some giant posters in the near future…
    Thank you for your reviews, I love your site!!

    1. @honey-bunny: Better late than never! :D Yay for another nakama who loves the series. Hopefully Black Butterfly will consider reissuing their goods :3 you’ll be sure I’ll update when that happens!

    2. Thanks!! I’ll have my eyes glued to your site!! I’m trying to translate the app so more overseas fans can get to use it with ease. Hopefully more fandom may act as a push! :D (wishful thinking)

    3. Thanks! I’m translating at, under honeybunnymine. My is still empty until I figure out how to move my posts there :D

    4. @honey-bunny: Thanks for sharing :D I’ll check them out!
      If I’m not wrong you can use export posts under Tools then import the file to migrate to your new wordpress.

    5. Oh wow! Thank you!!! It worked!! ^_^
      I’m going to add your link to my blog, if that’s ok with you?

  2. Ah no problem! Just whenever but I did enjoy this review very much! I love this series! Ha just do it whenever you feel like. No pressure :D

  3. Could you do a review for volume 3??? 智哉? If you type it in in Japanese
    There should be the whole cd on there! If you could that would be

    Arigto gozaimasu

  4. Thanks for the review! Made me want to buy it, except that, apart from, most of the other shops list it as Out of Print… :S HMV looks like they still have it, but not all of them…

    Reading the other comment, I’m guessing you wouldn’t really recommend the 4th title in the series?

    1. @Sharakael: Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Yeah, most of the online shops don’t carry the first-press CDs anymore. If you’re getting from HMV Japan, do check if it is the first-press if that’s what you’re looking for.

      I didn’t like the 4th one very much compared to the rest cos some parts are cute but overall I find his character too noisy ^^;; It’s personal preference. My fav is vol.1 (Kakeru) :D But for relaxing sleep, I recommend vol 2 CD. For in-between, it’s the 3rd CD ^^

  5. @ponytale – I guess you’re right, even if I didn’t keep contact with my former girl partners. I always have an ear for the one who need it, since I like to talk XDD, I like to hear too, I dunno if I can be the shoulder to cry on, never happened to me XDDDDDD.

    Lololol, it’s a bless and a curse XD, I look really younger, I mean, my height is 1,50 Cm XDD, and I have a childish face xDDDD, the only thing that says that I have 18 are my eyes, or that says my former P.E teacher and partners, that I have “mature and serious eyes” xDDDD. Bless because, of course I can cosplay shotaro characters XDDD and I that tickets for the zoo are cheaper xDDDDD; but a curse because sometimes pervs stalk me on the streets >.>, and creeps me more think that I look like a minor >.>.

    SEXY COSPLAYER BF, WHERE ARE YOU?! *cries to the moon*

    Awww thanks, I’ll keep practicing!

    1. @Asamisa: yeah… sometimes you can’t help having drama and ups and downs in a relationship ^^;; that’s why it takes effort from both parties to make things work.

      Lol~ do enjoy that privilege of yours ;) but I’m sorry about the pervs OTL;;; I understand how horrible it feels cos I’ve met a few in my lifetime too *roll eyes*

      Hehe you’ll surely have your sexy cosplayer BF one day~ Gambatte!

  6. @ponytale – Yeah, you have to be careful if you’re a public figure (or in this case, voice XD).

    There’s a point in that of the good things > bad things. If you think you can tolerate your BF’s flaws based on his good things, it’s ok, we know, no one is perfect, and we can forgive the, I dunno, no calls or things like that, but cheating, insults, and ) treating you like a stupid (this drives me nuts, talking you like a baby and nicknames like, again “baby”… I only like that from Kakeru xDDDDDDDDDDDDD) it’s not something we can stand. That’s what drives me nuts from my former girl partners, they tolerated that kind of things from their Bfs.

    Yeah xDDD, but I haven’t seen cute cosplayer guys around here xDDD, the only one is a crossplayer girlfriend on mine, nuff said xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. The funny thing is that I had one or two boys around me, but I didn’t like them XDD, I always have unwanted attention (even without cosplay XD, maybe because I look so… moe) XDDD. But yes, I want a cute and nice cosplayer BF :3…

    I’m learning to draw now, so I think I can’t do the comic soon, but I have a notebook with all my ideas for comic, so I writed this idea in it xP.

    1. @Asamisa: Yeah, we’ve got to draw the line on certain “flaws” indeed… being unfaithful and disrespectful are unforgivable :( Baby talk is ok I guess ^^;; it’s just a silly rabu-rabu thing that some couples do (and probably enjoy ^^;;) But ultimately, we can only be there for our girlfriends as a listening ear and probably shoulder to cry on. At the end of the day, they’re the ones who make the choice to stay or leave. We can’t force them if they don’t want to even if we both know the guy is not good for them (or anyone for the matter).

      Hahaha XD you’ll find one cute and sweet cosplayer BF one day! Being moe, you already have more than 1/2 the battle won lol lol~

      Gambatte ne! :D And keep drawing!

  7. @ponytale – Wow, as a seiyuu you really need measure what you say xPPPP. That kinda offended me, but nah, he’s right in some points XDDD I accept that.

    Yeah. It’s just that my former class partners always talked about how wonderful were they BF, and 5 minutes later, they were the worst thing in the world. That annoyed me because maybe the truth was that they’re only stupid teenagers (I was one of the oldest in my group), or maybe I was more mature and don’t idealize a guy. True, people tends to think that teenage love is pink, but the truth is that it’s really dirty (on the good and bad side xD). I don’t have boyfriend because I’m short tempered, and mostly because I don’t see myself in a relationship right now, and, I admit it, haven’t seen a guy that I like, again, thanks anime/manga XD.

    I’m gonna solve the problem and find a cosplayer BF… A good one XD.

    Sebastian! Shiki! Keisuke! >w< that gives me ideas for comics XD.

    1. @Asamisa: Agree :3 they have to be careful cos they’re celebrities too.

      Yeah, I used to tell one or two of my closer girlfriends that if their boyfriends are really so horrible then why they still with them? But later on after the venting, one of them told me… that her guy’s other good points made up for it lol~ oh well, so as long as you can accept it, then it’s all fine in the end for the couple.

      That’ll be fun~ a fellow cosplayer and/or anime lover BF will probably be more understanding towards our hobbies. :3

      Woo~ do share if you draw them XD

  8. @ponytale – Lololol at the wire thing, maybe you can try moving it behind your head xP.

    That of the getting a real boyfriend was kinda offensive XDDDD, but he is somewhat guilty, how we can get a BF if men are so different from what he show us in shukan soine? Let’s face it, 80% are a pig/dog hybrid, the good 20%… 50% of that is gay, and the other half is already taken XDDDDD, and there’s other cases, like “way out of your league” or fictional character xDDDD. I have the bad luck of listening other women complaining about how mean are they BFs with them, and how they wished for a charming prince, or hoping that he will change someday; if having a BF is that “bad”, then I have no hurry in getting one xP. Blame anime/manga, som many beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated and strong men… It really turns you down that reallity is so… unfair XDDDDDD. Nah! Genetic engineering, advance quickly enough to create perfect men! Make Cloud of flesh and bone, or Rai of skin and blood! xD.

    Sugita! I’m gonna look for it. I’ve been interested in otome thing only until now, thanks to shukan soine and hakouki, but starry sky seems interesting, if they have Hikaru Midorikawa, Daisuke ono and Sugita Tomokazu in the same place, you can bet that I’ll watch (or hear XD) it.

    1. @Asamisa: Tried but sometimes still the same lol XDD I probably flip about a lot in bed :P

      When I listened to his comment, I was like woah, this guy is so frank! A little amazed that they didn’t edit him lol~ There’s truth in what he says but he probably doesn’t realise that most listeners listen to the CDs for a harmless/relaxing fantasy. He is also assuming that the listeners do not have a partner/boyfriend which could be offensive too. He is the youngest of the 4 seiyuus so I believe he is also less experienced when it comes to saying “politically correct” things.

      Well that’s why there’s a market for these CDs :P I mean… real men can’t be as perfect like fantasy/fictional men ^^;; Lol… pig/dog hybrid LOLOLOL XDDDD I think women are more vocal and need to vent. They know that men are not perfect, so they complain about them but if you ask your friends to leave their boyfriends like RIGHT NOW, you think they would do that? I guess not right ;P It’s how the couple work things out and how much both of want to get the relationship going. Anyway, yeah, there’s no hurry to get a bf just for the sake of having one :3

      Haha :D yes, Starry Sky does have Midorikawa Hikaru, OnoD and Sugita all together~ so check it out X3

  9. @ponytale – Well, I wasn’t doing anything bad, it’s an embarrasing thing, man, they even posted it on Facebook (another reason to hate it), in the high school’s site (I think). I didn’t care at first, but I told the guys that even if I’m kinda b*tchy, I would never go so far as to do something like that. And yeah, secret photos mostly are horrible, that why people (who hates you) loves them, but don’t worry, I’m a graduate now and high school never was important to me anyway XD. Lololol I try to sleep with my earphones, but I find it kinda uncomfortable, so after I finish the Vol, I turn off my MP4 and go to sleep.

    Yeah, his voice was really sweet and made me sleep pretty quickly, so I hear it when I need to go to sleep early XD. One of the thing that I liked of Sousuke is that in one moment his voice is pretty upbeat and cheerie, and the next second he sounds so seductive <////3.

    xDDDD I was talking about some girl friends, they want to hear the volumes, but it would be nice if some guy friend asked me about them xDDDD. Wow, if he says those things to his GF, then she's one lucky girl xP, because I didn't hear any girl talking about the good things her BF says XDDDD, that's why these CDs should be more accesible, is what we want to hear, and the man should say XDD.

    Oh! Takahiro Sakurai! He is my second option, with Cloud's voice XDDD… My first is Daisuke Ono, Sebastiaaaaan!. And yeah, Wataru Hatano is my fifth xP. Anyway, the list is loooooong and interesting XD

    1. @Asamisa: phew~ glad everything’s ok now and that you’re a strong character :3 Way to go! *hugz* Mmm I’m not using the in-ear types so they’re still relatively comfy to sleep in but I sometimes wake up with a thin depressed line across my cheek cos of the earphone wire lol~ XD

      Yes! XDD I do that too! I would choose Vol. 2 if I want to sleep fast too lol lol~ Ah~ that’s true. I’m quite impressed by Terashima Takuma hehe… I also think he should be quite a straightforward person in real life too. In the freetalk He actually asked the listeners that while they enjoy the series, he also encourages them to find a real boyfriend soon ^^;; I read some comments in Amazon Japan about it and some listeners felt offended by it :P One suggested that people buy the regular edition so that they don’t have to hear his offending remarks and just enjoy the CD on its own. Oh welly.

      Kekek I also got some of my girlfriends to listen to them XDD It was quite amusing to see their reactions lol~

      Ah! OnoD XD I would love to hear him too! And Sugita Tomokazu! Did you try listening Starry Sky in Sweet Season? Suzuya (OnoD’s Cancer boy) did something similar with a dummy head mic in the 2nd CD. It is not a full drama CD but it was sweet too.

  10. Lol, thanks for taking the time of updating the post. So, about Sousuke, that was all of the cell phone xD, I would do the same XD, I don’t like that people take pictures of me (thanks to a bad experience with a picture in high school), and your BF taking them… I dunno, sounds like spying XD. Anyway, Sousuke was cute, maybe a little noisy, but my parents wouldn’t wake up even with a bomb XD, srsly.

    Maybe the Vol. 2 made me sleep because I didn’t find it that entertaining as the others, and… I don’t have anything else to say about it XDDDDDDD, but i’m not complaining, either.

    In Vol. 1 I did understand a little of the prince kisses the princess thing, and the kisses’s magic thing, that was quite adorable xD, if only men were like audio-boyfriends XDDDD. Anyway, loved the ero-megane :3, my friends are waiting to share the Volumes with them, since they had good “references” XDDDDD.

    Wich seiyuus would you like to hear? me, oh so many XD…..

    1. @Asamisa: Oh dear… *hugs* I hope things are ok now :O I probably won’t mind so much if the pictures look good but most of the time, secretly taken pictures look horrible OTL;; Yeah, it’s scary too cos it does feel like stalking :P I listen to the CDs with earphones and I do try to get to sleep with them plugged in. That’s why I find him too noisy :P

      Yep, Vol 2 wasn’t as entertaining. He felt like a big, warm and cosy teddy bear/sleeping lion and I also went zzz along with his soothing voice ^^;; The oresama character setting had so much potential but I feel that they wasted him a bit. Well, it’s still a nice CD cos he was rather sweet.

      Pff~yeah wouldn’t that be nice right? :3 Lol~ do you mean your guy friends want to borrow the cd from you to learn some pointers? XDD lol~ Anyway, Yasumoto Hiroki mentioned in his freetalk that some of the things his character says are exactly the type of things that guys would say to their girlfriends… (so he probably says them too) :3 such a lucky girl, whoever is his gf.

      There are so many wish list seiyuus for me too *_* also too many to list. No. 1 on my list is Sakurai Takahiro, and many more… Hatano Wataru, Yusa Kouji… Morimori in Slaver’s mode… XDD

  11. OMG! I have all the series in my MP4, and the first time I’ve heard the Vol. 1, I almost couldn’t sleep XD. I was squeeing, and, I can’t deny it, was all doki-doki -///////- XD. I only understand some thing, of course, my japanese sucks (that will change soon, japanese class!), but you’re right, the effect of the dummy head + lying on your back + Hirarin’s voice sends chills to your spine… in a good way XDDDDDD.

    I also loved Vol. 3 and Vol. 4; didn’t sleep the first time I’ve heard them XDDDDDD, but after that, Shinnosuke’s voice has a quite soothing effect with me xD (same to Hirarin); Vol. 2, the first time I heard it, made me sleep xDDDD, so we can say mission acomplished XD.

    I wish they continue this series with other seiyuus >w<.

    P.D: Ponytale, I know that Kakeru was kinda naughty, but… Can you tell me something of what he says? XDDDDDDDDD (again, my japanese sucks

    1. @Asamisa: :D I listened to all of them too but I only managed to buy the first press editions of Vol. 1 and 2. My fav is Vol. 1 cos of Hirarin’s smexy and ecchi Kakeru lol~ X3 I like Vol 2 for Angen’s manly deep voice. I expected some smexy move but there wasn’t… slightly disappointed. I enjoyed Tachibana’s tsundere-ness in Vol. 3 too. I think Vol. 4’s Sousuke is cute, especially the part where he goes pouty about you erasing the photos he secretly takes of you but for the most part I found him a bit too noisy (too genki) ^^;;

      Okie, the main naughty bits are in Track 5 right? I’ve updated the post with the details XD Please check it out.

      I also hope they make more with other seiyuus :3

  12. I turned red at Volume 1. I squeaked at 5 different points and sat up like a shot at another 3 XD It was the most fun thing I’ve heard in ages! And then Volume 2 had me turning into a mush puddle. ASHDJASDJAPS! THAT VOICE. BASS HEAVEN. Nothing Hirarin’s amazingly do-able voice but still mmm mmm~~~ <3

    1. @Sweety8587: hehehe and it’s pretty awesome when you listen to it in a completely quiet environment, lying on your back. The overall effect of dummy head mic + Hirarin’s voice acting is awesome X3

      Yep, I totally agree with you that Yasumoto’s voice is pure bass heavenly bliss X3 If only his character has a naughtier streak like Hirarin’s (Kakeru did smex the listener!!! *squeees*), then it’ll perfect.

  13. @ponytale

    I’m going to meet up with one person there, hopefully we’ll work something out haha.

    Aw this looks cute, and although I have to admit I’m a bit more interested in Ishida’s than Yusa’s XDD. But it seems like I’ll have to wait a bit on that one still.

    1. @Suimu: :D hehehe I’m sure it’ll be a memorable experience. Oh~ that new one by Mousou Kareshi series? Tsundere Ishida! Lol~ I wonder how he’ll sound. I’m interested in it too and I totally loved the earlier Do-M Pet Kamiyan in this series :3

  14. @ponytale
    Yup! I already went through the catalog (took so long orz) and found the circles I’m gonna beeline for XDD.

    I love that series but I really can’t listen all the way through without sleeping LOL. Which is kind of the point but wow, deep respect for the seiyuu (basically every male seiyuu under the sun LOL) who did that series. I don’t even count that far normally.

    Yah I think I will buy a couple of cds during my trip (: Angen’s Soine one will definitely be one of them haha.

    1. @Suimu: Are you going with friends? Cos I read that it’s good to delegate queues and split up so that you have a higher chance of getting everything you want.

      Yeah :3 I had to make an effort to stay awake in order to listen to all of it lol~ which defeats the purpose of the Oyasumi CDs :D cos I was curious about what they’ll say during those 50~100 intervals. But I haven’t listened to them lately. It would be awesome if they did a dummy head mic version of that lol~

      Oh check out the I am Pet series. Yucchi will be voicing a cat. I’m planning to grab it when it goes on general release next month if the reviews are good. See:

  15. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THE ANGEN ONE OMGOMGOMGOMGLKFJDKF YASUMOTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ore-sama boyfriend is love<333 I haven't heard angen in an aggressive role in a while, so excited.

    I think this might end up being the second drama cd I'll ever buy.. ffff ): I JUST HAPPEN TO BE GOING TO JAPAN IN A WEEK. So I don't even have the excuse of not wanting to pay the shipping/middle man fee ;___; I got so excited reading your review for the hirarin one goddamit orz. Hirarin has such an adorable personality that even though at first his voice wasn't really to my liking I slowly started loving him as a seiyuu XDD. Skinhead girlfriend XDD ahh hirarin is too cute for words.

    Also it's weird, I missed a housou with yasumoto and toriumi in it lately, so I had to listen to the timeshift. I thought it was for the Soine series for some reason, but toriumi isn't in this series…? Now I'm confused LOL.

    1. @Suimu: :D I love Angen’s deep manly voice too! And Hirarin is so sweet in the CD and cute in the freetalk. That’s why these two CDs were kinda like must-buys for me kekeke.

      Woah that’s awesome! Are you going to Comiket 79 and spending the new year in Japan? XDD I’m so envious! Yeah, if only we didn’t have to pay shipping and middlemen fees… we can use that money to buy more of the actual goods.

      Torikou isn’t in this series of CDs but never say never. I think if the sales do well, they’ll make more in the future :) Such as that Hitsuji de Oyasumi series which was sort of a surprise hit?, etc. I’m counting on it! (just realised the pun lol)

      Please buy the CDs of the seiyuus you like if you can afford it, so that they can come up with more featuring other seiyuus for us! :D

  16. @ponytale

    I listened to it!!

    I have to say, it certainly will make you grin like mad. But I didn’t understand most of the dialogue.. however I do understand a few terms like ‘i love you’ (wahohohoho), the bed-time story part, and um, Kakeru’s ‘move on you’. xDDD

    I think it’s a great cd! Worth to be listened to before falling asleep~ x3

    1. @hirochan: lol XD see? *big GRIN* Keep listening to it, you’ll understand more ^^ Hirarin’s voice is so soothing and very relaxing to listen to before zzz :3

  17. OMFG. This is too much. I cannot stop GIGGLING!! I kinda want it but I’m afraid I’ll be way too embarrassed to actually sit through it. The concept is just too cute and GOOFY. And that mic. THAT MIC. LMAO! I’m interested in how many takes were ruined by the seiyuus just breaking into hysterical laughter. I would love to hear the B-roll. You know, in instances like this, I’m glad I don’t know Japanese. Not knowing what he’s actually saying will probably help me listen to the CD.

    Btw, doesn’t that first image of Kakeru look like Kouya from Ouran High School Host Club?

    1. @Razberry: It’ll be an experience you’ll enjoy X3 it is fun to listen to and Hirarin’s voice is so lovely! The script was quite simple to understand so I’m sure if you have been listening to BLCDs, even beginners can understand most of the love talk :DD and it is definitely more entertaining if you understand it. Lol~ yep yep XD it’s a pity we don’t get to hear the NG takes! Kekeke.

      Hmm now that you mentioned it… yes he does! XD <3 Kyouya too!

  18. WTF IS THIS.




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