CD: Shin Batou CD (Morikawa Toshiyuki, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Yasumoto Hiroki, Yusa Kouji)

Want to be verbally abused?
Here’s a CD to fulfil that inner-M(asochist) that you never knew existed…

Especially when those saying awful things to you are some of the hottest seiyuus now: Morikawa Toshiyuki 森川智之, Tachibana Shinnosuke 立花慎之介, Yasumoto Hiroki 安元洋貴 and Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二 ^^;;

Title: Shin.Batou CD 真・罵倒CD (Real Verbal Abuse CD)
Price: 2,500 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: 25 April 2012
Company: Frontier Works

Description: Morimori is a doctor who is usually friendly and brotherly to people but only treats you roughly. Tachibana Shinnosuke is a prince who has a bad habit of deriving enjoyment from making fun of people of lower status. Angen (Yasumoto) is a host who has a very bad attitude towards customers who he thinks are ugly. Yucchi is a candy (sweets) fairy (lolol~) who condemns you every time you give in to temptation and fail your diet plans.

To soothe the damage you receive from listening to these verbal abuses, the makers will also include 2 different “sweet” tracks at the end where the seiyuus would scold you with love instead.

Listen to the samples here:

This is not the first CD that is tailor-made for do-M (どM) listeners ^^;; Before this CD came along, Frontier Works already made:

a) Ai Aru Batou!! 愛ある罵倒!! Vol.1 (24/9/2011)
Sample clips:
b) Ai Aru Batou!! 愛ある罵倒!! Vol.2 (21/3/2012)
Sample clips:

I’m buying THIS particular volume because of Yucchi orz;;; Honestly the sample track sounded quite damaging already D: but DO-S Yucchi is such love~ lol~ The other tracks sounded pretty abusive … I mean, good too… *damaged* XD

Some funny pics of our lovely seiyuus’ reactions to having to record Shin.Bato CD

Morikawa Toshiyuki, So mean D:

Tachibana Shinnosuke. SIGH HE IS SO ACIDIC! :D (Btw, He looks like Kamiyan here)

Yasumoto Hiroki (asking for forgiveness lol~) He sounded REALLY rude in the sample track. I believe it’s probably going to get worse in the full track. Electrifying lol~ :D

Yusa Kouji :D Yep, him too lol~ SO RUDE XDD Oh my heart lololol~

Check out the interviews here:

If you’re looking for similar CDs. there’s also:

1) O To Na Gentei Otogame CD Penalty Series (オ・ト・ナ限定 お咎めCD Penalty)
Verbal abusers include:
a) Penalty I: Okamoto Nobuhiko (childhood friend who is obviously in love with you), Midorikawa Hikaru (Your boyfriend)
I found this CD rather sexy, especially Midorin’s scenario. The character is very manly (^///^). Okamoto is really cute and sweet too. These guys scold or nag at you but with love… nothing at the level of Shin Batou CD voice samples lol~ I enjoyed both of them fussing over the listener.
b) Penalty II: Okiayu Ryoutarou (oresama), Toriumi Kousuke (kichiku)
c) Penalty III: Kakihara Tetsuya (noble/aristocrat), Chiba Shigeru (ojisama… a prince? Or older guy type like Tiger & Bunny’s Kotetsu?)

2) O To Na Gentei Kanbyo CD Kartel series (オ・ト・ナ限定 看病CD Kartel)
Verbal abusers include:
a) Kartel I: Kishio Daisuke (Younger friend), Konishi Katsuyuki (Older friend)
b) Kartel II: Seki Tomokazu (oresama), Kamiya Hiroshi (kichiku).
Listening to this CD is like having the perfect image of Durarara!!’s Orihara Izaya as your boyfriend and being bullied by him… He sure is MEAN… orz;; which it is strangely enjoyable and amusing ^^;; I would recommend this CD just for his parts alone lol~ I didn’t have special feelings towards the character voiced by Seki Tomokazu though cos he doesn’t sound like my idea of oresama at all.
c) Kartel III: Ono Daisuke (butler, so typecast lol~), Inoue Kazuhiko (husband/master of the house)

Well, I haven’t listened to all the CDs, since I only bought 2 of them. If you have, what do you think? :D

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9 thoughts on “CD: Shin Batou CD (Morikawa Toshiyuki, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Yasumoto Hiroki, Yusa Kouji)”

  1. Thanks for bringing this CD to my attention.. if you hadn’t included “Tachibana Shinnosuke” in the title, I probably wouldn’t have clicked on it… I am constantly looking for dramas that has him but he’s not having that many CDs lately… may be he’s too busy with the band and radio shows?

    1. @urusaiii: Glad to share! I’ll take note to include his name next time on post titles, especially if he is one of the main guys :D My CD will be slightly delayed cos it will ship with my DMMd soundtrack which is released early May, Gaaa… gotta be patient D:

      I guess he wants to focus and do a great job. Shouldn’t spread his resources too thin :)

  2. XD… THIS is one of the reasons why I love JAPAN!~ XD oh, how they cater well to fetishes!~ I don’t mind to be punished by them♥

  3. XD Ahahaha! Seriously I love that Japanese companies will cater to the demands of all sorts of people! I can’t imagine the UK or the US ever generating this sort of CD… yet… I’m oddly enticed… do I have a … Do-Emu self?! O_o;;

    Seriously WANT for Yucchi too… But… that other CD with Kisho Daisuke in it is … tempting, too. I love him. Why no Kenjiro Tsudaaa?! D: As much as it would hurt.. I’d love to hear his scolding voice~ (serious Kazama-vibes I would bet!<3 )

    1. @jiji: this trend will probably last since it’s popular enough for a number of CDs already… So u might get one with Kazama lol~

      The voice samples of this new CD sure sound damaging tho orz :D

  4. I’ve been getting my share of (sexy) abuse lately from listening to the ‘Diabolik Lovers’ Do-s vampire CD’s from Rejet. Anybody else? On an unrelated note, I’ve missed your posts this month ponytale, so I’m glad to see so many new ones the past few days!

    1. @Prettyvillian lol~ more verbal abuse and bite from vampires! XD they sure know how to cultivate and nurture M-s

      Aww I miss writing too! Work kept me so busy. Still busy but doing my best. Thanks for hanging around :D *hugs*

    2. Abuse is not sexy!

      It is a freakin nightmare!

      It made me angry as hell, kept me from sleeping, and made me self harm but heavy metal helped me get through it

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