CD: Osananajimi no Kare Shiro Route, Kuro Route (Hino Satoshi, 18+, yandere)

Released one week after another in September/October 2011, 幼馴染の彼 Osananajimi no Kare or (Boyfriend who is your childhood friend) Shiro and Kuro route CDs are touted to be two of the hottest otome situation CDs recorded with a dummy head mic. The CDs stars Hino Satoshi 日野 聡 who used a pseudonym 十利須我里 because of the sensitive/controversial 18+ content in the scenarios. Gorgeous CD cover designs are by Yura who illustrated Lucky Dog 1 and Miracle Noton.

Sold exclusively at Stella Worth Online Store for girls. (

Osananajimi no Kare Shiro Route

Title: Osananajimi no Kare Shiro/Bright Route
☆「幼馴染の彼 白ルート」CD

Exclusive to Stella Worth ステラワース
Release date: 23 September 2011
Price: 1,500 Yen(w/tax)

Description: Stella Worth original situation CD.

Scenario by Hiyo ひよ, illustrated by Yura 由良 and voiced by: 十利須我里(Hino Satoshi 日野 聡)

You run into your childhood friend one day. Your phone rings. Do you answer it or not?

Two routes diverge at the point where you make your decision.

If you do not answer the phone, the scenario is Bright route. 「幼馴染の彼 白ルート」(電話に出ないver.)

You and your childhood friend become close very quickly. He is teasing but sweet and it even leads to a slightly sexy situation between the two of you.

Osananajimi no Kare Kuro Route

Title: Osananajimi no Kare Kuro/Dark Route
☆「幼馴染の彼 黒ルート」CD

Exclusive to Stella Worth ステラワース
Release date: 1 October 2011
Price: 1,500 Yen(w/tax)

Description: If you decide to answer the phone, the scenario is Dark route. 「幼馴染の彼 黒ルート」(電話に出るver.)

You begin to feel like you’re being watched even from your own home and your phone never stops ringing.

Your childhood friend’s behaviour suddenly changes and he seems to be going crazy. What is going to happen in the end?

Quick comments (Some spoilers ahead):

The premise of two CDs is simple and quite easy to understand even for the relatively newbie to spoken Japanese. The CDs are definitely hot, thanks to the scenarios, voice-acting and dummy head mic.

I definitely recommend listening to the Bright route first as it is supposed to be rather than going straight into the Dark route, even though you’re curious about it. It gives a more complete experience to the whole “What if?” situation.

Bright route: It is kind of like a typical story and what people usually are like when they fall in love. I enjoyed the sweet boyfriend and steamy scenes ^///^ though I think the sex scenes could be longer lol~ *perv*

Dark route: … And this is the opposite where love turns ugly and obsessive. Well, I know some of you guys dig yandere characters… and I have to admit the non-con scenes are hot in some ways but I think I prefer them in BLCDs where I seme the ukes than first-person otome situation CDs like these where the listener is the victim lol~ It’s really scary if you have a vivid imagination and see the situation happening the way it does OTL;;;

Definitely recommended for the bloodloss potential but for the tender-hearted, you should be mentally prepared for some disturbing and uncomfortable situations if you want to listen to the Dark route. Might be shocking for Hino Satoshi fans. I’m pretty impressed by his voice acting though :D


To celebrate Halloween, I have one copy of Exclusive Osananajimi no Kare Kuro Route CD 「幼馴染の彼 黒ルート」(電話に出るver.) to giveaway. Find out more over at this post!


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23 thoughts on “CD: Osananajimi no Kare Shiro Route, Kuro Route (Hino Satoshi, 18+, yandere)”

  1. I found them for download, thanks to google. Too bad that I don´t really understand anything of it :(
    On light route I here and there got phrases and simpler vocabulary, because I already heared it elsewhere over the time. But for dark route, do not understand a word XD
    I am with Azu; it would be great if you find the time to translate the R18 parts. (or even more of it :P)

  2. I found downloads of the CDs on a google search, but I don’t speak so much Japanese. Would it be all right to ask of a summary of the R18 tracks for both? ;_; They’re so dirty //////

    1. @Celestie: yep Hino was very good… quite an experience to listen to it with the dummy head mic effect. Definitely Disturbing tho… Dark route.

  3. The drama CD sounds really interesting! If I had the CD, I don’t know which route I would go. I like both kind boys and yanderes, hehehe.

    Yura-sensei’s artwork is just soooo awesome!!! In the Dark route cover, the main character totally reminds me of Giulio! so adorable~!

    1. @Mayon: I can’t reveal too much otherwise it takes the ‘fun’ out of listening to it ^^ but Hino Satoshi’s voice acting was very good.

  4. Haha like you sad, i prefer yandere in bl more than otome first person. Cause im not really a yandere fan lol so sensitive to that cause you know how yandere can be. Aw but i do really want to listen to the bright route.

    1. @Momo: Yeah, I think we can enjoy such scenarios in BLCDs better cos we’re also enjoying the seiyuu’s hot voice acting besides the story.

      As for first person perspective, I think the Dark route is every girls’ nightmare ^^;; and it’s especially scary because it does happen in real life. But I think the success of the scenario in the Dark route is that it gives the listeners an experience of the scenario from the safety of their music player.

      Hmm come to think of it, should I give stronger warnings for the Dark route? It’ll definitely spoil the ending if I did tho.

      The bright is definitely sweet and I’m sure most of us will enjoy it. The dark route gives great comparison about how the same feelings can become twisted when taken to the extreme other end.

  5. Art by Yura and voices by Hino Satoshi? /And/ R-18? Yes pleaaaase. <3

    …And Stellaworth has the cutest mascot ever ; A ; <333

    ffffff y so broke this month "OTL;; This'll definitely be on my must-buy list though!

    1. @Puchi: definitely worth listening for the different experience. I wonder if more of these will follow ^^;; not sure if that’s a good thing lol.

      I think the scenarios here were more enjoyable/realistic than yandere heaven series cos having 2 characters fighting over the heroine can be distracting and sometimes the things they say came across to me as a little forced and unnatural.

  6. the art looks lovely!

    the description of the cds now makes me *nosebleed*
    can’t imagine obsessive version so far, since the one I heard so far is gentlemen kind XD

    1. @Mizuki: gentlemen are definitely delish :3 yandere like these are truly scary if in reality ^^;;

      The Kuro route cd is enjoyable in a different way like how people enjoy horror movies?

    1. @sigma: That bad end of that Eva drama sounded quite horrible lol ^^;;; good cry tho OTL;;;

      There’s another series called Yandere Heaven (Yandere Tengoku) by another company not using a dummy head mic. The earlier CDs in that series are quite scary but the execution of the later ones aren’t as well done.

      Yep, the artwork is very pretty. Hehe pink haired boyfriend <3

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