CD: I Love Pet!! Series Vol. 6 Djungarian Hamster (Kaji Yuki, fortissimo web)

Shion as a hamster? Nezumi will approve.

Title: I LOVE PET!! vol.6 Djungarian Hamster 「I LOVE PET!!」 vol.6 ジャンガリアンハムスター
Available: 28 January 2012
Price: 2,000 Yen (w/tax)
Seiyuu: Kaji Yuki 梶裕貴
fortissimo web:

Sixth in the series of popular I Love Pet!! otome CDs. In this setting, Kaji Yuki voices a hamster whose name is Maron マロン! Lol~ this seiyuu’s big eyes in real life does remind me of the cute, little rodents.

To recap, these are special pets that have the ability to take the form of humans. However, when they do, they still keep their animal ears and tail if they have any. Usually these pets transform according to their feelings and emotions. Some pets who have better intelligence/wisdom can control the timing when they transform but for some pets, these are random events that they cannot predict.

In Maron’s case, his intelligence is of medium level. He usually transforms into human form unconsciously but has a 50% success rate when he consciously want to turn into human form.

Maron was born in a pet shop and has lots of siblings. He is the youngest among them. He is honest and sweet. Sometimes he can also be calculative and sneaky. He is a little wilful and spoilt and good at getting affection.

In the demo track, Maron pretends to be sick. He uses his higher body temperature as a hamster to his advantage and tricks his owner into taking care of him and letting him sleep in her bed.


In the story, Maron fell in love with his owner at first sight.

Listener setting:
The pet owner, is a girl (20~22 years old) The owner does not have experience with keeping pets. She loves Maron as if he was a cat ^^;; She is weak against being pressured. She is not the gentle type but will response accordingly when coaxed the right way.

Djungarian Hamster according to Wikipedia:

The Djungarian hamster (Phodopus sungorus), also known as the Siberian hamster or Russian winter white dwarf hamster, is a species of hamster in the genus Phodopus. It is ball-shaped and typically half the size of the Syrian hamster, and therefore called a dwarf hamster along with all Phodopus species. Features of the Djungarian hamster include a typically thick, dark grey dorsal stripe and furry feet. As winter approaches and the days shorten, the Djungarian hamster’s dark fur is just about entirely replaced with white fur. In captivity, this does not always happen. In the wild, they originate from Dzungaria, the wheat fields of Kazakhstan, the meadows of Mongolia, Siberia, and the birch stands of Manchuria.

Djungarian hamsters are common as pets in Europe and North America, and exhibit greater variance in their coats than those found in the wild. They reproduce often—more so than Syrian hamsters—and, as they have no fixed breeding season, can continue to produce large amounts of offspring all year round. Young pups will act aggressively to one another; whilst breeding females may show similar aggression to males.

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13 thoughts on “CD: I Love Pet!! Series Vol. 6 Djungarian Hamster (Kaji Yuki, fortissimo web)”

  1. Kaji Yuki as a hamster nuff said xD It’s going to be hellla cute.

    Btw I set up a new blog for BL drama CD’s here:
    Since really I can’t find any other good sites other than Ponytale-san’s >< Wish me luck with the amount of limited experience I have with seiyuus and drama CDs ;w;p

    1. thank you ;w; I’m going to do a review about オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ドラマCD Vol.3 Tachibana x J.J soon but I can only talk about their acting and not abt the story since I can’t understand it fully ._. thank you for linking to me ><

  2. lol, This is cute. XD
    I’ve had a few dwarf hammy’s over the yrs(has one currently), they are so damn cute except when they make noise in the late nights and you have a morning shift.;
    It’s rare to see hammy type characters these days.

    1. @sigma: I think they ran out of cute small furry animals to write about lol~ Hamsters are rather interesting :D I wonder what else they’ll come up with next.
      Hamsters are nocturnal creatures, so I guess that’s probably why they make noise. My friend keeps them too and they’re really cute indeed.

  3. Oh wow! I love Kaji Yuki! *u* I hadn’t even heard of the I Love Pet series but … I think I’m going to start with this one! w<

  4. I’m not really into otome CD’s, but it already feels like a must have.
    Russian hamster = weak spot. The only thing that could make it better (for me) would be an albino Russian dwarf hamster <3

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