CD: Honeymoon vol.6 Inami Teppei (Shimono Hiro)

A winter honeymoon trip overflowing with loving warmth!

Title: Honeymoon Vol.6 Inami Teppei 伊波徹平
Price: 2,000 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 28 July 2012
Seiyuu: Shimono Hiro 下野紘
Cover Illustrator: Yamada J Ta 山田J太

Description: After you married your beloved husband, both of you set out on a dreamy Honeymoon trip! Fly to a winter honeymoon with your younger hubby, Teppei in Canada! Both of you get to experience dog sledding rides and observe the aurora. Have your honeymoon end in a climax with your romantic stay at the Ice Hotel. Let the expressive Teppei take the lead and embark on a trip filled with love so warm you won’t feel the winter cold!

Shimono’s character, Inami Teppei, is in his early 20s. He has a baby face. Because of it, he sometimes appears to be childish and he is concerned about it. He is rather stable and dependable in times of need.

He enjoys outdoor activities like travelling and camping, etc. He works as an employee in the Overseas Travel Planning department at Oote Travel Agency.

He refers to himself as “ore” 「俺」 and you as “omae” 「お前」.

I bet Shimono will be using Kurusu Shou‘s voice in Utapri for this character :D And I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to the Ice Hotel and view auroras!! OMG lol~ so this is a must-get for me.

I first saw the Ice Hotel on the Discovery Channel. They would sculpt and build the hotel from ice once a year during winter. When the season changes, they’ll let the hotel melt and do it all over again the next year. And auroras occur naturally and in random. There is no guarantee that you’ll see it during your trip there. But this is a fantasy cd, so I’m sure we will get to view it with hubby Shimono lol~

Ah~ I’m quite looking forward to this honeymoon trip, especially when it’s with cute, cute Shimono Hiro <3 (But you’re still the one I love most, Yucchi! XD)

The demo track! Shimo-chan is so cute! <3


CDs in this series:

  1. Honeymoon vol.1 Hanamori Yuuto voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke.
  2. Honeymoon vol.2 Otoya Kosaka voiced by Toriumi Kousuke
  3. Honeymoon vol.3 Mizunuma Daichi voiced by Fukiyama Jun
  4. Honeymoon vol.4 Kashiwagi Ryou voiced by Yusa Kouji
  5. Honeymoon vol.5 Sano Eita voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki
  6. Honeymoon vol.6 Inami Teppei voiced by Shimono Hiro
  7. Honeymoon vol.7 Shindo Aoi voiced by Terashima Takuma
  8. Honeymoon vol.8 Aizawa Reo voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  9. Honeymoon vol.9 Okumura Chiharu voiced by Ishida Akira
  10. Honeymoon vol.10 Miura Asahi voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki
  11. Honeymoon vol.11 Ichijou Yamato 一条大和 voiced by Yasumoto Hiroki

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