CD: Honeymoon vol.4 Kashiwagi Ryou (Yusa Kouji)

Sample track updated! :D
Adding some spice to your Honeymoon trip with a do-Esu hubby!

Title: Honeymoon vol.4 Ryou Kashiwagi 柏木稜
Price: 2,000 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 28 April 2012
Seiyuu: Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二
Cover Illustrator: Fujino ふじの

Description: After you married your beloved husband, both of you set out on a dreamy Honeymoon trip! This time, you travel to Hong Kong and Macau with your husband, Ryou, a company president. You get to take in the million dollar night view, enjoy extravagant meals and the excitement of experiencing the casino. With your intellectual and sexy husband as your escort, you get drunk on the gorgeous and celebrity-like honeymoon trip…

Imagine me doing that little squeee when I saw that this volume will be voiced by Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二.

Yucchi’s character, Ryou Kashiwagi, is in his early 30s. He is the president of the company that you are working at. When he turned 30, he succeeded his father’s company and became the president.

He is intelligent and has a slightly sadistic streak (do-S!!) He gives off a sexy and erotic aura (double kyaa!!!) I’m expecting lots of sexy moments with this guy (*q*) COME OVER HERE NOW!!!

And guess what… his hobby is teasing his newly wed bride. Kyaaa~ I love Yucchi voicing characters like these :D

He refers to himself as “ore” 「俺」 and you as “omae” 「お前」.

Similar to how Hirakawa Daisuke’s character in Vol. 1 gives me the Starry Sky Aozora Hayato vibe, I think Yucchi’s character seems similar to Starry Sky Mizushima Izu too. Typecast? But I don’t care! Lol~ Yucchi is awesome when he voices characters with a bit of do-S (sadistic) lol~ so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this :D I guess fortissimo definitely know what they’re doing when they cast these seiyuus for the Honeymoon series. Even without, dummy head microphone, the first two CDs have delivered!

The demo track sounds promising :D *dokidoki*

View the CM here:

CDs in this series:

  1. Honeymoon vol.1 Hanamori Yuuto voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke.
  2. Honeymoon vol.2 Otoya Kosaka voiced by Toriumi Kousuke
  3. Honeymoon vol.3 Mizunuma Daichi voiced by Fukiyama Jun
  4. Honeymoon vol.4 Kashiwagi Ryou voiced by Yusa Kouji
  5. Honeymoon vol.5 Sano Eita voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki
  6. Honeymoon vol.6 Inami Teppei voiced by Shimono Hiro
  7. Honeymoon vol.7 Shindo Aoi voiced by Terashima Takuma
  8. Honeymoon vol.8 Aizawa Reo voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  9. Honeymoon vol.9 Okumura Chiharu voiced by Ishida Akira
  10. Honeymoon vol.10 Miura Asahi voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki
  11. Honeymoon vol.11 Ichijou Yamato 一条大和 voiced by Yasumoto Hiroki

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27 thoughts on “CD: Honeymoon vol.4 Kashiwagi Ryou (Yusa Kouji)”

  1. just listened to it. and I have to say.. ugh ryou hazubandooo was way tooo cute oh god! XD
    my favorite scene was the restraunt & the skyjump! I SO LOVE THE SKYJUMP! I wanted to hug yucchi so much in that scene hahahaROFL!

    You have to listen to it!

  2. \(^o^)/ This sample pleases me!! I’m liking the setting so far (and loving the Yusa, of course!) I can’t wait for the 28th!!

  3. Yucchi is the KING of Do-S. And his voice is just the epitome of SEX. Not even sexy, just sex. I go for every drama cd with him in it cos I know this man delivers!

    1. LOLING at your comment xD!

      I hope the WAIFU (who um us? lol) is a complete do M xD!!! makes everything more awesome.

  4. UUWAHHHHhhhh YUSAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaAAAaaaaaaAAAAaaaaa.
    -I am drooling endlessly here-

    if they did have dummyhead mic.. I think people will die…. I mean COME ON its DO S YUCCHI!

  5. “He is intelligent and has a slightly sadistic streak (do-S!!) He gives off a sexy and erotic aura”
    No wonder it’s Yusa Kouji voicing him, I think he is damn perfect to play this kind of character !! (even in BL). I even could enjoy the creepy drama cd from the Yandere series XD
    I really can’t wait to listen to this one~

    1. @natsu: Yep, definitely wants adult situations in this cd lol /o/

      The yandere series was generally good but I find that the script for his volume wasn’t as well written or tightly knit. If it was something like the osananajimi no kare cds. It would be darn scary but enjoyable.

  6. i can imagine that squeee of yours right now..
    coz my eyes just popped out and i’m screaming rn (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ
    IT’S EFFIN YUSA KOUJI (*ノωノ)(*ノωノ)(*ノωノ)

    /everything is perfect rn

  7. yessss, it wasn’t long waiting for this kind of character lol, i’m excited~ i’m also happy that they’re getting lots of doujinshi artists to do this. i love fujino akitsugu’s tnc & drrr!! manga ahhhh.

    1. @Niii: yeah so far the hubby in previous CDs are generally sweet. So glad they got Yucchi to voice this one xD

      Hmm I kinda hope they make dakimakura covers for this series too but worry for my bank account orz

  8. BRB kyaaa’ing forever!!

    I need this in my life!! I need a Do-S Yusahubby!! I need it nooooow!!! <3333

    \(^o^)/ My weekend has started well!

    1. @jiji: hehehe /squees together/ and the artwork for the character looks yummy too :D

      I wonder if they’ll make dakimakura covers for the hubbies in honeymoon series like black butterfly did. Should we suggest it to them? ^^;; I worry for my bank account though.

    2. @Pony: D: Oh … but it’s so tempting!! But… my wallet… OTL why are there so many nice things in the world?

      :3 Oh well, better nice things than nasty~! <33 I think a suggestion wouldn't hurt! <3

  9. ….ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKL ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ T-that type of character plus Yucchi’s voice I am going to diiiiiiiiieeee ヾ(×× ) ツ

    Oh god, ridiculously looking forward to this CD. (I want a husband like Ryou…no money worries, a teaser, Yucchi’s voice /shot) (*´∀`*)

    (Also, I abused kaomoji I found somewhere, I apologize.)

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