CD: Honeymoon vol.3 Mizunuma Daichi (Fukuyama Jun)

21 March 2012. Updated with sample track!
Your hubby is a fun-loving, animal lover!

Title: Honeymoon vol.3 Mizunuma Daichi 水沼大地
Price: 2,000 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: 28 March 2012
Seiyuu: Fukuyama Jun 福山潤
Cover Illustrator: 珠洲原みつ

Description: After you married your beloved husband, both of you set out on a dreamy Honeymoon trip!

This time, you spend your honeymoon with your husband who is a veterinarian. Honeymoon destination is Australia! Both of you get to enjoy the country’s magnificent natural delights, like touching animals and water sports.

Mizunuma Daichi is in his mid twenties.

Unhesitating and active. Fun-loving. He is always optimistic. A positive thinker. He is friendly to people and gentle to animals. He has a good temper and rarely gets angry.

He refers to himself as “ore” 「俺」 and your as “omae” 「お前」.

He enjoys the outdoors, sports and playing with animals. No wonder the destination is set in Australia :)

Casting Junjun as a character like this is definitely spot-on. I’m sure it’ll be an enjoyable CD like the previous two.

His demo track feels so sweet!


CDs in this series:

  1. Honeymoon vol.1 Hanamori Yuuto voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke.
  2. Honeymoon vol.2 Otoya Kosaka voiced by Toriumi Kousuke
  3. Honeymoon vol.3 Mizunuma Daichi voiced by Fukiyama Jun
  4. Honeymoon vol.4 Kashiwagi Ryou voiced by Yusa Kouji
  5. Honeymoon vol.5 Sano Eita voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki
  6. Honeymoon vol.6 Teppei Inami voiced by Shimono Hiro
  7. Honeymoon vol.7 Aoi Shindo voiced by Terashima Takuma
  8. Honeymoon vol.8 Aizawa Reo voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  9. Honeymoon vol.9 Okumura Chiharu voiced by Ishida Akira
  10. Honeymoon vol.10 Miura Asahi voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki
  11. Honeymoon vol.11 Ichijou Yamato 一条大和 voiced by Yasumoto Hiroki

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14 thoughts on “CD: Honeymoon vol.3 Mizunuma Daichi (Fukuyama Jun)”

  1. @ponytale Thank you for taking the time to write such a detalied reply! ;; I think I know all that I need to know now, and I’m probably better off just staying in the BL realm. ^^” I love boys when they’re in other boys’ beds, not mine. XD

  2. Hi hi ponytale – I have a few questions for you. The otome world is an intriguing one that I would like to understand better (I’m kind of a major dyke, OTL), so I’d like to try an otome CD/game, but I have some hang ups. Typically, is there a character that you sort of project yourself on to, like a lot of reverse harem series? Or do the seiyuu’s characters speak/react directly to the listener? And how explicit does this stuff get?

    Sorry to ask so much, I just want to be cautious and avoid possible triggers.

    1. @Frankie: No worries! Hmm… sorry for the late reply (*A*)
      So far the otome related CDs I posted about like Shukan Soine, Honeymoon, I love Pet!, etc all have the seiyuu talking directly to the listener. As if they’re right next to us :D Although the listener is given some sort of character setting, we don’t see any illustration of the character (which is supposed to be us). Initially when Starry Sky was just a series of drama CDs and otome game, the heroine (us) was a faceless and voiceless girl with a character setting too. But because they had it made into anime, they had to give her a face and voice lol~

      Most otome games are reverse harems with a female lead character who is voiceless/faceless and you can also change her name into yours when you play the game, so that the player can project themselves onto her. But there are also otome games where the female characters are actually voiced. The R and H rating can also range from playable by all ages with no H and all the way to 18+ with explicit sex scenes with genital area censored with mosaic similar to BL games. I personally don’t play otome games much but I read about them in Cool-B magazine.

      As for the explicit rating for most otome drama CDs like the ones I wrote about, we don’t hear any female voices AT ALL, so we only get to listen to male seiyuus make sexy voices (^///^);; Well there are occasionally some adult situations, so they have kissing noises, deep breathing or panting sounds but it doesn’t last as long as any BLCD with the shortest H scenes orz;;; HOWEVER! There are exceptions. For example I’ve also come across 18+ otome games drama CDs where you get to hear the male seiyuu voice a sex scene and speak in first person to the voiceless character (listener) for as long as like 20-30 mins complete with wet, squishy sound effects lolol~ It sounded kinda weird to me but maybe I’m more into BLCDs when it comes to the H part.

      Hope I answered what you wanted to know? Feel free to ask more if I haven’t :D

  3. Ah JunJun sounds so cute~!! >w< Argh! Another CD for my epic list! OTL

    I am so poor right now! Still, pay day is soon and I can order this when I get paid! ^o^

    1. @ Pony: Oh absolutely! ^o^ Your list may even be MOAR epic! I’m sure we all have epic lists!!

      :3 It’s fun to be able to share war.. err… woe stories with everyone~ This blog is awesome!

  4. JunJuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! \O/
    I’d prefer you in a BLCD though D:
    (I thought the art looked like Code Geass’ and apparently this artist did some CG doujins o_O)

  5. Lol that pose reminds me of Tamaki from OHSHC XD
    This, I must listen *-*
    What’s with the sudden wave of Otome CDs. なんと!!Щ( ̄□ ̄Щ;)!! OTL;;

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