CD/App: Nego Danshi Series (Shimono Hiro, Tachibana Shinnosuke, etc)

Nyaaaaaa~~~ Cute kitty overload!

Title: Nego Danshi ね語男子 (Cat speak guy? lol~)
Price: Free

Available: 15 June 2012
iTunes country: Japan iTunes (search ね語男子) and in US and other country stores (search Nego Danshi, thanks AzureKitsune for the tip!)
Android version is currently in the works.

Category: Entertainment エンターテイメント
Genre: Anyone with Seiyuu as kitty fetish :D
OS: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (iOS 4.1 and up)

Company: WAVEMASTER, Inc
Illustrator: Tomoe ともえ

Seiyuus: First two seiyuus included in the app are Shimono Hiro and Tachibana Shinnosuke. The rest of the seiyuus featured in the CD series released by WAVEMASTER, Inc will probably follow soon.

The original CD series of the same name, is currently in it’s 9th volume! Shockingly popular :D If I’m not wrong, each seiyuu voices the daily life of a cat from its unique kitty point-of-view.

Simply download the app from the link above and fire it up. I couldn’t find it in my usual iTunes country store, so you most probably need to create a free Japan itunes account (please search the web to find the instructions) . The options are in English.

Left: Start screen. Touch to go to the next screen.
Right: and be greeted by Shimono-kitty from vol.1 CD.

The kitty pretty much just walks horizontally to the right or left. Tap on it and it’ll meow :D VERY CUTE!

Check out Shimono’s nyaa~SO MOE!! Sho-chan!!! Gave me goosebumps and made me smile X3


We can also save the pic and use it as phone wallpaper.

On the left is the pic saved. Only gripe is we can’t pause the cat. Right is just me going gaga over it.

We can switch cats too. I’m sure the rest of the cats will be added eventually.

That’s Tachibana-kitty from vol. 2. He doesn’t sound as moe as Shimono-kitty tho :P but the voice sounds suitable for this kitty setting who seems like a tough guy :D


Basically this app acts like a advert for the CD series. Click on this and it’ll give you more information.

We can save the pic of Tachibana-kitty and use it as a wallpaper too.

If we don’t tap the kitty, they’ll just walk off the screens, leaving us with a background without cats. They’ll probably cat walk back into screen when they reached the programmed end.

More on the CD series. Now planned release up to vol. 9!

Vol. 1 Shimono Hiro ね語男子・其の一 下野紘
Available: 18 Jan 2012
Catalog no: WMBM-0018

Vol. 2 Tachibana Shinnosuke ね語男子・其のニ 立花慎之介
Available: 18 Jan 2012
Catalog no: WMBM-0019

Vol. 3 Sugiyama Noriaki ね語男子・其の三 杉山紀彰
Catalog no: WMBM-0011

Vol. 4 Naruse Makoto ね語男子・其の四 成瀬誠
Catalog no: WMBM-0012

Vol. 5 Shiraishi Minoru ね語男子・其の五 白石稔
Available: 28 March 2012
Catalog no: WMBM-0013

Vol. 6 Hirakawa Daisuke ね語男子・其の六 平川大輔
Available: 28 March 2012
Catalog no: WMBM-0014

Vol. 7 Yonaga Tsunasa ね語男子・其の七 代永翼
Available: 6 June 2012
Catalog no: WMBM-0016

Vol. 8 Horiuchi Kenyuu ね語男子・其の八 堀内賢雄
Available: 4 July 2012
Catalog no: WMBM-0017

Vol. 9 Masuda Toshiki ね語男子・其の九 増田俊樹
Available: 8 August 2012
Catalog no: WMBM-0018

Price: 1,575 Yen (w/tax) each

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19 thoughts on “CD/App: Nego Danshi Series (Shimono Hiro, Tachibana Shinnosuke, etc)”

  1. There is an app for this?! I would love to give this a try~~ *w*

    So far I only listened to Hiro Shimono CD though. (cause he is so uber uber adorable~ So I can’t resist. ;A; )

  2. I found it on the US App store! At first I searched under ね語男子 and found nada, but I found it when I searched with romanized letters. :D Gonna try this out now, thanks for the post about it! ^_^

  3. XD Only in Japan can these sorts of ideas become fully realised!
    I’m not surprised it’s popular, either.

    I sure hope they get some more Seiyuus in on the act, I’d love to hear Kisho or Kondo as a kitty!

    Gonna have to download this one! <3

  4. Sugiyama NoriakI and Hirakawa Daisuke. <333 But the only Apple product I have is an iPod… hope someone uploads audio or video so I can hear their cute kitty noises.

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