BL Game: PS2 Saint Beast – Rasen no Shou

An impulse buy… cos the “limited-time offer” was too great to resist x_x

PS2 Saint Beast offer

Released in Sep 20, 2007, the limited edition Saint Beast Rasen no Shou (セイント・ビースト 螺旋の章) game’s original price is 7800 Yen but it is now on sale at US$ 24.90! That’s like approximately 2700 Yen meaning it is 5100 Yen off the retail price o_O Since they offer free shipping to my region, I bought it. ^^”

For the uninitiated, Saint Beast is based on a fantasy series created by Arisugawa Kei. It is a spin-off of the series Angel Tales in a world where gods, guardian angels and animal spirits exist.

After tremendous success with Saint Beast Drama CDs focusing on the guardian angels (Holy Beasts), a couple of animes were created as well, namely

  1. Saint Beast ~Seijuu Kourin Hen~ (セイント・ビースト~聖獣降臨編~ 2003)
  2. Saint Beast ~Ikusen no Hiru to Yoru Hen~ OAV (セイント・ビースト~幾千の昼と夜 編~ 2005)
  3. Saint Beast: Angel Chronicles (セイント・ビースト ~光陰叙事詩天使譚~ 2007)

To be honest, I didn’t have much patience with the anime cos they were not that great ^^” I didn’t even finish watching the last two installments *gasp* The characters are cute and all but half the time you’re hoping they do something more about their attraction for one another but they don’t. The Drama CDs however were more fun and “action-packed” if you know what I mean lol~ The main draw of course, are the seiyuus XD

This game also features the original star-studded cast, including Morikawa Toshiyuki, Miyata Kouki, Sakurai Takahiro, Ishida Akira, Fukuyama Jun, Midorikawa Hikaru, Suzumura Kenichi, Sugita Tomokazu, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Toriumi Kousuke and Yasumoto Hiroki.

I’ll review the game when I get the time to play it. I’m not expecting naughty screen captures tho’ cos the game is rated as suitable for all ages. The official site categorised the game under the “Bishonen angel, friendship adventure” genre… lol~

The limited edition includes a Drama CD too :3

Official site:

Quick Review:
Okie… I fired up the game and after a short while of playing it, I can begin to understand the attractiveness of 1st-person POV story adventure games like this.

In this game, you can choose to play a male/female angel who is tasked to descend to earth in order to search for the Holy Beasts and… etc. You can customise the name of the character too. So basically, the game is pretty much played out from your point of view. Your character is not voiced (the thoughts and replies are in the boxed text… which is a challenge for me lol~ anyway…) so when the characters interact with yours (i.e. you) they’re speaking directly to you… *meow* X3 That’s yummy for me since some of the game characters are voiced by my favourite seiyuus.

I’ve only played a few BL games. My only experience so far are of spectator or 3rd-person POV High-H (hahaha) PC games like Togainu no Chi, Lamento, etc. We can argue that it is not that much different from the Saint Beast game’s 1st-person POV since the choose-your-own-adventure style of gameplay is almost the same. However, it just feels different. For example, when I played Togainu, we’re pretty much playing as Akira’s POV, right? Although the game can be immersive, I’m always reminded that I’m not Akira when the characters interact.. LOL~ but I guess third person POV is a must, otherwise the H-scenes and pairings between the characters wouldn’t be possible XD

Hmm… maybe one day when the technology is advanced enough, we can input our names and the game will be able to programme the character voices to address the player by name even during gameplay… woo~

Gaaa… I have to find time to continue the game undisturbed…

Btw, if you know of any 1st-person POV, voiced BL game with H, please give me a buzz XD

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29 thoughts on “BL Game: PS2 Saint Beast – Rasen no Shou”

  1. I know it’s been a long time since this was posted, but would you happen to remember if Zeus ever made an appearance in this game? Since even though he’s a paranoid, psychotic jerk, he was one of my favorite characters… >.>; (He IS a psychotic jerk. He tortured Judas without holding back, and laughed like a maniac.)

    I might just buy this if it’s region-free…

    1. @Raiden: I can’t remember… I didn’t get very far cos my JP lang ability was quite bad then orz;; I really should get back to it sometime.

      Lol~ psychotic jerk XDD If you can find it pre-owned at a low price, no harm trying.

  2. Not sure… nitro+ said that Tatanakana wanted to do other projects.

    hehehe most people like Rai. His character design is the coolest and has a very dominant personality :D Sexy. I think Konoe is cute too. I haven’t completed the game yet so I didn’t know about all the characters. I only started liking Asato after listening to the BLCD. He sounds like an uke-ish (weak) seme but he was very sweet. Fufufu* Bardo owns an inn that’s why lol~ He has to cook for his guests XD

    Unless you’re looking at the “educational-value” of playing the game. *MEGA sweatdrop* It does help as an alternative way to learn Japanese. I wouldn’t be comfortable playing the PC BL game with kids around too. It -IS- an adult game but PS2 may be ok (that depends also) since there won’t be explicit scenes.

    I can understand why her BF doesn’t like the idea of BL. If a girl can feel offended about a guy liking hentai or yuri, I think a guy can also feel the same way about BL too. Most guys I know are o_O with the idea of being in a gay relationship. I don’t think it is easy to find a guy who doesn’t mind BL, especially with the GF feeling excited over other men (even tho they are in 2D lol~).

    The thing is … how is BL affecting their romance life? Is it because she was playing the game and not spending time with him? If that’s the case, maybe it is not just the BL issue but the time issue? Cos playing games are usually individual time. But then again, if they were playing Togainu together (which I think is an unavoidable mistake since they live together), the H-images must have been quite shocking to him.

    I find the Loveless boys and girls pretty cute too ^^ The anime is entertaining but illogical :P Definitely alternate universe. Even Code Geass anime had neko-mimi fan service where the characters dressed up for an event in school *sweatdrop* Lulu was a black cat.

    Sha Gojyo with neko-mimi? I can imagine that if all the characters have neko-mimi, he would be fighting with a cheeky Goku (who was making fun and sticking his tongue out at him) and Hakkai shrugging his shoulders with his trademark smile and Sanzo looking bored and chewing on his cigarette.

  3. What Tatanakana will do after this?

    I cannot say tht i like Konoe or Asato. prefer Rai.
    but Bardo in chibi ver is cute. Does he really make cake? XD

    The ‘bored’ factor worried me especially knowing th game ain’t cheap either.
    BL game CD is a luxury so i sure will consider lots of things before actually buying it.
    If i think it about playing Bl game, i can only play it during night becoz i don’t think im willing to play it during daylight with my daughter around (even thou i will be using headphones)

    Years ago, a friend of mine bought BL game and play it (she lives with her BF), one day she told me tht she and her BF argued about the presence of BL game in their romance life.
    Her BF is offended with the scenes and my friend decided not to play it anymore.
    Do you think BL game is offending and bruising men’s ego?
    At tht time i dun know wht to say to my friend, at tht time im not even aware of ViewFinder or K & I.

    Neko-mimi boys are resistable but im not sure if i like LOVELESS.
    I prefer Sha Gojyo with neko-mimi ha ha ha

  4. Your girl can play games on wii too ^^ My friend bought one and his son (3yrs) enjoys the sports games. As for us working folks… haiz I think you may not even have the time to play it (T_T) all my games are looking at me with lonesome eyes lol~ and my PS2 console is brimming with tears from neglect. (Don’t you love me anymore? *sobs*)

    My first BL PC game is Silver Chaos (fantasy). It was highly recommended for the pretty smut and easy capture. At that time I wasn’t a BLCD fan, so it was quite *blush* and wierd to see and hear the in-game H scenes lol~ I thought it was rather strange seeing the uke getting it on with everybody and saying similar things when I play different routes. But I think partly it is cos of the Silver Chaos story and the superbly cheesy lines they say to each other during sex scenes. I think I rolled my eyes at some of the routes lol~

    Anyway, completed it using sheer determination and morbid curiousity hahaha :D Opened the game in one window and the text capture in another + an online translator in a browser =_= Armed with my limited Japanese, I went on to complete Silver Chaos 2 (attempted sci-fi). Actually both games are quite no brainer especially if you use a capture guide. The stories are so-so and nothing spectacular, very predictable and easy to guess even if you don’t understand Japanese. It has all the typical BL characters (the childhood friend, the older guy, shota/neko-mimi type, knight/strong, silent type, prince type, kichiku megane type, etc)

    And when trying to capture all the CGs in such games, the SKIP button is your friend!!! cos the routes are all repetitive, so it can be boring at times. And the soundtrack was also very cheesy OMG =_= Looking back, I can’t believe I managed to complete them. The fan disk was more fun cos every scenario was different :P But if you’re in it for just the eye candy and smutty CGs, it delivers really well. Oh yeah, it also has a yummy seiyuu cast including Inoue Kazuhiko.

    Togainu is much more interesting because the characters are very different and have intriguing back stories. Not the usual one-dimensional templates. The scenarios are one of the better ones too and I don’t find it as repetitive. It is definitely one of the better thought-out BL games out there.

    Hmm I think you’ll probably not get hooked ^^ we have an additional language barrier so it does affect somewhat our enjoyment of the games. I definitely find myself more entertained when I can understand what they’re saying :P

    Hopefully the new nitro+ game would be just as good. I’m going to miss Tatanakana as the illustrator tho’

    I think Lamento is just as popular if you judge from the sheer amount of goods and doujinshi available. People who like Togainu would probably like Lamento too. Well… who can resist neko-mimi boys *meeow* XD

  5. Hey, im thinking very XXX too when talk bout playing BL game at Wii. HaHa
    Lately i’ve been thinking a lot to buy Wii, because my fave game Resident Evil is can be played in Wii.
    Of course i have budget and time management issue :p
    Maybe i should wait until my b’day next year :D

    I dunno what BL game i should get, Amazon Jp won’t help coz the limited knowledge on Japanese.
    Im going to consider to buy BL game after Togainu PC arrived. Who knows i might get an addiction or might not like it at all.

    Hee? change illustrator? Should i take it as bad news?
    Dunno, sometimes it’s hard to adapt after seeing their illustrator did a very good job.

    Do you think Lamento is less-famous than Togainu?
    or usually those who like Togainu will also like Lamento?

  6. OMG… I couldn’t help it… my thoughts went to really X-rated things when I imagined BL on Wii (x_x) *trying unsuccessfully to clear the thought bubbles*

    I need professional counselling. LOL~

    I think playing these story games can be quite helpful in learning how to read and as well as recognising Japanese, especially kanji :)

    Which BL game you like to get? There are a few others which are quite highly rated too. I usually like to check them out at Amazon Japan for the ratings hehe. I wonder if they’ll re-release Lamento on PS2 too ^^ It is probably a matter of time. Nitro-chiral is also working on a new game at the moment. If there are no delays (which happens often) it’ll be available in December. They changed a new illustrator tho’.

  7. Maybe i should consider buying BL game which you don’t have kekeke~

    I wonder if Bl game will appear on Wii..hahaha must be fun.

  8. I’m not sure actually. There was another Cafe Lindbergh BLCD which his character appeared but he wasn’t the seiyuu too. Maybe he got too busy with his other projects.

    Yeah… lots of opportunity to faint from blood loss lol~ XD

  9. Yup, bread and water.

    How come Sakurai is in PC ver but not in PS2 ver? Does this kinda thing usually happens?
    I look forward for your review. Hupply dun get nosebleed while reading it Haha

  10. Yea…15000 yen but I don’t think anybody bid for it :P

    Apart from instant noodles, you can try bread too lol~

    Cafe Lindberg (Bokura no Renai Shinrigaku series) is quite interesting cos you can pair everybody with one another as either uke or seme. Lots of variety! Hehe.. The soundtrack is very nice. Really has a relaxing cafe feel. ^^ The PC versions of the previous vols 1,2 and fan disk were very nose-bleed. I would love to own copies of those too but… hard to find nowadays. I like the seiyuu cast which includes Itou Kentarou, Chiba Susumu and Sakurai Takahiro (who isn’t in the PS2 version) and I bought one of the game’s drama CD which I want to review later.

    As for the PS2 version I bought, it is rated 15 so will not be explicit ^^

    Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hana Saku PS2 stars Morimori and Chiba Susumu. Nice ne? XD The pairing variety is also quite good. I like the Showa setting. It was one of the first PC BL games I’ve come across and left a deep impression on me although I’ve not played it before. Also rated 15. The PC versions are quite explicit tho ^^

  11. What is Cafe Linbergh? ah well can find it in google (maybe)

    Woooo…15.000 Y??? i dun wanna press my CC limit and ended up eating instant noodle for solid 30 days Hahaha~

  12. Aiyo~ I don’t think I’ll be able to remember all the correct options to get the right route and captures XD

    Haha.. just found another listing of the PC game at 15000 yen… *faints*

    I bought a few other PS2 BL games too… like Cafe Lindbergh (カフェ・リンドバーグ) Summer Season Sweet Box and Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hana Saku (薔薇ノ木ニ薔薇ノ花咲ク) but no time to play yet x_x

  13. haha thts extortion. and it’s not even Picasso or Rembrandt’s…

    I was hoping you finish first before me, therefore i have somebody who can guide me hahahaha…..

  14. fufufu* hopefully I’ll also manage to complete PS2 version by then. Very busy with work nowadays :-|

    Yesh… I just checked Yahoo JP… Togainu PC Limited selling at 10000 Yen. I wish I also had a copy to sell at that price lol~

  15. Thanks for reminding me to read some capt guide. I totally forget about tht *silly me*
    The game wont be here until Aug.

    I think i saw Togainu PC (limited) pre-order on yesasia, but that was many months ago.
    The only hope is probably Yahoo JP auction.

  16. LOL~ yah man… I can imagine. When there are kids around, there’s no quiet moment unless they are sleeping *faints* (=_=)

    wow… I also want :D Let me know if you enjoy the game… oh yah… if I remember correctly, I read some capture guides and the advice is you should do the Shiki x Akira route last cos the other routes affects the choices you can get when you finally play Shiki route. That’s why I haven’t got round to him cos when I finally finished the other routes, I got too busy to continue. Togainu PC Limited version is like the ultimate rare item. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  17. Oredi have headphones long ago (to keep myself focused while my daughter running around and screaming XD)

    Somebody will do hand carry for the togainu PC ver. because there’s no way tht stuff gonna pass the customs, maybe it’ll pass but i dun wanna take risk.

    Anyway i didn’t bought the game but borrow it actually from cousin’s girlfriend. told me that i can return it next year HaHaHa,

  18. @Shirei The game comes with a booklet with some instructions :P As for capture guides, there should be online guides that can help ^^ try googling for them.

    @akiyama Yesh my dear, Togainu PS2 has arrived!!! But I only have time to admire the booklet and listen to the drama cd hehehe Probably do a proper post when I finally play it. *meeoow* PC version ah… buy a pair of headphones to go along with your purchase lol~ XD

  19. Hey the Togainu no Chi oredi arrived?

    Dun get nosebleed eh during gameplay.
    I’m gonna get the PC version (secretly) hahaha

  20. yes it 0.3 kg. BANZAAAAI. Cant wait to see my friends online. Lucky I just accept 78$ from Text Link Ads… Even I dont have PS2, I can rent it. Ahaha my sister said “Are U crazy buy CD game that even U dont have the console and even U cant understand if it Japanese language?” Is there any tutorial to play this game?

  21. It is definitely lighter than 1kg ^^ so no worries! To be doubly sure, you can sign up for a Playasia account, then add the item inside your cart and try to checkout. Most likely you’ll be given the option to select free shipping. You won’t be charged $ for it since you would not have completed the checkout process if you did not click confirm at the end. Good luck! :D And enjoy!

  22. btw how much the weight of the items? If it lower that 0.75 its free shipping to Indonesia. I will buy limited editin. fufufuf But I must ask my friends to bought it for me since I dont have paypal nor CC. Thx a loot . Gyaa so happy

  23. ^^ Well, I’m not a big fan actually so it was an impulse buy. You can go to Playasia to buy it since it is still giving the discount right now. They accept paypal and credit card :)

  24. I WANT IT TOO! Man.. how can it so scheap. I want to buy if that cheap. Gyaaaaaaaaa I’m freak fanatic SB fans
    can U email me how to order it? I will rent PS 2 since I dont have PS 2. But I really want the game. Gyaaaaaaaa

  25. There is a nagging feeling leh I have to admit. But fortunately (or unfortunately? lol~) I have too many things I want on my priority wish-list to occupy my attention kekeke.

    Yep, the chara design and illustration style of Saint Beast adults are not what I usually like hehe but I find the children/chibis are very cute tho ^^

    Hahaha… does he have a suspicious nature? My brother usually doesn’t mind me asking him about stuff like that hehehe… Yeah if your PS2 can play Jap version DVDs I think it shouldn’t have any issues with the others ;) My PS2 is the slim version too.

  26. Haha I hope you don’t have tht syndrome when you looked at your Clamp no Kiseki sets.

    I think the chara design are err..amateurish? nope, just ugly. XD
    yup, for seiyuu-freak this game is something to consider. So your ears can deceive your eyes huh? LOL joking la!

    Asking my brother can be pain in the %&*#, he’s sorta like bear you know. Just gruff and keepin’ things to himself.
    If i ask, he’s like…”O..why do you need to know?” Gosh! am i enemy or what?
    What i’m able to remember is we play Resident Evil (Jap ver) so that’s R2 huh? but his slim PS2 are bought pretty late after the booming of PS2, so it probably modded.

    Ah well i should borrow my friend’s Tokimeki and her PS2 as well XD

  27. Yea, sometimes playasia gives seriously crazy sales which is nice if you come across it. (^_^)v

    I can’t remember when it was but the big chibi PS2 Arubito figure was on sale at about US$7 once! I didn’t want to start collecting any of the big chibis so I didn’t buy it. You know to prevent the gotta-have-them-all-syndrome manifesting in me ^^” The sale is over now.

    The drama cd was cute cos it was like the characters were talking to you too hehe.

    Actually I’m not fond of the character designs either. Took me a while to get used to it when I was watching the anime. The character relationships and seiyuus are the ones that are doing it for me :P

    Mmm… I think PS2 compatibility has to do with the region coding cos PS2 discs are DVDs. I bought a modded PS2 so I can play game DVDs from all regions. Do check with your brother! ^^

  28. Whoa…a serious SALE. The price drops that much eh?

    I cannot say i like the illustration or character design, but this game have impressive seiyuu list.
    It’s even better because drama CD is included. oh wow…

    I heard things about not every PS2 game is compatible in PS2 machine becoz the version. is it true?
    This sorta unclear fact holding me back to buy BL game and borrow my brother’s PS2.

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