BLCD: Yandere Tengoku BL Shinsei Gakuen Danshi Ryou Hen (Hirakawa Daisuke, Majima Junji)

New BL release by popular otome first-person Yandere Tengoku series

Title: Yandere Tengoku BL Shinsei Gakuen Danshi Ryou Hen ヤンデレ天国BL~真誠学園男子寮編~
Yandere Heaven BL Shinsei Academy Boys Dormitory volume
Available: 14 February 2012 (Valentine’s Day)
Price: 2,415 Yen (w/tax)

Official site:

Preorders are open at comicomi:
Yandere Tengoku BL and their otome series are not sold at usual CD stores. Not sure why… maybe because it is a smaller label.

Pairings: (Threesome/3P? :D)
Hirakawa Daisuke and Majima Junji x Akabane Kenji
平川大輔 + 間島淳司 x 赤羽根健治

The protagonist Himeno Yumiyoshi 姫野弓由 is the dorm leader of the east block at Shinsei Gakuen Boy’s Dormitory. He wishes to have peace and freedom during his time at the dormitory but in reality, something seems to be brewing around him.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and his junior roommate, Hozumi Kei 穂積渓 seems to be acting upon his basic instincts (?)

And Nabari Masato 名張雅人, the dorm administrator whom he loves dearly like an older brother also appears to be plotting something…

Bubbling with repressed desires, the two men turn into yandere

1) Protagonist:
Himeno Yumiyoshi 姫野弓由(ひめの・ゆみよし)Seiyuu: Akabane Kenji 赤羽根健治
Second year student at senior high
He appears to be a perfectionist and cool type but he is gentle in nature.
Everyday he has to deal with Kei’s excessive possessiveness and Masato’s showering of sweet words and flattery.

2) Yandere room mate:
Hozumi Kei 穂積渓(ほずみ・けい)Seiyuu: Majima Junji 間島淳司
First year student at senior high. Brash and cheeky junior type. 生意気系後輩。
Childhood friend of Yumiyoshi. Current roommate.
He keeps everyone away from getting close to Yumiyoshi, no matter men or women, young or old. He sticks like glue to him and tags along wherever he goes.

3) Yandere administrator:
Nabari Masato 名張雅人(なばり・まさと)Seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔
28 years old. The sweet, “apron-type” guy 甘々系エプロン男子。
Shinsei Gakuen Boys Dormitory administrator who takes care of the students.
He is especially fond of Yumeyoshi and is dedicated to making night snacks for him.

Yandere characters are relatively common in BL games because of the need for bad endings :D For example, Keisuke from Togainu no Chi, Makoto from Sweet Pool… and who else ^^;; ah~ Gulio from Lucky Dog 1… but in manga and novels… let me think… someone jog my memory please? Brain is acting SLOW today lol~ (probably still having a hangover from the festivities XD)

The fun and interesting part about listening to otome-first-person situation CDs is that the characters go yandere on you, the listener. Check out the superb release, Osananajimi no Kare Kuro Route voiced by Hino Satoshi. And I’m thinking that making it into a BLCD with a protoganist probably won’t be as immersive. The listener is also at the “mercy” of the seiyuu voicing the “uke”. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Akabane Kenji will do a good job. This is his first starring role in a BL title. Hirarin is type cast again as a sweet guy turned scary while Majima Junji is not new to possessive younger seme types if my impression serves me right.

However, it is still relatively interesting because the protagonist will be pursued by TWO yandere characters, which follows the usual pattern of the Yandere Tengoku otome situation series.

The series does not use dummy head mics but the seiyuus generally do a great job at acting creepy lol~ The off-key and intentionally out of tune background music also add to the disturbing atmostphere. (Is there a correct and technical term to describe this type of music?)

However, it’ll be even MORE interesting if they can actually do first-person BL where the seiyuus seme the listener as if we are guys.

I’ve listened to a doujin work where the setting is such that the listeners get to seme the characters or is uke to a male character. It was a digital download and for the price, it was a commendable effort. Those were 3 long tracks (10~16 minutes each) focusing on sex scenes. Hmm… maybe I should write a separate post about it when I can find the motivation to ^^;;

Title: Showdown with 3 semes young men. Intellectuals volume. 男子攻め3本勝負!インテリ編
Price: 525 Yen (w/tax)
Product link: (Warning: 18+ online digital downloads store)
Voice Samples:

In case you’re thinking of buying it, here’s a quick run-down. It is not yandere. For amateurs, the seiyuus were not too bad but they’re not as natural as the professional seiyuus and sounded a little awkward (and funny) at parts. Maybe my expectation was too high for a title like this ^^;; I also can’t help but nit-pick on the production quality because being able to tell when certain parts were edited together because of differing sound levels within the same sentence can be quite distracting. Sound effects were pretty good though :P

Anyway, back to the post topic, I’ll probably be back to review Yandere Heaven BL if I can get my hands on it. :D

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28 thoughts on “BLCD: Yandere Tengoku BL Shinsei Gakuen Danshi Ryou Hen (Hirakawa Daisuke, Majima Junji)”

  1. I really love this yandere bl drama CD… But like you said, I was expecting the hot smex scene… I’m not into the otome-first situation drama CDs… I’m a hardcore yaoi lover and I hope that they make more series like this one… By the way, I love you pony… You’re my number one source on yaoi games and drama CDs….

    1. @Raiden: Thanks for your sweet comments (^///^) I’ll continue to do my best! I hope I can do better!!
      Yeah, yandere in BL is so rare! BLCDs are hotter cos we can enjoy seiyuu voices when they interact :)
      I like Otome CDs too cos they have a different kind of appeal for me.

  2. Received this cd a few days ago. Man, I wish I could understand Japanese! It sounds really good. There’re several ecchi scenes. I think Hime becomes twisted in the end. I, also, love the character designs.

    1. @yudashin: Yeah, I think its pretty good. The plot was generally expected for yandere content but well acted. Yandere Hirarin is truly scary *_* Akabane Kenji is really good for his first BL starring role. I think we can expect him to do more leads in future BLCDs?

      ***SPOILER ALERT***
      Yeah, poor Hime-kun snapped at the 3P end. The emotional betrayal is really horrible. He was drugged by his childhood friend who did sexual stuff to him like cumming inside his mouth while he was knocked out by the sleeping pills (if I understood correctly) orz;; THAT IS SO DISGUSTING. While the dorm administrator had cameras installed inside Hime-kun’s room and he too spiked the Valentine’s Day chocolate gift with sleeping pills.

      Anyway, I wished they did more for the individual endings. No climax scene for the uke which is kind of disappointing but more realistic? And since this is yandere, I’ve expected more extreme stuff during the 3P H-scene ^^;; (oh dear, twisted, me) But it is a pity they didn’t go further with it, like coughdoublepenetrationcough.

  3. Well, yeah, yandere are not THAT common in manga, there are always characters with hinted yandere personality.

    The best example lately would be Mirai Nikki’s Gasai Yuno (female) and even her male rival Akise Aru. (And if you ever read Pandora Hearts, the people there are oven very heavily hinted to be yandere. A LOT of them /D)

    Hum~ Looking forward to this spinoff <3

    1. @ponytale: Indeed, and because characters can be interpreted differently, so many fights have ensued over whether character X has character traits of or can be/is hinted to be yandere. OH WELL, WHATEVER; let’s just enjoy the yandereness. As long as it is fictional, I love yanderes. In real life, they are fucking scary and unhealthy. And really not attractive, character-vise.

  4. The quick-run was a bit of turn-off to me XD. It seemed like a good material, but oh anyway…

    I’ll wait for your update xD

  5. (;丿´Д`)丿ハァッハァッ
    Hirarin!~ XD And as a yasashii-koibito(plus yandere) type~ A dream come true for me. ;v;
    The art’s too tempting, must listen.. OTL

    1. @Liru: Hirarin is irresistible but yanderes boyfriends and partners are best left as fantasies lol~ ^^;; Real-life yandere guys are scary! DX

    1. @Shirokaze: Yandere Heaven was a series of otome first person situation CDs. This is the new BL scenario that the company is going to release.
      Otome is generally straight. Yes. :P

  6. So that’s why yandere is soooooooo—- *speechless* OMG the cover! Bishies~! XDDD but having 2 yandere semes… I can’t imagine~ oh well never mind! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I wannna it righty~!

    So much want! I can’t wait to play it! <3
    But there's only 3 characters? Okay, I admit having TWO boys obsessing dangerously on you is quite unusual, but still :D

  8. Oooo I saw this updated at stellaworth lol. Definitely excited. Please be a good uke Akabane Kenji-san afdgfg but Hirarin would be enough for me to check this out (AS WELL AS THE PLOT) and I’ve never really noticed how little yandere bl characters in manga there are ahhhhh but at the top of my head, i /think/ Naruse Fuuta of Kawaii Akuma counts (though he isn’t particularly crazy, but defiintely possesive)…

    Btw, first-person bl sound kind of interesting??????? lmao do you have any other recommendations?

    1. @Niii: Yeah, its quite rare, isn’t it? I don’t read BL manga much nowadays but I just can’t recall any titles that has yandere characters.

      Download the sample clip of that first person BL douin title and see if you like it? I was quite attracted by the voices of the seiyuus, so its the only one I’ve tried. The reviews on the product page was so good so I bought it. orz;; I didn’t buy the rest of the series cos I was a little disappointed by the purchase due to my unrealistically high expectations lol~

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