BLCD: Wild Rock (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Fukuyama Jun)

Wild Rock / Drama CD (Toshiyuki Morikawa, Kazuhiko Inoue, Jurota Kosugi, et al.)
Title: Wild Rock Drama CD ワイルド・ロック (30/11/2002)

Pairing 1:
Miki Shinichirou x Yamaguchi Kappei
三木眞一郎 x 山口勝平
Pairing 2:
Morikawa Toshiyuki x Fukuyama Jun
森川智之 x 福山潤
w/ Inoue Kazuhiko 井上和彦

Rating: Recommended

Quick Summary:
Based on the Wild Rock manga by Takashima Kazusa. There are two stories about the sweet, love relationships of… prehistoric cave men! xD

First Story: Innocent Lies
In this story, 19-year old Yuni (Yamaguchi Kappei) journeys into the treacherous mountains in search of a rare flower that his clansmen use to proclaim their bravery and proof of love for their lovers. He falls and hurts his foot during the process and loses consciousness. He is rescued by a friendly and easy-going stranger, Selem (Miki Shinichirou). Unable to return due to his injury, Yuni stays with the man who is of the same age as he is. As they spend time together, a deep bond forms between them and both begin to dread the day Yuni recovers and returns to his clan…

Second Story: Wild Rock
Yuuen’s (Junjun) clansmen have not been able to capture enough prey for their people for quite some time. As a last resort, Yuuen’s father, the chieftain sends Yuuen to negotiate with Emba (Morimori) a very much stronger caveman from another clan to share his prey. The catch is, his father wants him to dress as a clans woman so that Emba might be kinder to him. Reluctantly, Yuuen goes to the river and waits for an opportunity to approach him.

I enjoyed listening to this CD. Besides having two sweet stories, I find the soundtrack and sound effects very well done too. Both stories have just a right dose of angst and the seiyuus did a fine job. The H in the first story is short but yummy. They have good chemistry ^^ I’m usually not very fond of Yamaguchi Kappei’s ukes but I find him rather cute here :)

Ah~ Junjun’s Yuuen is such a sweet little thing and Morimori’s Emba is everybody’s dream boyfriend xD And the H sounds realistic and HHHOT :3

There’s a cute Omake story: Child Rock at the end. If you enjoyed the manga, don’t miss this lovely drama cd too!

Catalog: MACY-2203

CDJapan still has the first press edition with tokuten :3 so grab it while you can.

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22 thoughts on “BLCD: Wild Rock (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Fukuyama Jun)”

  1. True true… I’ll be pretty happy with the merchandises and the BLCDs cos they’re easier to access too. I just have to pop the BLCD into my laptop or burn the mp3 into my player and I can revisit their world. it is also unlikely I’ll buy the PS2 versions cos it is almost impossible to play the games discretely at home =_= erm cos its like.. there’s no alt-tab key like the PC that can hide your TV screen, you know?

    Yah! Voices of two or more moaning Japanese guys LOL~ they’ll be like super ( o_O ) Erm, maybe its just me but I think its a lot more entertaining listening to the smexing voices of seiyuus than watching Japanese gay/straight porn *MEGA sweat drop* I’ve not tried sex-chat hahaha so no idea xD ooo~ I’m not implying anything kekeke

    Mmm… Joomla branched out of Mambo. It is supposed to be better than the original cos the creators cleaned up the programming codes. Very widely used now.

    PHPnuke was very very popular as it is one of the earliest CMS available. But it is said to be quite bloated now with too much bad coding. The security is an issue too. I’ve not tried to implement it before but I’ve heard that it is quite easy to use and modify.

    Drupal also has a relatively high learning curve.I played with it but it is not so easy to use either. The way the articles are linked and posted takes some getting used to. It has very good reviews in terms of customisability.

    All these 3 CMS has lots of good plugins.

    The new WP has quite good features ^^ I installed the old WP through localhost for a client before. It is very easy to install and customise but the options are quite limited compared to the new one now.

    Haiz not yet visit Sunshine Plaza leh~ ( T-T) not very convenient… but will try soon.

  2. Playing BL game without audio is like eating a plain-tasted food. rather than argue with hubby i prefer not to buy it plus the PC game is expensive and i don’t want it tht much.
    I’m pretty much satisfied with Togainu trading figure, Figurines and other merchandises.

    It’s wise to use headphones, otherwise your mamma will banging your door wondering what’s goin on inside your room.
    her daughter + voices of two guys = every parent will be shocked ^^

    nothing is weird with audio porn, it’s similar to one of those sex phone chat. not exactly look alike but the audio thingy is pretty close.

    What abt other CMS such as mambo, PHPnuke, drupal? Mambo, i think , is pretty much Joomla.

    I’m using older WP. but soon will upgrade my abandoned blog into WP 2.5.1
    (install WP 2.5.1 in my localhost thou’ – Gah me so stewpit)
    Thx for the screencap, really helpful.

    Oredi visit Sunshine Plaza? Hopefully you don’t get lost there Ha Ha

  3. Thanks for Asami! *muacks u* X3 *eagerly waiting*

    Ooo~ the audio. For an audio perv like me, its just not the same without the sound xD I bought a relatively good pair of sound-cancelling headphones solely for listening to my BLCDs and BL games ^^” Don’t want to be caught dead having to explain about those smexing noises to family members LOL~ If I do get discovered one day, they’ll probably think I’m wierd since I -listen- to audio porn instead of watching it *falls down* wahaha.. For BL games I’ll also give priority to playing those with audio. ^^

    Yeah, better not show if it looks wierd hahaha.. :D Just that it can be annoying cos it can “spoil” an otherwise pretty picture.

    Nah you’re not annoying la… Its good to ask~ The “read the rest of the entry” is not a plugin. I’m using the free wordpress hosting so it is the upgraded wordpress engine 2.5.1 Since you’re also using wordpress, you should be able to see it in your editor if you are using the same version.

    I’ve done a screencap with quick instructions.

    I’ve played a little with Joomla and find it not very user-friendly. Friends have feedback that there is a high learning curve involved but once you get the idea, it is a pretty good CMS :)

  4. The reason is the PC is in our bedroom, i think he’s annoyed by the game’s audio..especially on explicit scenes.
    anyway, Togainu no Chi voice/audio is also point of attraction of the game therefore it’s a pity to play in mute.

    yea sometimes i’m seeing unnatural penis, the mozaic can add certain thrill too..
    at least it doesn’t bother me much, some girls enjoy BL but can be uncomfortable at the same time in seeing ‘everything’

    Oredi send “Asami” on friday (05.09.2008) by airmail.

    ponytale, i’m being annoying but please help me
    what wp plugins do you use to produce “read the rest of the entry”?
    i’m soooo stupid..i’m studying Joomla rite now but it gives me headache becoz i’m PHP-knowledge less.

  5. XD kk~ I’m glad!

    Yep customs are very strict here… Not a bad thing most of the time but… oh well *shrugz*

    You have quite an open-minded hubby! that’s awesome~ but he didn’t want you to play Togainu? LOL~ What was the reason he gave you?

    Oh~ yea yea that’s the word! :D But sometimes, I think having the censored pic is better than looking at a badly/wierdly drawn penis. LOL~ Have you seen the US version Zettai Fukujyu Meirei 絶対服従命令 uncensored event scenes? Strange. Almost as if the penis was added in as an afterthought. I think there is a price range. There are very affordable PC BL games out there but they can also cost around the same price as PS2 games. So I think it depends on the production costs.

    icic ^^ we also have Daiso. Takashimaya, Meidi-Ya, Isetan…

    I believe Asami can arrive safely XD He must! keke.

  6. I don’t mind in the slightest for your long comments.
    To tell you the truth your blog is more like our chat room, well i hope you don’t mind after all we always have interesting topic to discuss.

    I never receive anything from FedEx, only DHL. No problem with DHL.
    My uncle in Korea sent me clothes (he’s a fashionist -i’m thrilled with his choices) and couple of K-pop CDs for my turns out okay and DHL gimme door-to-door delivery service.
    Of course it’s a lot more expensive than EMS, in fact DHL is more expensive than its competitor FedEx, but faster delivery.

    If i have unlimited $$$ i will use the best and safest shipping courier but since shipping cost is something i have to consider sometimes i just have to bear with the risk.
    From what i heard SG customs have a strict rules and it’s hard to smuggle something illegal to SG.

    You’re right, Togainu is setting a new trend becoz from what i know most BL-games is abt school-life. Togainu itself have fantastic characters such as Shiki, Akira, and Arbitro. I like chibi arbitro very much.
    I heard abt Togainu around September 2006, my husband bought me Togainu hp strap from Japan. “Togainu is a famous BL game..” he said. I did a google search and find out more abt Togainu tho’ i didn’t get his permission to play the game.^^

    Pixelated penis? hahaha..isn’t it something they called ‘mozaic’? It’s also interesting to know more abt Japanese rating policy and system.
    So BL games in PC ver is more expensive than PS ver.? for overseas market i suppose it would be better if the developer give ‘pixelated penis’ otherwise they will have trouble selling it worldwide.
    After all, they have to get back their investment+profit before the trend wears out.

    We have Daiso in here, the shop assistant always hollering in front of the shop in Japanese language.^^
    We also have Japanese department store such as SEIBU and SOGO (thou SOGO in Japan oredi go bankrupt years ago).

    oh, i have you won’t trouble with Viewfinder clear folder becoz asami pic is errr a bit showing his underwear.
    I hope censorboard didn’t make a fuss of it, just consider it’s a CK underwear ad. Haha

  7. Generally speaking, these games are like the “Choose your own adventure” books that were very popular with teens in the 80s~90s. They’re pretty much similar in concept, only differing by the story content. But don’t take my word for it. Maybe other people have a better definition of what they’re supposed to be ^^

    In Dating Sims (Otome games targeted at girls), it is like a reverse harem where usually you play from the point of view of the girl who is surrounded by potential male suitors and the aim is to be paired up with any one of them. If the Dating Sims (Hentai?) is targeted at a male audience, then the male player’s objective is to score with the female target(s). There are exceptions to the “rules”, depending on the story.

    BL games is similar to the above, except that the main character is male and his potential pairing is also male. However there are exceptions to the formula in certain titles such as Birdie where you can pair-up almost everybody with one another, with multiple points of view in the game.

    Nowadays there are new games that give you the potential to pair up your protagonist with either male or female characters in the story. I can’t remember the titles but they’re out there.

    You can always expect the PC versions to be more explicit. in PS2, they would remove all the 18+ scenes, You know, those event scenes where you get the pixelated penis? LOL~ :P If I’m not wrong, the reason behind it is cos the developers have to pay some $ for the license to use PS2 as a platform or something like that. So they have to make their games as mass market as possible to maximize their investment. Being slapped with an 18+ rating isn’t going to help sales. Comparatively, they don’t have to pay this additional fee for PC versions, so yeah…

    I remember reading about how Togainu (PC game) set a new trend for BL games when it was first released and thus itself gained a cult following. It has got to be with the intricate and detailed storylines created for each character, fantastic soundtrack and presentation. However, I’m kinda inexperienced as a gamer in this genre to really comment on these aspects but I agree that it is a rather enjoyable and entertaining game.

    I find Togainu’s pacing is pretty fast and action-packed. Surprisingly, I didn’t have too much trouble with the text. I can guess through most of it, alternating between reading, and using a translator. Although I stopped before I could start the Shiki arc… too busy. Lamento is very pretty but so long… I was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t get past the first arc I tried and then I got busy again LOL~ I intend to return to them of course ^^ I have zero resistance against neko-mimi boys…

    Hmm… even EMS is not safe from these *^@^#&#… aaarrgghh… how about more expensive courier service like DHL and FedEx? Any issues?

    Business venture! That’s awesome! x3 I’ll send good links over when I see em. Have you seen Daiso, the $2 shop?

    Thankies for the folder XD but no rush… take your time ^^ Hmm I think my comments are always so long. Hopefully it doesn’t bother you *_*

  8. Are you familiar with other BL game such as Gakuen Heaven or perhaps Tokimeki?
    I’m a bit confused with BL game and Dating-sim…

    Ah, does it mean Togainu (PC ver.) is bolder than PS2? It was first released in PC, right?
    Lamento somewhat still less popular than Togainu. I never once consider to play the game instead of Togainu.

    My friend using EMS, anyway it depends on the officer who opened my package for inspection, still it sucks. Stealing is wrong…

    Well, i’ll be happy if you can gimme more reference. I’ll be starting a business this July (mostly dealing with Japanese-imported goods) so website references will help much.

    Ah oredi open , tht’s exactly what i mean. Thanks…

    PS: will send ViewFinder Cl Folder this weekend (in airmail).

  9. I’ll post here if I use the Japan Deputy Service~ hehe

    Ah… have you seen Yamashiroya’s website?

    See may have stuff close to what you’re looking for?

    They have a huge collection of stuff from collectibles, kids stuff like plushes, stickers to girly things. I visited the shop when I was in Japan. Seven floors of shoppers’ bliss :P I’ll update you if I find any other nice online shops.

    Mmm, I haven’t attempted to do so *mega sweatdrop* If $ permits, I would like to get my hands on the Nitro+Chiral CD/DVD-ROM titles (for the sake of the H scenes LOL~). I did buy a Togainu no Chi Desktop Accessory CD-ROM title and it arrived safely. Nothing explicit in it. Mainly wallpapers, a few mini games and stuff. But in general, I think PS2 BL titles should be comparatively safer because they’ve removed most of the 18+ material to make the PS2 more accessible to the mass market. But then again, since its BL, we never really know (-_- |||) Maybe send by EMS is ok… That time you lost items in your delivery, right? Which shipping method did your friend use?

  10. Japan Deputy Service? How nice….and helpful.
    Lemme know if you plan to use them, i may learn something from it.

    Do you a reference of Japanese website where i can find accessories? such as phone straps, solar toys or any other girls stuffs? or traditional japanese items.
    I hate browsing in animate’s website…

    Do you have problem with censorboard if you’re importing BL PS2 game?

  11. Yep! I bought a music CD from Yesasia many years ago and it turned out to be a bootleg (-_-|||) However, I’ve checked them out recently to buy a PS2 game that has a premium special box (Sold out in other shops :P) and it seems that they’ve removed all the bootleg items from their store already. I placed the order and received the genuine item ^^ But you need to compare the prices too. They may offer free shipping but sometimes the cost is added to the listed price.

    Hehe rakuten is on one of my to-explore list :P I’ve recently also found out about “Japan Deputy Service” You forward a link to the item you want, for eg Yahoo Japan auctions, rakuten etc, they’ll help you buy the item and then send it to you. They act as a middleman and charge you a service charge. I’ve not used these services before but I may give it a try.

    Yep, CDJapan has more shipping options. They’ll only make EMS compulsory if you are ordering figures and some other goods.

  12. Have you ever bought something from yesasia?

    Sometimes my relatives help me find the same item from rakuten instead of amazon or any other online shops.
    It probably saves not much but still worth to try.

    Shipping option for overseas from HMV Japan is only EMS, right?
    CDJApan is probably more flexible becoz you got more options.

  13. Yep, Amazon Japan is great! But… the shipping is expensive lo~ :( Agrees… Cute boxes!

    Actually CDJapan is cheaper if you choose Airmail or SAL. That is almost half the price of EMS. You have to wait a little longer say 1.5~2 weeks compared to EMS which takes about 3~4 days. But so far, all my packages arrived safely with the items intact.

    For EMS, if we buy in bigger quantities, then we can probably enjoy some “economies of scale” but overall, I think Airmail or SAL will still be a little cheaper.

    But, during HMV Japan’s 20~25% off CD/DVD sales, then it is a different story. So have to re-calculate again keke.

    Yea cos I’m very broke that’s why I need to seek out the best bargains but so far I would say, I do like both HMV Japan and CD Japan very much. And I get a little disappointed when I want to buy something but can’t find it there ^^

  14. Speaking of amazon they all packed your items neatly, rite?

    Nice box with or written on it.
    I keep the boxes to store some trinkets or junks i have in my room Ha Ha Ha

    I also love pacing from HMV Japan, nice envelope with sort of bubble-wrap which keeps my CD/DVD arrived safely.
    I never order from CDJAPAN, most of the times i order more than 2 CDs/DVDs at the same time and HMV shipping cost sounds more cheap. (or maybe not?)
    Still, i like HMV Japan better..
    Sometimes i just wanna shop at the same online store no matter what.

  15. Yup, that was what I found out. Anyway, fans are irrational creatures xD but its good to have friends to remind them to come back to reality a little keke.US59.90 + shipping can buy almost 3 copies of the US version Kiss of Fire. *sweat drop* cos just checked and having 24% off for it now.

  16. I didn’t know Kiss of Fire booklet came only in first press edition.

    Even my friend (the one who first buy it) said the booklet isn’t something special-of course i cannot say the same for a hardcore fan of Youka Nitta or Katou x Iwaki.
    First press edition of Kiss of Fire will be very pricey these days..and to buy something very expensive just becoz a simple B/W booklet doesn’t seem like a good bargain for me.

    The shop in Sunshine Plaza have website,
    have a look^^

    Okie, will wait for your e-mail wif home address (to send ViewFinder clear folder)

  17. I see… thanks for the info! I posted that question in a forum but I didn’t get any reply to it. If that’s the case I’ll probably just get the US version. :D

    oh~ that’s great! I’ll find time to give that place a visit then!

    Thanks! xD

  18. Kiss of Fire booklet is a B/W booklet of couple of pages manga. it’s not really tht important, fan makes it so important but i don’t think the booklet worth much.

    You can find Haru Wo shitaki or other Libre goods at Sunshine Plaza.

    I want to send you ViewFinder clear folder…if you don’t mind you can e-mail me your home/office address. (tht is only if you’re comfortable giving your address..if not then i understand.)
    I have 5 pcs of ViewFinder Clear Folder, i sold 3 pcs and i only want to keep i really don’t mind sending the last one to you.

  19. yeah… adds onto the drool~ eek~ we’re going to drown…

    I recently manage to order a Wild Rock clear folder from animaxis at the original Japanese retail price XD Haven’t received it yet. JPQueen has restocked one Haru wo Daite shitaki but at 3 times the original price ~ US$7.50 w/o shipping (||| -_-) I didn’t place an order. Maybe if I feel rich… They also have restocked one Japanese version Kiss of Fire artbook at US$59 w/o shipping (T-T) I don’t think it is the 1st press edition that comes with a special booklet. Still considering if I should get it or just buy the US licensed one at half the price…

  20. Oh yeah,..Emba got nice body. *drools*

    I do have Wild Rock Clear Folder…as you might guess the color is brown, definitly goes to nature color.
    well, i’m sure wild rock it’s not tht bad…Emba is surely a point of attraction-tht’s why i bought the clear folder. :P
    It’s okay to hate story or the outfit…but don’t hate the boys. ha ha

  21. LOL~ xD Missed ya. *hugs* Ah~ the manga is sweet. Actually feels like reading shoujo cos the art is very pretty ^_^ Cavemen mah… kekeke… I like your reaction hahaha but yeah, I agree men definitely look more attractive in a suit! Woo~ reminds me of Asami… and Emba will look great in one *nice body* ;)

  22. I’m not a fashionist but one thing tht keeps me off from reading the manga is the outfit.
    Never been a fan of man in ‘animal-print’ outfit and i’m having quite an effort not to laugh…

    Oh yeah tht Yamaguchi Kappei is also a factor.

    * if Emba is my boyfren i’m going to drag him to nearest Armani boutique.^^

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