BLCD: Tsuki to Sabaku no Neru Yoru (Koyasu Takehito x Suganuma Hisayoshi)

Title: Tsuki to Sabaku no Neru Yoru 月と砂漠の眠る夜 (12/2004)

Koyasu Takehito x Suganuma Hisayoshi
子安武人 x 菅沼久義
w/ Narita Ken 成田剣

Rating: Ok

Quick Summary:
19-year-old Japanese university student Naoya (Suganuma Hisayoshi) meets an Arabian prince (26 years old), Harel (Koyasu Takehito) during a function where he was working as a waiter. Harel notices Naoya staring at him and is attracted to the beautiful youth. Harel kisses him and asks him to spend the night with him. Naturally Naoya refuses. He is not interested in sleeping with men.

Naoya is kidnapped and subsequently placed in an illegal human auction. Harel pays 300 million dollars for Naoya and takes him back to Middle East by force. Thereafter, Naoya becomes his sex *ahem* love slave. Naoya tries to escape but is no match for Harel. He falls into despair when he finds out that there is no way he can return to Japan anymore. However, when Naoya knows that Harel is going to be married, he is filled with conflicting feelings for the man…

The story is so-so and predictable. Nothing spectacular but if you like master-slave BL stories, it is not a bad choice. The pairing is pretty good and there is a variety of H for your listening pleasure LOL~ ^^” This is the first time I’ve heard Suganuma-san in a BLCD and He sounds quite natural as uke :3 Koyasu-san gaves his usual performance as an alpha seme. The background music is not bad as well.

Catalog: INCD-2218

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