BLCD: sweet pool Drama CD -everblue-

sweet pool Drama CD -everblue-
Title: sweet pool Drama CD -everblue- (29/06/2009)

Makoto x Youji (Kisho Daisuke x Hatano Wataru 岸尾だいすけ x 羽多野渉)
Zenya x Youji (Midorikawa Hikaru x Hatano Wataru 緑川光 x 羽多野渉)
Tetsuo x Youji (Kawahara Yoshihisa x Hatano Wataru 川原慶久 x 羽多野渉)

崎山蓉司 Sakiyama Youji: 春野風 Hatano Wataru 羽多野涉
城沼哲雄 Shironuma Tetsuo: 鳩マン軍曹 Kawahara Yoshihisa 川原慶久
三田 睦 Mita Makoto: 空乃太陽 Kishio Daisuke 岸尾だいすけ
翁長善弥 Okinaga Zenya: Midorikawa Hikaru 緑川光,
姫谷浩平 Kitani Kouhei: 秋月秀行 Umezu Hideyuki 梅津秀行

Rating: Highly recommended (Warnings: violence and non-con)



Based on Nitro+Chiral’s BL game Sweet Pool. This 2-disk drama CD dives deeper into the inner emotions of each character based on their respective episodes in the game.

Makoto’s 「‐regret‐」, Zenya’s 「-absolute-」 and Tetsuo’s 「-a moment-」

The three boys’ stories are presented in Omibus format in Disk 1 while Disk 2 gives us a rare scenario where Youji and the other boys go to a karaoke box together!? A comedic outing in 「-after school-」. Also includes a new song 「how」 by Pale Green, music artist for the game.


Comments will contain SPOILERS to the sweet pool game but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum ^^

The dramatisation of Sweet Pool is excellent! If you’ve not played the game, this disk is a major spoiler but for those of us who have… gosh… it is awesome. I have -VERY- high expectations of this drama and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The drama shorts give us further insights to the inner thoughts of these boys. As I’m typing this entry, I’ve just finished listening to Makoto x Youji arc… Kisho Daisuke (Makoto) displayed an astonishing range of emotions, slipping seamlessly in and out of his usual cheerful disposition and growing darkness and torment as his obsession with Youji mounted… A true gem of a performance.

Stories of Makoto and Zenya in Sweet Pool are all about twisted love taken to the extreme…

Makoto’s 「‐regret‐」

“Why can’t it be me?”

This short drama has one of the most heart-wrenching sex-scenes I’ve ever heard for love gone seriously wrong.

Makoto started off wanting to be friends with Youji who had missed a year of school due to his weak health. Makoto is a bright and outgoing boy who eats a lot (lol~ he -is- a growing teenage boy indeed.) Youji, on the other hand seems like a loner and is quiet and subdued. As they spend more time together, Makoto becomes more and more attracted to him. “He smells so good… unlike the scent of perfume, it is something lighter and sweet.” Makoto thought and his heart begins to race whenever he sees Youji. As he struggles with his confused feelings for his friend, he also begins to develop an obsession for him. He just can’t get the boy out of his mind. When Makoto notices that Youji does not reject schoolmate, Tetsuo’s attention, his uncontrollable jealousy and possessiveness threaten to consume both Youji and himself…

You’ll probably be speechless by the time the ending theme for Makoto x Youji comes up.

[game spoiler start] Unbeknownst to Makoto, Youji’s body is “special”. He has the female reproductive ability of a mysterious organism and gives off phermones to attract the male counterpart. Prolonged exposure to that same phermone makes normal males go crazy (literally).[game spoiler end]

Zenya’s 「-absolute-」

“Be mine!”

Zenya kidnaps Youji and confines him in a secret room at his home. Although Zenya rapes Youji everyday, Youji realises that Zenya is a tortured soul within. He tries to reach out to Zenya but unfortunately, he is unable to get through to him…

Well… the sex was very good. It was rape ^^;;; but… otsukare Hatano-san~ hehe…

[game spoiler start] Zenya mentioned about wanting to make lots of babies with Youji… well in the game, Zenya is raised to become the male counterpart of a mysterious organism and his purpose is to procreate with the female counterpart. However, he is “artifically” nurtured by his father against his will and he suffers physically from his body’s rejection of the organism. If Youji had not met Tetsuo who is the natural male counterpart, perhaps the instinct of the organism within Youji would’ve accepted Zenya. [game spoiler end]

Tetsuo’s 「-a moment-」

“I’ve found you…”

Tetsuo x Youji is the only mutual love relationship in the game. The interaction between the two in the short drama is sweet but also oozing with sexy. Youji confesses to Tetsuo about feeling very happy to have met him as the guy finishes sewing a missing button onto his shirt for him. Rabu-rabu ne~ *whispers* but it seems that Tetsuo is the culprit as he is the one who ripped Youji’s shirt off lol~

Although this drama chooses to feature the “Best Ending” for Tetsuo x Youji arc which made me cry while playing the game, the impact isn’t as great here. Probably because it is too short. Please play the game! It is just too good to miss.

「-after school-」

The sweet pool boys visit a karaoke box after school. It turns out that both Youji and Zenya have never been to one before. Makoto leads the pack by singing and dedicating a song to Youji to amusing effect. One after another, each boy takes his turn to sing. How will the outing turn out? And who is the surprisingly best singer among the four?

Makoto really shines in this short drama lol~ his personality pretty much dominates the whole story and he has the best lines in here. I’m very glad that Nitro+ wrote this story ^^ I really enjoyed listening to it. Maybe they took into account the complaints by fans regarding Lamento dramas and put in extra effort to add value to this one.


Top-notch voice acting and nose-bleeding H-scenes. Highly recommended :) I think listeners who have not played the game would enjoy it too.

Btw, ordering the CD from ComiComi will also bag you a lovely Sweet Pool postcard featuring the four boys.

It was revealed in this CD that a new drama 「sweet pool ~駒波学園 学園祭」 will be coming our way soon. It is probably the same one that was delayed previously. According to the short summary, it’ll be a comedy set during the school’s festival. Really looking forward to it ^^

sweet pool

Catalog: HBDC-071 (HOBiRECORDS)

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29 thoughts on “BLCD: sweet pool Drama CD -everblue-”

  1. both ending themes of [-regret-] and [-a moment-] was sang by pale green?what’s the name of the song?the melody of [-a moment-] is shiawase~~

    1. Hi BLAC-K! The song names for the 3 dramas are:
      1 Kiss Of The Sky (by VERTUEUX) (Makoto’s theme)
      2 Killing Look (by Kazuhiro Watanabe) (Zenya’s theme)
      3 prove my love (by Pale Green) (Tetsuo’s theme) ^^

  2. Oh, I want this CD so bad.. *3*
    I still haven’t figured out how to get to the one (or is there two? i don’t know..) ending I’m missing.. >____< I'm missing two CG's. Gyaah. I'm angry. I don't want to listen the CD before I've finished with the game.
    And also in Lamento I'm still missing one of the Bardo endings. Nooo~~ :—DD
    Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for the spoilers and the info websites, Ponytale-san!! Lol, that was MUCH more disturbing an ending than I had thought…but glad to know my guess was half right.

    1. Glad to help! Yeah, Makoto’s ending was quite o_O but it’s appropriate for his characterisation once taken to the extreme ^^ I think the writers are brilliant.

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    1. I bought my lelouch from an online store: ^^ I would like to play more games but nowadays, I don’t have much time for them *sigh* I read Yaoi manga too but don’t blog about them much. There are so many good titles to write about and gaa~ no time for it.

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    1. Hi Alessa, I only digitally “altered” Lelouch’s hair colour in the photo using photoshop lol~ I’ve not tried real painting on figures or resin kits before. The Lelouch figure is too expensive for me to experiment on ^^;;; I want to learn too but not sure where to start :(

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    1. Hi Alessa, Thanks for dropping by ^^ Glad you found this site useful. The hiro-san pic was inspired by Junjou Romantica couple Nowaki x Hiroki. I took a pic of my Lelouch Project BM figure At that angle… I discovered that both Hiroki and Lelouch have similar hairstyle! I took the photo and recoloured his black hair brown. The duck is the official Junjou Romantica duck XD Related post here

      Oh~ wow is there a PSP version of sweet pool? :O I didn’t know that! Where did you get it? And do share the link to Shiki. I’m always on a look out for good online stores.

      Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese ^^

  7. So the story is basically like that of Sex Pistols? Lol. Actually thanks to your blog, I was exposed to these two works, started reading Sex Pistols last night. I’m not hot about mpreggers storylines, but they are a hoot in their own right.

    For Sweet Pool: Ack, I’m sorry, I meant track 1! I typed too fast. I kinda figured out the unpleasantness that was going on in track 2. Can you spoil me for the end of track 1?? It sounded extremely bloody so I have a feeling my guess is right.

    But I TOTALLY want to play the game! I’m sure I’ll always end up with the unhappy ending since I’ll just be guessing my way through but do you have any idea how I may get my hands on it? Can you recommend a site where I can purchase it from?? Thanks!!

    1. Sweet Pool is very different from Sex Pistols if you’re talking about mpreg lol~ ^^ I’m also not that keen about mpreg stories either but I found Sweet Pool and Sex Pistols pretty good :D

      Oh~ Sweet Pool track 1… the ending is definitely a big spoiler. **** SPOILER ALERT **** Makoto killed and ate Youji in the end The game has a further short development of this ending which I won’t spoil for you if you’re going to play it.

      You can get Sweet Pool at a reasonable price from comi-comi studio ^^ Do a search for sweet pool in the site cos direct linking to the individual product page doesn’t work :)

      Also, you can use a sweet pool capture guide to help you along with all the endings ^^

  8. Thank you so much for the summary!! After listening to the CDs, I totally want to play the game now even though I’m completely Japanese-illiterate! There’s no way to avoid spoilers if you answer me this, but I’m dying to know, what happened at the end of track 2? Did what happen to Youji exactly as it sounds like?

    1. Glad you found the summary useful! The ending for track 2 is the similar to what happened in the game. *****SPOILER***** Youji is unable to escape and Zenya imprisons him, makes sure he is kept alive (feeds him, etc). and rapes him everyday *_* There aren’t any babies born for the two of them tho… Zenya wasn’t the chosen one. But I guess we wouldn’t know since this story arc ended here. hopes the strikethrough line makes it a bit more difficult to read and hide the spoiler better XP

  9. Thank so much for sharing the summary, without this…i’d be totally lost. After viewing some of the cgs, it’s really graphic too, why is there so much blood? I just finished listening, so i’ll just let my imagination fill in the gaps*blush* Thank you!

  10. i did not read this post so I listened to Sweet Pool without any knowledge of what it is all about… It was a very very wrong move. =S

    I was listening to it as a nightcap but as the tracks went on, my eyes got wider and sleep was so our of the question And yes, I was speechless by the time the theme song for the first story came up. O.O WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? The stories freaked me out and I had to stop by the 2nd track, I really need to sleep and the stories were just too disturbing.

    So the game is like a psychological thriller of sort? The only good ending is with Tetsuo? How about the others? Do they get good endings if you choose it correctly or are they all scary tragedies like the ones featured in the drama cd?

    1. Oo~ its definitely not a drama to go to sleep with ^^;;; cos the first 2 stories are very disturbing. Hmm… yeah its kinda like a psychological thriller…

      Tetsuo x Youji is the “official” pairing… but even the “Best Ending” doesn’t end in the usual happily-ever-after kind of way… It is very touching tho. Trying to go for the other boys only ends in tragedy. That’s why the cd is a major spoiler (and probably really shocking in your case) for people who haven’t played the game.

      The comedy in the last drama is a completely new story tho’ so its good ^^ helps to lighten up the overall atmosphere.

  11. Not related to your post ^ but wanted to let you know I’ve been extremely busy, Pony-chan xd! Sorry for not replying lately ^^* will get back to you asap <3

    1. @Sigma: (^///^) yep yep! It’s a must listen!

      @Kaz: no worries, I figured you’re busy XD but glad you’re back. Take care!

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