BLCD: Subete wa Kono Yoru ni (Toriumi Kousuke x Kamiya Hiroshi, Takase Akimitsu x Yusa Kouji)

Title: Subete wa Kono Yoru ni すべてはこの夜に (25/05/2008)

Toriumi Kousuke x Kamiya Hiroshi 鳥海浩輔 x 神谷浩史
Takase Akimitsu x Yusa Kouji 高瀬右光 x 遊佐浩二
with Suganuma Hisayoshi 菅沼久義

Rating: Recommended

Summary: [There are some spoilers but no ending-spoilers ^^]
This drama is based on a novel by Aida Saki 英田サキ and made up of two related but separate stories.

1) First story (Toriumi Kousuke x Kamiya Hiroshi):
Desperate for money to repay his debt to loansharks, Kaji Satoru (Kamiya Hiroshi) is forced to take up a job to shoot at an unknown target. When he meets his designated victim, he is shocked to see Minato Akihiko (Toriumi Kousuke), his sex-friend during their university days. Kaji is easily overpowered by Minato, who is now the member of a Yakuza gang and held captive instead. Although Kaji expects the worst for being caught, he is handed over to Minato’s men, Takei Yasuyuki (Takase Akimitsu) and Satomura Shiro (Suganuma Hisayoshi) for questioning. He is lucky that Minato decides to spare his life and not dealt with in the usual manner by the Yakuza for attempting to shoot him.

During his captivity, Minato wants to know if Kaji still hated him for causing his girlfriend, Yuri’s death ten years ago. Taken aback by the unexpected question, Kaji admits that he has not forgiven him but he has long moved on with his life and does not have the strength to continue holding a grudge against Minato. In fact, he has not thought about Minato or the incident for quite some time. Angered by the answer, Minato humiliates Kaji and rapes him.

Thereafter, Kaji is locked inside the apartment and watched over daily by Takei and Shiro. As their investigations slowly come to light, Kaji is also forced to face his troubled past with Minato and his insecurities about his own sexuality. He tries to apologise for leaving such a deep scar on Minato’s cheek when he cut him with a knife in anger over Yuri’s death at that time. Minato refuses to accept his apology and rapes him again. Why does Minato want Kaji to hate him so much?

However, Minato promises to release Kaji once they locate the instigator but will Kaji be able to leave when the day finally arrives?

2) Second story (Takase Akimitsu x Yusa Kouji):
The second story rewinds and goes back sixteen years in time. It is about Takei Yasuyuki and his relationship with Suzuhara Ryouichi (Yusa Kouji), his brother-in-law he met one year after his sister’s death…

Suzuhara Ryouichi is a school teacher. Although he is gay, he fell in mutual platonic love with Yasuyuki’s sister, Asako who was afraid of having physical relationships with men. They were married and led a happy and contented life of a couple, enjoying the companionship they gave each other, without having sex.

Asako did not talk much about her past but she kept in touch with her brother, Yasuyuki through letters. Ryouichi knows that she cared a lot about Yasuyuki who was serving time in prison. Ten months into their marriage, Asako met with a car accident and passed away. In her last words. she wanted Ryouichi to look after her brother.

One year after her death, Yasuyuki turns up at Ryouichi’s doorstep after being released from prison. Yasuyuki wants to visit Asako’s grave and also meet the man who has given his sister happiness as she has described in her letters to him. He is very grateful to Ryouichi as Asako has only experienced a life of misfortune before she met Ryouichi who has treated her so gently.

While returning from the cemetery with Yasuyuki, Ryouichi injures his wrist and has to wear a cast for at least a month. Although it is the summer holiday, he is required to return to school daily for work related matters. Living alone with an injury has thus become an inconvenience. Yasuyuki requests to stay with him while he ponders his future before returning to Tokyo. He ends up helping Ryouichi with all the household chores and cooking while Ryouichi recovers from his injury. As the two men spend more time with each other, Ryouichi finds comfort in Yasuyuki as he too share a common love and grief for Asako. Before he knows it, he finds himself increasingly attracted to the quiet and tough-looking younger man who has a very gentle demeanor when he smiles.

After visiting a natsu-matsuri (Summer fair) together one fateful night, Yasuyuki confesses his love for Ryouichi and the couple consummates their love. The two lonely men bask in their passionate love but their happiness is short-lived. Yasuyuki has to leave for Tokyo. What does fate have in store for this couple?

Comments [some more spoilers]:
1) First story
Now… to be honest, I found the first story to be quite typical BL fare… Kaji and Minato’s relationship is fraught with non-communication. Kaji is fearful and tries to hide his sexual preference for men but he cannot help but fall for Minato after meeting him at the university. When Minato notices his longing gaze and confronts him, Kaji does not refuse him when he asks for sex. He falls deeper but feels more and more insecure. So he jumps into a relationship with Yuri when she confesses to him. As for Minato, he is a BL-universe seme who does not know how to express himself and thinks that if he can’t have his uke’s love, then he wants to be hated and continue living in his uke’s life in that way. Ah~ emo-kid alert.

And so we have Kaji saying: “You never said you loved me all that time when you slept with me!” and Minato goes: “You seem to be afraid of me and want to hide our relationship from others. But you’re always more than willing when I want to have sex, that’s why I thought you only wanted a physical relationship.” Oh the bickering couple… ^^;;; But at the end of the day, these guys are still so much in love with each other after so many years! Can they survive the Yakuza feud that they have got themselves into? Listen to the drama to find out.

One of the highlights of this drama is *sweat drop* Kamiyan’s reluctant gun fellatio. It was an interesting H-scene to hear (I’m a perv!) And then we also get to hear Kamiyan’s character raped by ToriKou’s character at gunpoint and at other parts in the story. I know some of you pervs like that too ^^;;; There are a number of H-scenes with realistic sound effects to make most of us happy. Well, it’s not like I don’t like the story cos it is still quite entertaining if you understand what is going on. The H-scenes helped a lot. Lol~ It is also important because it establishes a better overview of the setting in the second story…

Before I get to the next story, I have to draw your attention to Kamiyan’s sneeze here. He sounds so cute! Kinda weird to like this kind of thing but… gaaah it’s so cute! Like a baby sneezing XD I also fell in love with his cute little sneeze in Seikanji-ke series 04:Tsumi no Shitone mo Nureru Yoru 清澗寺家シリーズ 4 罪の褥も濡れる夜 (25/07/2008) which is also a highly recommended drama on the top of my all-time favourite list.

2) Second story
As for the second story? It is a simple, straightforward and believable love story that is just plain awesome.

I listened to this drama a couple of years back. When I started my blog, I made a mental note to review it some day because… *drum roll*

*************** It was the first BL drama that made me cry! ***************

I have to say, it is one of Yusa Kouji’s best performances ever. It woke me up (from falling asleep to the first story because I didn’t understand much Japanese then) to –CRY– my eyes out. Yes, even when I didn’t understand much of what they were saying at that time! Seriously. Yusa Kouji’s acting is that good.

Yusa Kouji’s character Ryouichi is your average nice man and guy-next-door type. He sounds like he is speaking with his usual voice and his monologue is fantastic. As the story progresses, you can hear the growing affection in Yusa Kouji’s voice towards Takase Akimitsu’s character. Takase Akimitsu also complemented him very well with his no-nonsense but sincere and gentle-sounding seme. You WILL definitely believe that these two people are in love with each other and wish they get a happily-ever-after ending. You have to listen to it to feel it. ^^ I love the rabu-rabu scene where Takei piggybacks Ryouichi while they walk home from the matsuri. It has an awesome link to the ending and I’m very sure it will break your heart when you finally get there. And the amazing thing is, the story never fails to make tears flow even though this is the nth time I’ve re-listened to it.

Definitely recommended for any quiet or peaceful night when you’re in the mood for something emotional.

Oh yes, the H scenes deliver as well. ;)

One major gripe with the drama is the music. I hated the background music at many parts of the first story. It was distracting and mismatched. The humiliating rape scene was accompanied with a soothing, “elevator-music-like” (uplifting even) BGM. I’m like… huh? *shakes head* Fortunately the sound effects and seiyuus more than made up for it. Some BGM of the action parts like dangerous or shooting scenes also reminded me of 70’s/80’s police soap drama music which sounded very out of place. Thankfully, the second story is well-executed enough (BGM was also better than the first story) that I’m willing and happy to pay the full price to have this 2-Disc drama in my collection.

In fact, that ending scene alone is well-worth the price, so don’t miss it!

Catalog: INCD-2506 (Get it from Comi-comi for the freetalk tokuten! Also available without tokuten at CDJapan)

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15 thoughts on “BLCD: Subete wa Kono Yoru ni (Toriumi Kousuke x Kamiya Hiroshi, Takase Akimitsu x Yusa Kouji)”

  1. @ponytale san

    I listened to it last night! Now I remember why the cover looks familiar =u=
    it was because I remember reading someone’s comment. She/He said Yusa played a “death” role.
    So that’s why I didn’t listen to it at the time.

    I sulk starting at track 9 and from there it just continued.. the sulking won’t stop =A=”
    Geeze, it was like watching drama except no film.

    (didn’t help that I was lucid dreaming lol it was like movie with the sound already played there *shot* omg yusa nuu ;A; *sits in corner of shame*)

    definitely its one of Yusa’s best performance ever!

    student: sensei we did this yestereday!
    ryoichi: ah right, sorry, okay next page then.

    lol soo cute >u<!

    His voice starts out like typical indeed
    and he began to cling onto his seme towards the end, and as you said you can sense affection in his voice. Yasuyuki & Ryouichi are a pair made in heaven. (minus death… damn ;_; ) I sulked so bad when he started lighting that sparkler, and started to meep about life/love in general. uhuhuh so sad, then the seme came, and I was relieved for awhile but then he had to leave again OTL

    towards the end when the seme found out ryouichi's condition omg so heart wrenching OTL I wanted to pull my hair out! OTL they yearned so much for each other and yet we get this ending? OTL why?! WHY?! OTL!!! And that conversation about Ryouichi will get better and they will continue to watch sakura festival.. next year & the year afterwards and onwards as they grow old ;A; I dun even – OTL TOO SAD FOR WORDS!!!!!! then he dies wahhhh *depression*

    there are peggyback scenes throughout the cd. and its so cute and lovely.. his seme is so caring ugh OTL

    thinking about it now =u= will just hurl me to hell, I can't stop crying lol OTL
    thank god the tokuten/free talk was there to save me! it brought me slight happiness and I didn't have to sulk as much OTL

    1. @K.K: just ponytale will do ^^)/

      Yeah… that’s the one. So far I haven’t listened to any other drama cd that has such an ending.

      “student: sensei we did this yestereday!
      ryoichi: ah right, sorry, okay next page then.
      lol soo cute”
      :3 yep yep… *squeezes him tight*

      He sounded so vulnerable towards the end. My tears wouldn’t stop even after the drama concluded. Everytime I relistened to it, I cried (T_T)

      Lol~ yep, thank goodness for the light-hearted free talk. Yusa gave some rather clever answers to his questions :)

  2. Ponytale san..

    your review itself is enough to make me cry LMAO
    I am umm having second thoughts if I want to listen or not hehe
    I feel like crying already LOL

    oh yusa damn you! I already Download it.. but I dun know if I want to press play OTL!!!!!!!

    1. @K.K: ponytale will do :D

      Well, you’ll be missing one of Yusa’s best performances if you skipped this drama… so please don’t do that!!! It is worth all your tears!

  3. OMG, sleazy BGM, that is the WORST. That reminds me of the BLCD for Negai Kanae Tamae. The BGM they used for the first h-scene between the main couple sounded like something out of a stereotypical bad 70’s porno flick. And it was supposed to be a meaningful, emotionally heavy scene, but that music totally killed it. I actually started laughing.

    Egoist’s music wasn’t that bad, or as bad as Subete’s; the music generally was just tuneless and therefore didn’t add anything to the scenes. Some parts, it was too loud. But oh yes, the wonderful sound effects and performances made up for it. I just wish BLCD producers would realize that no music is sometimes more effective than bad music. I think you reviewed the Abunai Side Story BLCD before…that infamous non-con h-scene between Toshiyuki and his brother is one of the best scenes I’ve ever heard (I literally went weak in the knees the first time I heard it) and a big contributing factor was the brilliant usage of silence in the background and music at the end. Damn, that was well done. More producers should listen to that one track to learn how to do things properly.

    1. Hehehe sometimes a sleazy BGM is suitable for the scenario… you know, like those stories about male hosts :P I haven’t listened to the Negai Kanae Tamae blcds yet. Apart from the music, is it good?

      Yeah, no music is definitely better than bad music x_x and I agree… sometimes the music is just too loud, and I’ll be like. darn! I can’t hear a thing! (re: the sound effects) lol~ I want to know which gucha-gucha part they’re at now! XD

      Abunai Side story‘s sex scene was seriously legendary ^^;;; cos it had no music for the most part, it feels like we’re there ourselves. The wet, slapping noises and ruffling bedsheets go so well with their moans and the rhythmic movements of every thrust… *fans self* I <3 the sound effects producer/audio mixer lol~ After the first time I heard it, I think I probably replayed it a gazillion times in awe of what they were capable of doing in that one track *_*

      Also, it was a doujin work. So maybe they have more control over what they wanted? Nowadays there are other awesome BLCDs with sex scenes that can rival it in realism and hotness too but no one can replace Shiozawa Kaneto and Morimori for being one of the first to give us that nosebleeding performance.

      And isn’t it funny… the character has the same name as Morimori’s current name (^///^) (Altho he was using his real name Morikawa Tomoyuki at that time the CD was made)

  4. I’ve been meaning to tell you, omg, you were SOOOO right about the HORRIBLE muzak in this BLCD! I almost couldn’t get through the whole cd because of it. Total mood killer. Actually the music in Egoist no Junai was not much better either. Thank goodness the performances made up for it, but why do BLCD companies insist on shitting on the awesome performances of the seiyuus by sticking in the worst BGM known to mankind in the background? Actually, not even in the background, a lot of times the music is like so freaking LOUD it almost overwhelms the voices. Ugh. It’s downright insulting to the seiyuus.

    1. Yeah *_* I HATED the soundtrack for this BLCD. I think sometimes the producers try too hard. Some BLCDs even have sleazy BGM too but as long as it doesn’t interfere too much with the seiyuu voices, I can still let it go as in Egoist’s case. Egoist no Junai’s soundtrack was relatively bland but it isn’t too bad. The piano piece was simple but quite suitable in the sex scene. Egoist’s sex scenes are fantastic cos they let the seiyuus do all the work… and sound effects *doki doki* They’re so graphic but still relatively subtle that it feels much more realistic. I can clearly see in my mind what’s going on… *nosebleeds* oops.. out-of-topic XD

  5. Hello again.=) This is neko12 saying that I’ve moved to here in WordPress.^^ Sorry for plugging.

    I need help in getting around WP. hehe. Any help would be much appreciated (especially on editing the theme).XD

    1. @neko12: Yeah *high fives* XD Anyway, I found that listening to BLCDs really helped improve my Japanese listening ability A LOT. I think that’s probably one of the best things I’ve got from obsessing about BL dramas and their seiyuus over the past few years ^^;;;

      @maku: Thanks for commenting! XD It helps to know that the reviews helped hehe… do share your thoughts after you listened to it!

  6. You’re perfectly normal.XD I would like to believe I am ‘normal’ as well.. XD We just think of boys under boys way too often. ^_~

  7. I just realized that I use two names to write comments in your blog. I’m both kyonkyon and neko12. hu-hmm.XDXD Anyway..

    Does this have a manga? The story seems familiar. But maybe, as you said, the story is just so typical that it’s easy to interchange with other works. My sister says the author is Yuri Ebihara?? It amazes me sometimes that my sis can identify the mangaka just by looking at one pic.O_O

    I applaud the fact that you can actually listen to these BLCDs and still think straight afterwards.XDXD I tried listening to Viewfinder’s BL CD but I kept laughing all the while and stopped when the x-rated part came on. *flail*

    1. Ah~ XD I only recognise your neko12 nickname kekeke…

      This drama is based on a novel… would’ve been much more helpful if it was a manga like Viewfinder huh XD *Pin-Pon!* The illustrator is Yuri Ebihara, your sister is correct!

      Usually we start with BLCDs that are based on manga cos easier to understand lol~ so I listened to Viewfinder BLCD when I was a newbie. I didn’t enjoy it tho’ ^^;;; The casting was quite off… Koyasu Takehito wasn’t too bad but the other characters just sound…wrong x_x especially Feilong *shakes head in disappointment* I thought the H-scenes were not that great either.

      HAHAHA That’s why I admit I’m a perv! XD XD I don’t think straight anymore cos “I listen to audio pR0n!” ~ but I would like to believe I’m still normal enough to be able to function in the real world albeit having a brain tainted by BL filters *Sensei! My BL filters have left me in despair!* Nah not really… XD XD

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