BLCD: Slaver’s Series Vol. 3: Slaver’s Lover Kouhen (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro)

Slaver’s Series Vol. 3: Slaver’s Lover Kouhen スレイヴァーズ ラヴァ(後編) (2005/06/20)

Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro
森川智之 x 櫻井孝宏

Rating: Recommended for angst, fiesty uke and people who like master-slave relationships. (Warnings: non-con but I think this will encourage even more people to pick up this cd LOL~)

Detailed summary: (Spoilers galore~ but I think it doesn’t really matter here :3 )
Slaver’s Lover Kouhen continues from where Slaver’s Lover Zenpen left off.

Slaver’s Lover Zenpen ended with an ugly confrontation between Saeki Takanari 冴木鷹成 (Morikawa Toshiyuki) and Kurahashi Shuuichi 倉橋柊一 (Sakurai Takahiro) after the latter discovers accidentally that Saeki deceived his father, elder Kurahashi in order to gain ownership of the Kurahashi company. In a fit of despair, Saeki forces himself onto Shuuichi again.

The next day, troubled by the unexpected turn of events, Saeki soldiers on as they have an important meeting with Stanley Corporation in the afternoon. With a lot in his mind, he gently strokes Shuuichi’s hair as he sleeps. However, Shuuichi is awake and only pretending to be asleep as he did not know how to face Saeki after what happened the night before.

Shuuichi’s heart aches at the warmth he feels from Saeki’s loving gesture. He wants to know what Saeki is really thinking about but Saeki never reveals anything and continues to hurt him time and time again. Unable to contain his emotions any longer, Shuuichi pushes Saeki’s hand away. Taken aback, Saeki asks Shuuichi to rest and that he will pick him up after he returns from the meeting later. However, Shuuichi rebukes him and says that he does not want to stay with Saeki anymore now that he is aware of what Saeki had done. Saeki asks for Shuuichi’s forgiveness and wishes to talk to him at the end of it all but Shuuichi refuses. He is too afraid of what lies ahead. Putting all the blame on Saeki in a fit of anger and confusion, he declares that he will not forgive him no matter what he says. In response, Saeki admits that since he did use underhanded methods to gain ownership of Shuuichi and the company, he shall not ask for forgiveness anymore.

Saeki: Do you wish to kill me?
Shuuichi: Kill you? I would if I could! For as long as I can remember, there is nothing else in a world that hurts me except your existence.
Saeki: You are suffering because I am here?
Shuuichi: Yes. If you never existed, I would have lived without having to know what it means to hate somebody.
Saeki: So you’re saying I’m the cause of everything that happened?
Shuuichi: That’s correct. Now, get out!
Saeki: I had a good time… hurting your pride. If I had not done all this, I would not have been able to touch you at all.
Shuuichi: Get out now and get out of my sight! I hate you! Go to hell! [I think Shuuichi threw a pillow at him or something lol~]
[Sorry for the crappy translation… I skipped some parts I didn’t understand ^^;;;]

With that, Saeki left the room. Although Shuuichi threw those angry words at Saeki in his rage, he feels only sadness. He laughs bitterly and before he knows it, his tears begin to flow. Physically and emotionally exhausted, he falls asleep, only to be awakened by the recurring nightmare of the day Saeki was shot. The nightmare had not resurfaced since Saeki discharged from the hospital. Shuuichi feels uneasy and finds himself dressing for work. He reaches into his own coat pocket and is surprised to find the same Christmas souvenir plate that was inside the coat he gave Saeki when they were fourteen years old.

Shuuichi is reminded of the sorrow in Saeki’s eyes. He cannot help feeling guilty towards Saeki, every time he sees that flicker of sadness. Shuuichi cannot understand why he feels this way since he is the one who is suffering. He does not know if he can forgive Saeki but he finally decides that he should have a good talk with him to set things straight once and for all.

Shuuichi leaves Saeki’s private room at the office and bumps into their lawyer, Wakamiya. Weakened from what happened the night before, Shuuichi feels light-headed. Wakamiya suggests that Shuuichi rest at his office as Saeki has already left for the meeting with Stanley Corporation. During the course of their conversation, Shuuichi complains to Wakamiya about Saeki’s devious way of seizing his company. However, Wakamiya chides Shuuichi for his lack of understanding of all that Saeki has done in order to protect him and his company. [Wakamiya is obviously unaware that Shuuichi is also forced into a sexual relationship with Saeki *shrugs*]

Wakamiya explains that he was moved by Saeki’s passion for the company even though he did not want to accept the younger man’s request for help in the beginning. According to Wakamiya, Shuuichi’s father did not want Saeki to shoulder the burden of running the failing Kurahashi company. However, for someone who is young and the same age as Shuuichi, Saeki seems more than willing to sacrifice himself for Shuuichi. Shuuichi realises how lonely Saeki is. At the same time, Shuuichi blames himself for their strained relationship as he had always kept Saeki at a distance because of his own pride and attitude towards Saeki’s excellence and strength. Wakamiya encourages a sobbing Shuuichi that they still have a lifetime to make things right again.

After that, Shuuichi goes to his own department. His colleague, Kawana tells him that she has been trying to call him as Hayase needs his presence urgently at the meeting to explain their proposal. Eager to do what he can for the project and Saeki, Shuuichi makes his way to the waiting car as directed. He realises too late that he has fallen into a trap when he notices that the chauffeur is a different person. Shuuichi is overpowered and kidnapped.

At Stanley Corporation, Saeki reveals to Hayase that Kurahashi Company has already won the contract although it has not been officially announced yet. Saeki’s intention is to secure Kurahashi Company’s stability and get rid of its enemies before handing the ownership back to Shuuichi. However, he did not have a chance to tell Shuuichi yet since he refused to listen to him now.

Saeki meets Takashima, who hints openly to Saeki that Kawana is on their side. Saeki realises that Shuuichi is now in their hands. Takashima threatens that the result of the meeting will determine Shuuichi’s fate. Saeki is desperate. He has made a fatal mistake. Shuuichi would have been able to attend the meeting with him today if he did not force himself on Shuiichi the night before. Just then, Takada calls him to inform of Shuuichi’s kidnap. Saeki asks him to search for Shuuichi’s location with the tracking device. At the same time, Saeki has no choice but to inform Mr Stanley of his decision to pull out of the contract…

Shuuichi wakes up to find himself tied up and left on a bed inside a cruiser boat cabin. He hears a sinister laughter coming from the side and sees his uncle. The older man switches on the television and a news bulletin reports that the car that Saeki was travelling in had exploded. Shuuichi is shocked by the news and upset that his last words to Saeki was “Go to hell!”

Takashima enters the cabin and announces that they have won the Stanley Corporation contract. [How did he get there so quickly?] He muses that if he knew it was so easy to get Saeki to back down, they wouldn’t have had to plant the bomb in Saeki’s car at all. However, Shuuichi’s uncle feels that it is better to get rid of Saeki once and for all to prevent him from causing any trouble in the future.

Shuuichi’s uncle has asked for Takashima’s help to take revenge against Saeki for taking ownership of the company. Now that Saeki is dead, Shuuichi’s uncle will step in and take control over Shuuichi.

Uncle: Isn’t this the freedom that you’ve always wanted?
Shuuichi: Freedom… that I’ve been wishing for? I don’t wish for it. If I lose him, I’d rather continue to be bound by him instead!

Shuuichi sobs. He feels that if Saeki had not taken up his burden, he would have been able to live on and lead a different life.

In return for his help, Takashima gets to lay his hands on Shuuichi. Takashima was his father’s love rival for Shuuichi’s mother, Yuriko. After losing her, he has set his sight on violating Shuuichi who is just as beautiful as his mother and triumphing over Saeki as revenge against Shuuichi’s father. [Strange preoccupation I’d say.] Shuuichi’s uncle gives him an aphrodisiac which he gladly injects into Shuuichi. He threatens to hurt him with a knife if he resists.

As the effects of the drug kicks in, Shuuichi cries for Saeki in his heart. He despairs because Saeki is dead and can no longer come for him. Takashima cuts away Shuuichi’s rope, leaves his knife on the side and starts molesting him [the poor baby…]

Shuuichi grabs the knife and demands that Takashima stay away from him or he will slash his own face with it. He is losing consciousness because of the aphrodisiac and cuts his own hand in the attempt to stay sober. His mind swirls with thoughts of joining Saeki in the other world as he makes his way out of the cabin towards the sea. However, he becomes so weak that he falls before he could reach it. Takashima catches hold of him and Shuuichi is too weakened to resist anymore.

At that moment, Shuuichi remembers Saeki once said to him that he wants to make all of Shuuichi, every strand of his hair, fingers, and even his soul his own.

Shuuichi (in his heart): Saeki… you said those words and you embraced me so forcefully. Yet you have gone and left me! Have your way. I want Saeki to come here… come to me and hold me tightly. Save me… Saeki, don’t I belong to you?

Just as Shuuichi gives up all hope, Saeki appears miraculously, punches Takashima and holds him down. Saeki is alive! Shuuichi thinks he is dreaming. Suddenly, a group of men run onto the deck with Shuuichi’s uncle. They point their guns at Saeki and demand that Saeki let go of Takashima.

Laughing triumphantly, Takashima seizes Shuuichi. Saeki stops him and offers to hand over Kurahashi Company if he releases Shuuichi. At this point, Shuuichi screams that if Saeki relinquishes his position, he will not forgive him for real. Saeki is shocked to hear it and asks bitterly, “For real? Is it even possible that you’ll ever forgive me?” Shuuichi is silenced and does not know how to respond.

Looking on, Takashima purposely provokes Saeki by doing lecherous things to Shuuichi. Agitated, Saeki tries to stop him but is restrained. Takashima tells his men to throw Saeki into the sea while Shuuichi’s uncle snatches the document from his hand, saying that Shuuichi is now the president of the company.

Shuuichi intervenes and says he will do whatever they say if they let Saeki go. Saeki protests but Shuuichi says that he needs to repay Saeki for what he has done for him and he wants him to have happiness. Shuuichi’s uncle is delighted by his decision. However, Saeki breaks free of his rope and wrests a gun from his captors.

Saeki: Bastard! I’m going to kill you! Let go of Shuuichi-sama now or I’ll shoot!
Uncle: You… monster. You snapped the rope!?
Saeki: Yes. I am a monster. Now keep your hands off Shuuichi-sama… if you treasure your life.

Shuuichi hides behind Saeki as he orders Shuuichi’s uncle to drop his gun. The older man throws his gun away and tries to escape. Before Saeki can fire at him, Shuuichi stops him in time as he does not want Saeki to commit a crime. Takada reaches them and asks Saeki to give up his gun, calm down and let his men do the work. He chides him for taking action rashly before the police arrives.

When Takashima overhears that the police are on their way, he tries to negotiate his way out of the situation by offering to relinquish the contract with Stanley Corporation. Mr Stanley enters the cabin and Saeki explains to Shuuichi that Stanley Corporation has already decided on Kurahashi Company. The police arrive and take the perpetrators under custody.

Mr Stanley’s cruiser will reach land in about two hours’ time. Shuuichi and Saeki excuse themselves and rest in one of the cabins. Shuuichi apologies to Saeki for what he said and asks him about the car explosion. Saeki explains that they managed to get out of the car in time before the explosion and escaped with minor injuries.

Shuuichi wonders if the souvenir in his coat pocket is a tracking device that led Saeki to him every time he gets into trouble. Saeki says that the souvenir is his protection charm. Shuuichi’s heart pounded. He is reminded of that white snowing winter’s night when they first met. Young Shuuichi felt an unexplainable sorrow when he saw Saeki standing at the gate with such a lonely expression. Shuuichi tries to tell Saeki what he felt that night but the effects of the drug return.

[Time for some smexy action! I enjoy this H-scene very much cos Shuuichi’s reactions are cute and I love him as hungry uke for a change even though it is due to the aphrodisiac and he is still in denial. And Saeki’s bullying and teasing is so hot! *steam gushes out of nostrils* And gosh… the luxurious sound effects! *nosebleeds and dies*]

Shuuchi struggles between his pride and asking for Saeki’s help to release the sexual hunger that is building up within him. He does not want Saeki to see him in such an ugly state.

Saeki: This is why you can never fall in love with anyone because you are too proud to let anyone see your own desires.

Saeki asks him very gently to set himself free. Shuuichi gradually loses his resolve as he falls under the drug’s effects and Saeki’s loving kisses. Shuuichi knows that only Saeki has power to unsettle his heart this way. He resists weakly as Saeki prepares him for sex and is unable to stop his own body from reacting eagerly to the stimulation. [Why am I writing all these lol~]

Saeki teases Shuuichi that he was on Mr Stanley’s cruiser and monitoring the tracking device when he heard Shuuichi declaring he rather be bound by Saeki than have him dead. When he heard that, nothing can stop him from jumping into the sea and coming straight for him. Shuuichi denies what he said. [What comes after is usual banter between a seme and his uke-in-denial…]

Saeki: You’re not being honest again… Then should I stop? *removes his finger*
Shuuichi: Uh… no, don’t stop… I mean… that’s not what I… [meow~ Kawaii!!! X3]
Saeki: Seems like your other mouth is more honest? *happily inserts his finger in again and does smexy things to Shuuichi’s other mouth* [*cough* yep THAT other mouth lol~]

Shuuichi knows it is not enough. He hungers for something stronger and more forceful.

Saeki: You feel incredibly hot today. This is the first time I’ve seen your body crave so much for it. *kisses him all over* I wonder what drug was administered. [He probably wants to buy it too lol~] Even your body tastes so terribly sweet.

Shuuichi feels Saeki’s touch and warmth and a sweet pain surrounds him. Subconsciously, he reaches out and clutches Saeki’s shoulders with his hands.

Shuuichi: I’m so glad… that you’re alive.
Saeki (surprised): You don’t want me killed?
Shuuichi: Couldn
‘t you tell that I was lying?
Saeki: You do know that I am a despicable man…
Shuuichi: Yes, I know that…
Saeki (bitterly): You even told me to go to hell!
Shuuichi: I don’t really mean what I said… *hugs Saeki tightly* I was so scared when I thought that you were gone. I thought I can’t live on anymore.
Saeki: I will not leave you. I would come back to you even if I ended up in hell.
Shuuichi: That’s right… I’m so glad… truly. Saeki, stay with me always.

[Long yummy kisses follow ♥]

Saeki: Shuuichi-sama, if you give me your permission, I want to continue binding you to me.
Shuuichi: Saeki…

♥♥♥ Saeki enters Shuuichi ♥♥♥

Enjoy the moans everyone! XD

Kyaa~ Shuuichi is so sexy when he gasps “Motto…” (meaning: I want more…) and Saeki goes “Konna… iin desu ne?” (Like this… *thrusts deeply* is good? (^///^)]

I find it difficult to translate properly Shuuichi’s monologue during this scene… I think he was saying that unbelievably, he feels emotionally flustered by the thought of having Saeki, alive, embracing him, taking control of his body. With his own feelings like this, he does not even care that he is Saeki’s slave anymore and submits himself to the pleasure of the sexual act. At this point, Saeki asks him to let go of his pride and take him deeper inside him… what follows is a lovely, dramatic and satisfying climax scene ~sigh~ Looks away at the sunset….

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

The evening after the kidnapping incident, Mr Stanley visits Saeki and Shuuichi’s hotel and expresses his wish to withdraw the contract. He does not want to subject his own company to unnecessary risk. He thinks that Saeki is very impulsive because he jumped into the sea before the police arrived in order to get to Shuuichi first. However Shuuichi speaks up for Saeki and explains that Saeki is a human and not perfect but he hopes that Mr Stanley can look beyond it and at to the enormous potential that he possesses. Mr Stanley is finally convinced and agrees to the contract.

At the airport before he leaves, Mr Stanley asks Saeki to join Stanley Corporation after the project completes and possibly become his heir since he does not have a son. However Saeki rejects him because much as it is a tempting offer, he cannot go to a place without Shuuichi. To Saeki, Shuuichi is his soul, his reason for living, his everything. Even if Shuuichi does not forgive or allow him to, he wants to protect him from the shadows. He wishes that the two company can continue to work together in the future.

Mr Stanley later chides jokingly at Hayase for leaving Stanley Corporation even though they pay him so much better. However, Hayase is point-blank at answering he is attracted by Kurahashi Company which has a great enough potential to overtake even Stanley Corporation.

Although Shuuichi has been resting after the kidnapping, he manages to go to the airport to send Mr Stanley off. He wants to speak to Saeki about working together and propelling Kurahashi Company into the number one spot in the world. However, he can’t get the words out of his mouth when he sees Saeki face to face. With the Stanley Corporation contract secured and their enemies removed, everything is set in place. Saeki tries to relinquish his position to Shuuichi as was promised to elder Kurahashi. He gives Shuuichi the contractual document for him to take back his company as the president. He feels that he is no longer needed because Wakamiya and Hayase is by his side and Shuuichi is ready to lead the company. He will do whatever Shuuichi wants him to and disappear if he asks.

Shuuichi notices that Saeki’s eyes no longer display the heavy burden that Saeki is carrying and his need for salvation seems to be gone. It is then Shuuichi realises that by setting Shuuichi free, Saeki is also set free from his bondage. Shuuichi questions Saeki that by doing so, does he expect his sins to be forgiven? In his heart, Shuuichi cannot bear to allow him to leave like this after he has made him go through so much.

Shuuichi: You must stay with me, take responsibility and walk all the way with me till the end.

Then Shuuichi tears up the document and says that he does not need freedom. Shuuichi realises that he feels a bittersweet pain in his heart when Saeki is around but when he is not, his heart cannot bear it.

Shuuichi: When you said you wanted to bind me even in our next life… was it a lie?

Shuuichi says that although he feels that it is not in Saeki’s best interests to continue staying by his side but even then he hopes to have him. So, the couple renew their master-slave contract with Saeki promising to stay on with Shuuichi. Saeki explains to Shuuichi that contrary to what he thinks, he does not feel that he is unfortunate. As he has told Shuuichi before when he took the bullets in his place, he was very glad to be able to do so. And he feels very contented with what he has now. Saeki kisses Shuuichi and Shuuichi is finally aware that all this time, he was searching for the gentle Saeki he knew and fell in love with during the stormy night when they were both locked in at the university. However, he also wants to treasure the Saeki who is right in front of him now. Shuuichi realises that he was already bound by Saeki with the look in his eyes that very night he saw him standing outside his mansion.

Shuuichi: If you want to keep binding me, it’s ok… do what you will…

And Shuuichi reaches for Saeki and kisses him willingly for the first time. Even Saeki was shocked. Shuuichi thanks Saeki and they hug each other. As the wind blows, paper shreds fly around them, and it feels just like the same snowing winter’s night when they first met…


Slaver’s Lover is volume two of a five-part series by novelist Katoh Elena (華藤えれな).

Strangely, Kouhen was so much more difficult to write =_= I wonder why… hmm maybe because there were quite a number of monologues that needed to be explained and written in a coherent manner. But I had a lot of fun when it came to writting about the H-scene lol XDD *hides* and the sex on the sea setting this time… clashing waves and sounds of seagulls gave it a rather nice flavour. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it too :3

One of the things I really love about this series is that they always allocate enough time to build up the mood and give us indulgent and realistic sex scenes that end in climatic satisfaction, like the one at the end of this volume ♥ Absolutely fantastic chemistry between Sakupyon and Morimori ♥ It is no wonder some fans started having fantasies of the two of them as a couple in real life at that time. I think I read somewhere that there were even BL fan fictions written about them then lol~

Anyway, what you do think of the English voice overs? I find it very distracting to do additional voice overs for the English script spoken between Mr Stanley and the rest of the cast. If they wanted to do that, they should lower the English volume even more. You guys agree?

And Kamiyan sounded like a robot lol~ XD I was quite amused and gosh… I was trying so hard not to listen to their Engrish and concentrate on their Japanese. I would’ve skipped them if I could (but I kept replaying them cos I have to write the summary… Gaaah~ *twitches*)

Have you listened to any BLCDs where the seiyuus actually spoke English and sounded yummy? :-\ I can’t think of any… even the BLCD “Repeat after me” which is about learning English didn’t have anything close lol~

No freetalk in this volume either… And Slaver’s Nude would be next! :3

Catalog: INCD-2223

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  1. @ponytale: Yes, please do check out Crimson Cross and tell me how you find its plot and characters. I think it’s a good vampire manga–dark and tragic with just a tiny hint of bl if you tilt your head and squint. Sakupyon would be perfect as Carl van Helsing–lonely, tortured, and proud while Morimori’s voice would fit the ancient vampire Elliot–wise, sensual, and just loves to screw with Carl’s head (hmm…do the characters sound familiar or what?)

    Ishida-san voicing a sadistic uke is great, but sadistic seme? All kinds of awesome! X3
    I absolutely love his role as Cho Hakkai. If only Saiyuki is a bl anime…would really like to hear Ishida-san play the seme to Seki Toshihiko’s manly and stubborn Genjyo Sanzo. :-P

    I must admit I haven’t listened to most of Junjun’s works, though I first noticed his potential in playing queen-like uke roles after watching the live voice drama segment of the 3rd Saint Beast Party, wherein he voiced the enigmatic Pandora. In regular anime, I like his voice as the crazy and flamboyant Grell in Kuroshitsuji.

    I guarantee you’ll enjoy listening to the FT in Tenshi ka Akuma ka–Horiuchi-san is such a bully, especially towards Suzuken. Baito wa Maid FT is also amusing to listen to with Tobita-san and Sakupyon acting like a couple of dorks. Finally, I would particularly recommend listening to BL Urabanashi vol 3 and 4 wherein Morimori’s guests are Suzuken, Sakupyon, and Chiba Susumu. The seiyuus’ conversation on doing karami scenes in volume 3 is definitely worth checking out! ;-)

    1. @jinnina: I read Crimson Cross :O you are so right! Casting Morimori and Sakupyon would be perfect! It’s kinda sad that Carl doesn’t realise that he is doing exactly what Elliot wants him to… hehe yeah the characters sound familiar indeed. X3

      Ah~ you’re a Saiyuki fan! One of my friends absolutely loves it ^^ Mmm… I caught it when it was on TV many years back but after a while it became very repetitive for me. I got busy too so I dropped it. They’re going to release a new Saiyuki ova this year. Watch out for it!

      Hahaha Grell~ he is a show-stealing character. I also fell in love with him all over again cos he is Lelouch <3 Well, I think the closest he came to queen uke is probably during the in-game H-scene in Vivid Color's Hanamachi Monogatari. I can't remember exactly cos it's been a few years since I last played it.

      Okie I'll definitely go check out those FTs and BL Urabanashi XDD

  2. @ponytale: Royal Prince is about right, particularly a snobbish prince. What I like about Sakurai’s uke voice is that it still retains a boyish tone. He can do soft and lilting without sounding like a girl and his moans and gasps are just so…*nose-bleed*

    Yeah, an animated version of Slavers series is unlikely…but really, any yaoi anime with this pairing will do. I know of two mangas I would love to be animated with the main characters played by Morimori and Sakupyon–Taiyou no Kikoushi and CrImson Cross. Taiyou no Kikoushi is a yaoi manga while Crimson Cross is a vampire manga with shonen-ai potential (*sigh* if only the mangaka was into bl).

    Honestly, I don’t think wimpy uke roles fit Ishida-san anyway. I actually prefer it when he voices creepy or sadistic characters. As for Junjun, while I found his voice cute in Okane ga Nai OVA, I like him better in queen-like roles.

    Uh…I’m sorry if you feel pressured over translating the FT corner. It’s just that FTs are also my favorite part in every bl cd (aside from the H-scenes, nyaha! I’m such a perv!X3) since they allow us listeners to get a feel of how seiyuus find bl dramas and the roles they get to play, not to mention the juicy tidbits they sometimes let slip as they talk with their fellow seiyuus *cough*Nariken-and-his-pervy-antics*cough.* Anyway, if you enjoy listening to funny and interesting FTs, you can check out the one in Tenshi ka Akuma ka and of course BL Urabanashi volumes 2, 3, 4, and 5. Waah…I really envy people like you who understand the Japanese language better!

    By the way, have you listened to the drama cd with Tobita Nobuo x Sakupyon pairing? I was listening to Baito wa Maid the other day and I noticed that Tobita-san has a very sexy voice in a creepy way, especially when his character went from mild-mannered butler/assistant (?) to sadistic psycho when Sakupyon refused to work for Nariken’s character (after finding out that he’s gay). It’s amazing how he’s frequently assigned the role of creepy psycho when he sounds so genki in that drama’s FT along with Sakupyon (they sound like a couple of dorks on a sugar-high!).

    1. @jinnina: Yes! You’re darn right about that XD I also prefer my ukes to sound like men! XDD makes you wanna like push him down right there and ravish him silly lol~lol~ XDD *ravishes some more* mmm I read Taiyou no Kikoushi too. Beautiful work! Haven’t read about Crimson Cross tho ^^ I’ll check it out.

      Gosh I agree with you. Ishida was given so many idiotic uke roles, I think I would also quit BL if I was him :P I also love his sadistic uke in Oujisama Level BL game’s drama cd. Seriously awesome. I think he sounds way better as this type of uke. If he was given a seme role where he sounds manly like his general anime roles, I think he would sound great. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if he had any such seme roles. =_=;; Which Queen uke Junjun BLCD would you recommend? :D In general, I also prefer stronger ukes in BL stories.

      No worries, I’ll try my best. FTs can be really fun, especially when I can follow what they’re saying but sometimes they talk so fast (T_T) and it’s like once I lose the context, it’s really hard to understand cos my level of Japanese isn’t that good. Replaying it over and over MAY help but not always. And it’s worse when they’re so excited everybody’s voices are drowning out everybody else’s. It’s a nightmare for the Japanese literacy-challenged. OTL. For the drama’s plot, sometimes when I don’t quite get it, I can refer to the novels themselves or based on the context, I can get the gist of it and do a bit of research online to confirm the content if necessary.

      Ooo~ Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll check em out! Ufufufu… I think I listened to Baito wa Maid when I first started listening to blcds. I had an impression that Sakupyon was a cute uke. I can’t remember much about it now cos I didn’t understand anything then. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll try to listen to it again :D

  3. @ponytale: I’m not a fan of the Sakupyon x Suzuken (or vice versa) pairing. Though most bl drama fans would say they have one of the best chemistry in the industry, I cannot listen to their H-scene without feeling awkward probably because I find them better suited to play roles as two bestfriends/brothers.

    I hope they would finish the Slavers series, better yet make an anime version of it! X3 Would really love to watch a yaoi anime featuring the Morimori x Sakupyon pairing…

    Oh…so I guess you could say that chemistry between seiyuus can be judged by how convincing they sound as a couple in bl dramas. On another note, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find it easy to listen to Morimori x Sakupyon due to the timbre of their voice. It’s like, for me, their voice belong to complementary ranges as compared to say Morimori x Ishida or Morimori x Junjun. With Morimori x Ishida, I find Ishida-san’s voice too smooth and detached when paired with Morimori’s that their H-scenes sound like one-night stands between friends (with benefits) lol. On the other hand, while I loved Wild Rock’s story, Junjun’s uke sounds so…tiny and young to Morimori even when he uses his gentle seme voice–their H-scene made me think of sex between a hot, prolific host and a curious highschool kid…good but overwhelming.

    Gambatte with Slavers Nude, and if you could, please include the FT corner! Thank you so much!

    1. @jinnina: Mmm if I have to choose between the two pairings, I’ll definitely take Morimori x Sakupyon XD King of BL x Royal Prince! <3

      You're right about Sakupyon/Suzuken pair. Their ages are closer and their voices sound younger too. Their pairing doesn't have the same impact as the Morimori x Sakupyon one. I find their H-scenes cute and amusing than really hot lol~ cos Sakupyon's character is a ijiwaru bully seme and Suzuken does a pouty clueless uke so well X3 but I'm curious about their role reverse pairing in the upcoming one. It's supposed to be kinda melodramatic romance. Sakupyon's Jiro is forced to become somebody else's lover in order to ensure his household's survival, although he is in mutual love with Suzuken's Ryo.

      They have to finish the Slavers series… it'll be such a regretful thing if they didn't :( Hmm… an anime is unlikely to be honest… :3 but it'll be a dream huh.

      Indeed! That's definitely one of the factors too… their voices match! <3 They are defintely one of my top fav pairings. Similarly, there are some pairings/seiyuus that just don't work for me too. Generally I prefer stories involving older/adult characters and seiyuus with lower-pitched voices. But not too low like Kosugi Juurouta ^^;;; Anyway, I used to go for BLCDs for my fav semes, only much later I went for the ukes. Took me a while when I was a newbie to get used to seiyuus like Kamiyan whose high pitched moans gave me goosebumps (not necessarily in the good way), so I honestly avoided ukes like him in the beginning. Now I've widened my range of vocal acceptance and I'm in love with him ^^;;; It really started later after Kotonoha no Hana and Seikanji 4.

      I think Ishida lost interest somewhere along the way. After a while almost all his uke characters sound like his mind is in outer space although he is moaning seriously hard OTL. Yeah. so what you said feels perfectly right… friends with benefits, no emotions! lol~ That's when I gave up on him. He has since left the BL world anyway which isn't a bad thing cos he did mention he was tired of doing BL.

      Hahaha No.1 host x high school kid XDD Junjun~ :3 I think it depends on his seme but in general Junjun is always given roles as a much younger and girly uke like in Wild Rock which he does really well. He usually raises the pitch of his voice when he voices these girly ukes lol~ So when paired with Mormori… his character is definitely a little lamb compared to our majestic lion. Junjun once voiced an older salaryman uke paired with younger Hatano Wataru in a comedy Jounetsu no Young man 情熱のヤングマン. I rather liked him in there too cos it sounds more like his normal speaking voice.

      I've been relistening to Slavers Nude a couple of times now to get into the flow of the summary. I'll try my best for the FT but honestly there's a big chunk I can't quite catch *_*

  4. Nicely done. Thank you so much for a quite detailed summary of Kouhen!

    Now that I’ve got a better understanding of this volume, I have to say that Kouhen is my favorite so far, not only because of the sex scene between Shuuichi and Saeki involving aphrodisiacs *nose-bleed* but also due to Shuuichi finally reaching for Saeki of his own will. It was so poetic the way the last scene mimiced how they met that one winter night so many years ago. By the way, I love your quirky side-comments…meow ^_^

    Lol! Some fans paired them for real? Wow, so I guess it must be somewhat true Sakupyon decided to quit bl partially due to fans pairing him with his fellow seiyuus (e.g. Morimori, Suzuken). It must have been too uncomfortable for him to continue doing these drama cds after finding that out…I know I’d be if I were in his position.

    Speaking of, how do you personally gauge whether two seiyuus have fantastic chemistry or not in bl drama?

    I agree that the english voice-overs were so distracting–listening to Morimori speak in english is uh…yeah-_-;;

    Again, thank you for these summaries. One more volume to go!

    1. @jinnina: :3 I’m glad you enjoyed it! Meow~ XD Yep, I definitely like it more when it is consensual between the couple… (well, even tho’ non-con in BL can be really hot) I think as the story progresses, we listeners really want them to be happy in the end. There are times I wished that their relationship didn’t have to start with rape tho’.

      Yep! I read that it is one of the main reasons why Sakupyon quit BL. But thankfully he is reasonable enough to commit to the BL works that he has done before, that’s why we can still see him as Misaki in Junjou Romantica anime. If they ever decide to continue Slaver’s drama, we know he’ll definitely be back to voice Shuuichi. I really really thank God for that possibility. Speaking of Suzuken, Sakypon and him will be voicing an upcoming BLCD (August 2010) ^^ which is based on a series that they’ve voiced before. The setting is Taisho era! Sakupyon is uke Jiro and Suzuken is seme Ryo. Which is a surprise cos in the older work it was the other way round. I’m not complaining and I’m really looking forward to it. I think it is actually quite a smutty work too lol~ 優しくて棘がある~眠れぬ夜の純情 The author is 有栖川ケイ

      Mmm, I can’t really explain it, but somehow you can just feel that their chemistry is right when you listen to the seiyuus, especially during their sex scenes. There are times when I listen to some BLCDs and I just don’t feel convinced that the couple is in a relationship or have feelings for each other. And for some, you can feel that the seiyuus are comfortable enough with each other and themselves to give their all even during the non-cons. It probably comes with their recording experience X3 but even supposedly proven matching couples can produce misses too… and it may not be the fault of the seiyuus… could be the editing, the directing, scripts and/or other factors. I’ve bought BLCDs based on my favourite couples before listening to the downloaded dramas and have been disappointed and it’s like there’s no way to return or resell the CDs right? ^^;;; So now if I can help it, I only buy the ones I like after I’ve listened to them.

      Morimori’s Engrish is also… OTL but better than Kamiyan’s robotic rendition… XDD

      Gambarimasu! Slavers Nude! Comments from you guys really motivates me ^^ I’ll do my best.

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