BLCD: Slaver’s Series Vol. 1: Slaver’s Kiss (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro)

Slaver’s Series Vol. 1: Slaver’s Kiss
スレイヴァーズ・キス (2003/02/24)

Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro
森川智之 x 櫻井孝宏

Rating: Recommended for angst, fiesty uke and people who like master-slave relationships. (Warnings: non-con but I think this will encourage even more people to pick up this cd LOL~)

Quick Summary: (No ending spoilers)
Kurahashi Shuuichi 倉橋柊一 (Sakurai Takahiro), a beautiful, young heir of a company President loses his inheritance to to another man of his same age, Takanari Saeki 冴木鷹成 (Morikawa Toshiyuki) after his ailing father hands over the company and all his possessions to him before death. Saeki has served as Shuuichi’s servant since they were fifteen and now he holds the power over Shuuichi and the remaining members of his family. Ordered by Saeki to become his sex slave, Shuuichi has no choice but to submit his body to him, promising himself he will never forgive Saeki and will take back all that he has stolen. Even as his hatred for Saeki grows, Shuuichi cannot help but admire the man’s strength and abilities and the hardwork he put in for the company. Will Shuuichi have what it takes to overcome this cunning man whom even his father had acknowledged and fend off the other men who are also lusting after his beauty?

Comments with detailed spoilers (by request ^^)
I just realised that this story is rather long x_x when I was writing a detailed summary. After I completed the first part, I was re-reading and editing it and found myself feeling quite tired with what I wrote *_* Eeks. That’s bad. I decided I should try to make the text more engaging by weaving the details into the comments instead. So here goes :)

Slaver’s Kiss is volume one of a five-part series by novelist Katoh Elena (華藤えれな), followed by Slaver’s Lover, Freezing Eye (Side-story of two sub-characters), Slaver’s Nude, Slaver’s Dear and Slaver’s Grace. So far, only the first 3 volumes were made into BLCDs.

The main draw of the series for me is definitely the casting of Morikawa Toshiyuki and Sakurai Takahiro as the leads. These two seiyuus have fantastic chemistry when they are paired together in BL roles. Fangirls of Final Fantasy, where Morimori voices Sephiroth and Sakupyon as Cloud, have a field day because Morimori is said to use the same tone as Sephiroth in Slaver’s Kiss when he “terrorises” Shuuichi in his kichiku 鬼畜 best. Lol~ Although Cloud isn’t as helpless as Shuuichi in Slaver’s Kiss, the angst and determination they share definitely comes across. *grins*

Back to the story.

Saeki and Shuuichi shared a complicated master-servant relationship that dated back almost 8 years before Saeki took over his company and made Shuuichi his (love) slave instead. The two first met each other on a cold, winter’s day when young Saeki made his way from Hakodate to Tokyo to look for his mother. Standing and shivering in front of Kurahashi mansion where his mother was employed as a servant, the boy felt despair and questioned his own purpose for being there. He realised that his presence would not have made any difference to the fact that his mother had abandoned him. Suddenly, a car pulled up near the entrance and a boy dressed up like an angel, called out to him and handed him his coat. Wearing only a thin piece of clothing and jeans, Saeki would have refused charity from the rich but the boy’s smile was sincere and he accepted the coat, promising to return it. And the boy replied, “Christmas next year then!” To Saeki, this encounter was like a Christmas miracle. In the end, he did not meet his mother and returned home. Later, he found out that the boy was Kurahashi Shuuichi.

A year later, Saeki became the top student in the whole country. His mother had passed away and Shuuichi’s father took him into the Kurahashi mansion (which was the size of a castle in Saeki’s words). Saeki would attend the same priviledged school as Shuuichi and look after his needs as well as Shuuichi’s younger brother Kikyo (Yuuki Hiro). Thus the two boys met again on the day Shuuichi celebrated his fifteenth birthday. However, Shuuichi had no recollection of their first meeting. He found himself feeling unease and displeasure as Saeki looked at him with eyes of a wild beast. Very soon after, Saeki appeared to treat him, the young master, with respectful distance and performed his daily duties as a servant.

Seven years later. Saeki continued to serve both Shuuichi and Kikyo. And as Saeki grew older, he became tall and manly in physique, similar to Shuuichi’s father while Shuuichi looked beautiful and slender like his mother. Shuuichi also became acutely aware of Saeki’s excellence in his studies. Shuuichi had never overtaken the young man academically no matter how hard he studied. This hurt his pride deeply and he could not help behaving coldly towards Saeki despite his envy and admiration for his ability. Once Saeki saw Shuuichi weeping in frustration over his loss of top position to him yet again. Shocked at how much he was affecting his young master, Saeki made a resolution to always top Shuuichi in everything he did, so that he would always come first in his mind even if it was motivated by hatred. What a strange preoccupation and budding sadistic love… lol~

The young men shared a tender moment without strife once. Trapped in school with Saeki due to a power failure during a stormy night, claps of thunder paralysed Shuuichi who had a nurtured this fear due to an incident in the past. They huddled together for warmth in the cold as Shuuichi’s fear made him drop his hurtful pride towards Saeki…

After graduating from the university, it was time for Shuuichi to start work at his father’s company. The company was found to be deeply in debt and much to everybody’s surprise, Shuuichi’s father ordered him to start from the bottom level of the company and work his way up. Saeki, on the other hand, was named the Vice President of the company as he had been working at the company secretly for the past four years. After the announcement, Shuuichi’s father who had been hiding his illness, fell gravely ill and was hospitalised.

Shuuichi’s uncle requested for Shuuichi to join him in toppling Saeki but the young man believed his father must have a reason for appointing him as the Vice President. When he visited his father, he overheard the older man thanking Saeki and promising to hand over the company to him the next day. Everybody involved in Shuuichi’s uncle’s plot was asked to leave as Saeki asserted his ownership over the Kurahashi company. Shuuichi too was told not to come to work any more. Shocked but powerless at what happened, Shuuichi did not know how to retaliate.

A week later, Shuuichi’s father passed away. Before Shuuichi could pick up the pieces of what was left of his life, Saeki cornered him with an offer he could not refuse. If Shuuichi wanted to keep the painful truth from his mother who was weak in health and to secure his younger brother, Kikyo’s future, Shuuichi was to become his slave. He would live together with Saeki and take care of his daily needs.

Although Shuuichi was angry and unwilling, he had no choice but to agree.

Shuuichi: “From today onwards, I belong to you, master.”

As he knelt down to kiss the back of Saeki’s hand to profess his subjugation as a slave… the poor guy had completely no idea what it really meant to be a slave to Saeki… Why, you must have sex with him of course!

[cue sadistic seme laughter]

So that very night, Shuuichi was raped as a fact that he was now Saeki’s “property”.

Shuuichi: “Do you hate me that much [to want to do this to me]?”

Saeki: “How is that possible? I like you so much… (Masaka… daisuki desu yo)”

Well, tell that to someone you’re going to rape and ask them how convincing your love is…

Anyway, this is one of the best rape scenes I’ve ever heard in a BLCD. Morimori was intimiating and you can hear his beastly hunger *slurp* and Sakupyon’s voice was quivering with fear, despair and anger as he struggled against Saeki. The first time I heard him, I had goosebumps *_* and felt bad for the character. Well, I still do… in a way. Ah~ how I love a fiesty uke. Shuuichi was cursing Saeki throughout his ordeal. Sakupyon was just too awesome here ♥ Go~ enjoy it, fellow pervs!

For the days that followed, Shuuichi just could not understand why Saeki wanted sex everyday, since they were both men. Saeki continued masking his real intentions towards Shuuichi and said that as a man, Shuuichi was a beauty and he enjoyed his lovely body very much *sweat* Upset that Saeki kept him naked in the house like a prisoner without even a change of clothes, the two men got into an argument. In the end, Saeki allowed Shuuichi to return home and retrieve his belongings. Forced to swallow his pride and ridiculed by Saeki for behaving like a prostitute to get what he wanted, Shuuichi suffered much humiliation to convince Saeki to let him work in the company.

At the office, Shuuichi ran into his sempai (upperclassman), Yamawaki Shigeru (Narita Ken) who was working in another department in the company. He had treated him kindly back when they were in school but they lost contact when he left the country suddenly. Little did Shuuichi know that this man also had ulterior motives towards him. Seriously, Shuuichi was the only one who was oblivious to the effect he had on the libido of these men. But thanks to Yamawaki-sempai, we get to enjoy very hot, non-con office lunchtime man-sex when Saeki got angry with Shuuichi for having lunch with Yamawaki.*shrugs*

Saeki: “It is necessary to make you to understand your place as my slave… again.”

[Gaa~ Hot, non-con office man-sex]

Saeki: “If you make so much noise, people in the next room will be able to hear you…”

I can just imagine that sadistic grin on Saeki’s face as he silenced Shuuichi’s mouth with his hand while he continued thrusting into him. *perving uncontrollably, somebody save me!*

Shuuichi: “I… will never forgive you!!!” *muffled moans ♥*

In keeping with what we expect in a BL universe, although Shuuichi was an unwilling partner in the master-slave relationship, his body was beginning to enjoy all the sexual loving it was given by a skillful seme. And coupled with his envy and admiration for Saeki and occasional times when Saeki showed feelings of gentleness towards him, Shuuichi became confused. Should we blame Saeki’s unhappy and deprived childhood as a cause for his inability to express love for Shuuichi in a normal way? ^^;;;

Yamawaki looked Shuuichi up at Saeki’s mansion and confessed his love for him. Yamawaki broke down the door and offered his rescue. Physically and mentally worn-out by all that had happened to him, Shuuichi dropped his guard and followed Yamawaki home, abandoning all the responsibilities that had been weighing on his shoulders. Unfortunately for Shuuichi, he discovered that Yamawaki had been plotting with his uncle to frame Saeki by planting false evidence from within the company. Unable to accept such underhanded methods, Shuuichi tried to leave but was captured instead. Yamawaki revealed that Saeki foiled his plans to sleep with Shuuichi seven years ago and he regretted not killing Saeki with his Japanese sword at that time. Saeki was injured so badly he had to be hospitalised, while Yamawaki was banished overseas for his deed. Shocked at the revelation, Shuuichi wondered why Saeki never uttered a word about the incident when he asked Saeki about the huge scar across his chest.

Before Yamawaki could go further with Shuuichi, Saeki burst into the room and stopped him in his tracks. What followed were police sirens. In retaliation, Yamawaki opened fire at Shuuichi but Saeki jumped in front of him and took the two gunshots in his place. (Narita Ken’s crazy laughter was awesome lol~)

Saeki was badly wounded in the stomach by one of the bullets but he was lucky as the other bullet was deflected away from his heart by a metal plate he was carrying in his breast pocket. When Shuuichi saw the metal plate, he recalled that it was a Christmas souvenir he received during a church event where he dressed up as an angel. He had left the souvenir in the coat pocket and finally remembered that it was Saeki that he had met at his doorstep. He began to emphathise with what Saeki had gone through and wondered if his behaviour towards Saeki might have been the cause for his coldness towards him. Honestly, this isn’t the right time to feel sorry for your arch enemy now, is it?

Anyway, Saeki survived and in a moment of weakness, believed that he would probably never obtain Shuuichi’s love. He even decided to let Shuuichi go without penalties, promising the well-being of his family. But Shuuichi refused, saying that he wanted to be able to take the company and his possessions back by his own strength! Oh well, our uke is a real softie and sweet boy at heart. No wonder his father could not entrust the company to him. ^^;;;

Looking at Shuuichi’s crying face, Saeki professed his devotion to Shuuichi without overtly expressing his love.

Saeki: “If you run away, I’ll catch up to you and make you mine again.”

And If you refuse to leave, I will follow you no matter where you go and continue to chain you to me, no matter how much you hate it, that’s right, for as long as I live.

So this part of the story ended with Saeki and Shuuichi kissing and continuing their master-slave relationship…

Phew~ finally… the end of volume 1! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. As for volume 2 of BLCDs Slaver’s Lover (Zenpen and Kouhen), let’s leave that for another day… ^^;;

Catalog: INCD-2206

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17 thoughts on “BLCD: Slaver’s Series Vol. 1: Slaver’s Kiss (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Sakurai Takahiro)”

  1. Oh gods, I’m two years late, doesnt matter, thank you so much for translating part of it. I cannot tell you how much joy these BL cd brought me. I’m flipping out! I want to make lots and lots of SxC now.

    Even tho I know the characters are others, I cant help but imagine Sephiroth and Cloud Orz They are my OTP and listening to this, well, it’s every yaoi non-canon fangirl dream come true!!

    Morimori’s deep voice gives me the chills<3333 I even Kyaaa'ed out loud! And Sakupyon's little noises are so sweet!!

    I simply had an eargasm!!!! Thank you so much ;w;/

    1. @Tomowowo: xD yeah I think all fujoshi SxC fans would love Slavers pairing! Better late than never!

      I think this is Sakupyon’s best uke ever. Ever since he stopped taking new BL roles, his aegikoe doesn’t feel as good as his Shuuichi from this period anymore *sobs*

  2. Oh, so…Sakurai’s character is sort-of a servant to Morimori’s? I thought Morimori’s character was a soldier who hates Japan, while Sakurai’s is a foreigner who loves the country.

    Alright. It’s just that I’ve been listening to Slaver’s Nude up to the freetalk part and I’m really curious of what the seiyuus have been saying. I’m particularly interested in the part where Nariken joined Morimori and Sakupyon, seeing as he is notorious for sounding pervy even without meaning to. I just love how Morimori always tries to steer the conversation back to ‘safer waters’ while Sakupyon laughs at whatever Nariken said–wholesome ‘Teiou’ of bl FTW! lolz

    1. @jinnina: hmm… I guess so. However, he did something wrong while working there and was caught red-handed by the seme. So the seme used that to blackmail him into sex. ^^;;; The seme is a soldier but he broke his leg so he stayed home. He does hate the war tho and refuses to work because he feels that he’ll only be contributing to it.

      HAHAHA I agree, Nariken always seems to say and -DO- perverted things when recording BL drama XD I read before that he also often get too into the role and does pervy actions while recording the H-scenes, *sweat* especially when he is seme. He was also outed by Horiuchi Kenyuu in Shonen Yonkei that he touched his thigh when Horiuchi/Nariken? was doing his recording lol~ So Horiuchi said he touched him back HAHAHA. And Nariken was like hastily saying in the background “Please… please cut this part away from the freetalk ><;;" XD

      Okie, lemme go seriously concentrate on that Slaver's Nude freetalk and hopefully I can pick up the juicy bits :3

  3. Ah, Shonen Yonkei…I only have a vague idea on what their story is about, but I remember loving the H scenes between Sakupyon and Morimori’s characters; the uke is less vocal and all you can hear are the characters’ sighs, grunts, and…yeah. Very realistic H if you ask me ^^ Hmm…come to think of it, Morimori in Slavers + Sakupyon in Shonen Yonkei = FF7 AC Sephiroth and Cloud!

    About the remaining volume of the Slavers, do you have their translation or at least an idea of their plot? I’m curious as to what will happen to Syuuichi and Saeki, especially after reading in one site that Syuuichi contracted some kind of illness in Slaver’ s Grace. I’m not sure if the information is authentic since I cannot read Japanese and had to rely on having google translate the site for me.

    Lastly, is it okay if you could also add a description of the seiyuus’ free talk corner? I think it would be great if the seiyuus’ reaction to or discussion of the drama cd would also be incorporated in your posts.

    Again, great job in discussing this drama cd and thank you for replying to our comments!

    1. @jinnina: yeah the short story was set in Japan during WWI. Sakupyon’s character’s mum was Japanese and his dad was German. Morimori’s character was the son of the house Sakupyon’s grandfather was working at if I’m not wrong. The H scenes were very good indeed ^^ hehehe… agree with ya about the FF7 pair.

      From what I gathered from the BLCD, in Lover, the story continues and explains what Saeki did to seize control of the company. Shuuichi was kidnapped by his uncle who schemed to steal the company and plotted to murder Saeki. As for Nude, it was a sweet story about some simple daily events leading to how the couple spent their Christmas eve and Shuuichi’s realisation at the end that Saeki may be in love with him all this time. I haven’t had the chance to read Slaver’s Dare/Grace yet but I’m quite sure they finally confessed their love for each other in Grace from the comments I’ve read. *_* I’ll update you when I get my hands on the novels ^^

      For my level of listening comprehension, I don’t think I can do a good job with freetalk discussion OTL;;; but I’ll try to do that when I can. Occasionally I can pick up what they’re saying but most of the time the words just fly by me ^^;;;

  4. Hi! Thank you for describing the story of this drama cd (at least of the 1st volume). I’m also a huge fan of the Morikawa x Sakurai pairing in bl drama–their H scenes sound so natural. Just curious, which is your favorite Morimori x Sakupyon bl drama?

    Wow, I thought Slaver’s nude was the last in the series…any news on whether the last two volumes will be made into drama cds? I recall reading somewhere that Sakurai-san had stopped casting in bl dramas, which is such a shame considering he does feisty (and in-denial) ukes like no other. I hope if ever they decide to make drama cds for Slaver’s dare and Slaver’s grace, Sakurai-san won’t be replaced by another seiyuu…

    1. Hi jinnina, thank for your comments! Hmm… really difficult to choose cos the stories, characters and overall feel of the dramas give their pairings different appeal. So far, I think their best was the angsty Slavers and Shonen Yonkei (they voiced one of the short stories). And probably my favs. Morimori’s kichiku seme x Sakupyon’s angsty uke is still the best after all ^^;;;

      Yeah, hopefully they complete the series… I want to listen to the couple finally acknowledge their feelings and get together in the end. But don’t worry. Although Sakupyon is not doing new BL anymore, he did promise that he will continue to do the sequels of titles that he was previously involved in. That’s why we could still have him back as Misaki in Junjou Romantica anime and drama, Kirepapa OVA and other BL related works ^^ I’m really thankful for that.

  5. Wow, thanks a lot for the description, it pretty much helped me to understand the story!

    Isn’t sakurai takahiro the seiyuu for Rei Fukai in yukikaze?? Cause i keep on imagining its rei instead of the main uke character… >.<

    1. Glad that helped ^^ I haven’t watched Yukikaze… heh mmm but a check at wiki, the character was voiced by another seiyuu? :O

  6. Ohhhhh *i really wanna hug you now… XD XD XD Thankkkk youuu for the detailed review… it’s really nosebleed-invokin series…
    Looking forward the next one :)…but no pressure. ur article is nice as usual.



  7. No apologies necessary!! I’m just glad you wrote the review!

    Crisis Core Cloud probably would’ve sounded like Shuichi, but I usually prefer the Advent Children Cloud and he was definitely more butchy there. ^.^

    It would be awesome if you could review the other cds in the series, but honestly, it would even be more awesome if you reviewed other completely unrelated BLCDs, especially since this first part is, as you said, probably the best of the series. =D I can’t wait for your next review, but no pressure intended, okay? ;-)

    1. @Razberry: Yeah Crisis Core Cloud is younger… ^^ Advent Children Cloud is older and had gone through a lot more so he would sound more manly in that sense hehe… Cloud’s age is also closest to Shuuichi as in they’re both early 20s. His other uke to a kichiku Morimori is a lot younger (See: Wagamama Prisoner).

      I have a number of other personal fav dramas I want to introduce too… XD I’ll try my best!

      @Ri: XD thanks for your patience… yeah this review is long overdue… glad you enjoyed it! Will try my best to update the sequels!

  8. Thank you so much for this so wonderfully detailed description of the series!! I know it must’ve taken a lot of time and energy to write but I really, really appreciate it! I’m glad you went into spoilers too because that helps so much with understanding what is going on with the story! I was originally attracted to this series because of the Morimori/Sakupyon pair up since i love Seph/Cloud. If Sakupyon would’ve used his more butchy tone, the image of S/C would’ve been even easier to conjure up. Lolz.

    I’m going to go listen to the BLCD again now. Thank you once again!

    1. Hi Razberry, sorry for the delay ^^ yeah it’s definitely more enjoyable if you know what is going on. I think Cloud would probably sound like that if he was seme-ed by Sephiroth… fear, confusion, anger, hatred… cos sex is probably the last thing he would think of doing with Sephiroth LOL~ XD

      Anyway it’s kinda moe cos of the overlap between the characters from these 2 entirely different stories. Cloud also admired Sephiroth a lot, didn’t he? He also felt betrayed and lost everything he had when Sephiroth went crazy but the main difference is Saeki was motivated by a love twisted by his own low self-esteem but Sephiroth wasn’t ^^

      Anyway I think the first Vol. is still the best cos the angst and kichiku level is the highest. That makes awesome ingredients for delicious man-sex XD Subsequent vols are enjoyable too but not as much as this one. The sex in Slaver’s Lover was yummy and Shuuichi became a tsundere uke in denial ♥ (which I think is Sakupyon’s specialty already lol… think Misaki from Junjou. He is so darn good at it). It also gives more details about what motivated Saeki and how he plotted to get to where he was. As for Slaver’s Nude, it was a rather sweet and fluffy intermission as the couple became closer :)

      I’ll work on the rest whenever I can ^^

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