BLCD: Kuimonodokoro Akira (Nojima Hirofumi x Nakai Kazuya)

Kuimono dokoro Akira
Title: Kuimonodokoro Akira くいもの処 明楽 (26/09/2007)

Nojima Hirofumi x Nakai Kazuya
野島裕史 x 中井和哉
w/ Narita Ken 成田剣, Ookawa Tooru 大川透, Yoshino Hiroyuki 吉野裕行

Rating: Recommended

Quick Summary:
Slice-of-life story based on manga by Yamashita Tomoko. 32 year-old tavern manager of Kuimonodokoro Akira, Akira (Nakai Kazuya) leads a hurried and busy life. One day, he receives a sudden love confession from his male colleague, 26 year-old Torihara (Nojima Hirofumi). Although he has never given prior thought to the possibility of dating a man, he gives the proposal a serious consideration and struggles with his pride as an older man facing a younger, and male pursuer.

I enjoyed this drama CD very much. The strength lies in the wonderful cast, great story, well-fleshed out and believable characters, relationships and situations. There are quite a number of comedic moments and funny lines spoken by the characters. I really love the fact that the men in this story are REAL MEN here dealing with their insecurities and trying to make a relationship work. <3 I can listen to this drama CD over and over cos the seiyuus sound so good :3 Coupled with a lovely and varied soundtrack and sound effects that add positively to the atmosphere, this drama CD is really worth your time. Don’t miss it!

Catalog: BJCA-0074

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