BLCD: Kodomo no Hitomi (Narita Ken x Kamiya Hiroshi)

Title: Kodomo no Hitomi こどもの瞳 (Eyes of a child) (28/11/2008 )

Narita Ken x Kamiya Hiroshi
成田剣 x 神谷浩史

Kashiwabara Misaki 柏原 岬 : Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷浩史
Kashiwabara Hitoshi 柏原 仁 : Narita Ken 成田 剣
Kashiwabara Jyoutarou 柏原城太郎 : Yoshino Hiroyuki 吉野裕行

Warnings: Incest

Kashiwabara Misaki (Kamiya Hiroshi) lives a poor but simple life with his young son, Jyoutarou (Yoshino Hiroyuki), after losing his wife, Megumi to an incurable illness. One day, Misaki meets his elder brother, Kashiwabara Hitoshi (Narita Ken) whom he has been enstranged from for many years. They lost their parents at a young age and the brothers used to be very close as children. When Misaki was 6 years old, Hitoshi was taken away and brought up separately by their hard-hearted grandfather. Eager to have his own family, Misaki got married at 18 and has a son. Two years ago, his wife became ill. In desperation, Misaki turned to Hitoshi for help as he could not afford the medical bills. However, Misaki was coldly refused by the man, now the president of a large corporation. Misaki has fond memories of his elder brother as a child and he was devastated by the rejection.

But this time, instead of a heartless man in Misaki’s recollection, Hitoshi has reverted back to being a 6-year-old child. Hitoshi lost his memory in an accident and at his current child-like state, the only person he wants to be with is Misaki, the younger brother that he remembers and loves dearly. Reluctantly, Misaki takes him in…

Based on a novel by Konohara Narise 木原音瀬

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t pick this CD up cos this is not a pairing I’m usually into. Narita Ken’s seme doesn’t really appeal to me cos he always sounded too detached. It’s probably just me *shrugs* Anyway, I didn’t even read the summary before plunging into the drama. The power of uke Kamiyan ^^” I’m helpless against him.

Anyway, as the story progresses, I thought it is just another one of those master-slave thingy (You know, Misaki needed money… and cos I wasn’t paying attention in the beginning) but the plot turns out to be something completely different from what I expected. The story is surprisingly light and easy to listen to, although it is supposed to be full of angst. Probably because Misaki softened his attitude towards Hitoshi after knowing the real reason why Hitoshi rejected his request for help years ago. Child Hitoshi does not hide his feelings of love for the younger brother “Misaki” in his memory as well as the onii-chan “Misaki” that he knows now. He is endearing and sweet.

Narita Ken’s baby voice is cute… but I think his fans will probably burst out laughing if they hear it. It is a joy to listen to Kamiyan as a stern but gentle father-figure. Yoshino Hiroyuki is believable as a kid (6~7 years old too?) who is mature for his age and speaks to Misaki like a friend rather than a son. The relationships among the three develop naturally and it is rather heart-warming and sweet, actually. :)

And… then there is the incest that is so inevitable because this is BL and it kinda threw me off the curve. Reverse shota? Since the seme has an adult’s body but the mind of a 6-year-old… The disturbing thing about this relationship is that 6-year-old Hitoshi’s innocent thought processes that led to sex with Misaki is totally believable.

“Hitoshi loves big brother onii-chan Misaki very very much. His heart beats really fast when he thinks about onii-chan. He wants to marry him and have lots of children with him and to do so, he just has to put his xxx into Misaki’s yyy, right?”

And being physically bigger and stronger than Misaki, you can say that Misaki was pinned down and unintentionally raped by his brother. *MEGA-sweatdrop* (Children are meant to be small for a good reason.)

Misaki: AARGH! I’m in pain! Get off me!!! DD:
Hitoshi (child): (T_T) *sobs* So am I… but but… I’ll endure it because I want to make babies with onii-chan!!!


The scene was realistic but sweet and innocent at the same time. “Innocent”? “Sweet?” Gaaah… my rational mind is in conflict… I can totally understand why people give BL fangirls weird looks. Sigh. =_=”

Although Misaki knows it is wrong and struggles with his confused emotions, he allows the sexual relationship to continue. Having lost his parents and wife but now reunited with his elder brother whom he loved before they were separated, he drowns in this twisted illusion of family warmth and sibling love. At one point, he even requested that child Hitoshi call his name and say that he loves him in an adult’s voice (i.e. as in the persona of Hitoshi, his elder brother) during sex. According to my “research” (lol) , ‘aishiteru,’ is only expressed between couples and the love is used to describe the closeness of the romantic or sexual relationship. It is just so wrong, yet Kamiyan sounded so deliciously hot. Such a guilty and sinful pleasure! Without giving too much of the ending away… I just have to say, the final sex scene was extremely, extremely nose-bleeding.

Onii-san… Onii-san… Onii…*dies of blood loss*

Rating: If you read this far, I guess I should comment on the rating. Recommended? I’m torn… really… Normally I would highly recommend a BLCD that has quality voice acting like this one but due to the incestuos AND shota-ish story… I’m disturbed because it is -too sweet- So please use your own discretion xP

Catalog: ATIS-031

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14 thoughts on “BLCD: Kodomo no Hitomi (Narita Ken x Kamiya Hiroshi)”

  1. Aww i´m happy to hear that *-*!!
    Do you know maybe other drama cds like this q.q? Or any yaoi incest dramas x3? I listened to Kairyuu Gakuen Twins, BrotherXBrother and Papa to kiss in the dark so far :3 At the moment i´m totally into this kind of genre Q_Q

    1. @Aya: For brotherly love cds lol~ :D You can also try Kyoudai no Jijyou 1 & 2 (兄弟の事情) Hino Satoshi x Shimono Hiro, Brother (Midorikawa Hikaru x Toriumi Kousuke) and Brothers 1 & 2 ブラザーズ (Hirakawa Daisuke x Fukuyama Jun) and Brother Complex ブラザーコンプレックス (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Seki Tomokazu and Seki Tomokazu x Hiyama Nobuyuki)

      I haven’t listened to all of them and I’m sure there are also more out there. I’ll update if I find out more lol. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the review Pony-chan *Q*! Without you i wouldn´t have found this beautiful BL CD
    *_* I laughed so much when Misaki tried to explain some “adult” things to Hitoshi xDDD !!! I wonder if there´s a second drama cd :(? Or a continuation.. Didn´t get the seemed kinda open Q_Q?

    1. @Aya: Glad you enjoyed the review! XD So far there’s no sequel. Well, from my understanding, they continue their relationship even though both are fully aware of what they’re doing ^^;;

  3. God, my reaction was the same. I thought I was a hardened BLCD fangirl; I can listen to the hottest Shinayaka scenes on planes, trains and sitting next to my boss. But. But. Oh my god, this just about killed me. I am so, so torn, because the voice acting is excellent and I was following along with Nina’s translation and saying, “Oh my god, he’s not– He’s not– He is!” and dying! I have not been so embarrassed in a long, long time. Incredibly disturbing and yes, I enjoyed it too.

    So, we’re guaranteed tickets in the handbasket to hell now, right?

  4. Narita Ken’s child voice kinda grew on me especially when I have the image of the character on the CD cover saying it. But occasionally when my brain switched to Narita Ken’s face saying it, it felt strangely funny and very, very perverted ^^;;;

    Yep yep yep… loves Kamiyan XD

    I had a BIG sweatdrop when I heard Misaki said he’ll teach Hitoshi about it and the BIG sweatdrop exploded into pouring rain when it really happened *dies* And the baby making scenes were also… *spews blood* I’m not as surprised or shocked by S/M play, toys and what not in BLCDs compared to what I heard here. This drama is so disturbing… DX and I enjoyed it. OMG.

  5. More than anything, NariKen’s child voice scarred me. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh, fangirl or be disturbed. Talk about torn.

    But Kamiyan was there. -glomps- And Kamiyan never does anything wrong. (Haha lol?)

    The sex education scene was really awkward … I’ll admit. I couldn’t help but “OMG YOU’RE REALLY GOING TO TELL HIM!?” even though there was people around. I also felt really odd when Hitoshi was all “I wanna make babies with Onii-chan” …

    This was the most embarrassing drama I have listened to in a while. T_T

  6. M-maybe? Men are more straight forward and to the point than women I’m guessing. XD
    lol! Yes Misaki is big epic fail~

    I really liked Narita and Kamiyans voice acting. I have to listen to more dramas with either of these two sometime.^^

  7. Yeah! Cool feature… but the snow is crashing my firefox ^^” I have to switch it off for now…

    I enjoyed this drama too.. yeah I wanted to mention about the masturbation bit but I couldn’t figure out how to talk about it in the comments without sounding awkward/perverted *sweatdrop* Do parents teach their children about masturbation like that? o_O I think Misaki as a sex education teacher is EPIC FAIL. Lol~

    Yep, Narita Ken and Kamiyan sounded so good and compatible in the sex scenes. This is the first Narita seme performance that I really enjoyed :P

  8. (I-its snowing~!^v^)

    I listened to this drama it was both funny and intersting. I must admit the ochichin(?) part killed me~XD

    The last love scene was very good. Love the seiyuu!*A*

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