BLCD: Kageki Series (Inoue Kazuhiko x Morikubo Shoutarou)

Kageki Series

Title: Kageki Series Vols 1-5
Kageki ni Aishite 過激に愛して (2001)
Kageki ni Dokusenyoku 過激に独占欲 (2002)
Kageki ni I Love You 過激にI LOVE YOU (2003)
Kageki ni Koi Meikyuu 過激に恋迷宮 (2004)
Kageki ni Tengoku 過激に天国 (2005)

Pairing: Inoue Kazuhiko x Morikubo Shoutarou 井上和彦 x 森久保祥太郎
w/ Chiba Susumu 千葉進歩, Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔, Itou Kentarou 伊藤健太郎

Rating: Recommended

Quick Summary:
This series is cute and funny. The story begins with the incubus, Shicurel visiting the human world looking for his next human prey. He meets a sexually-charged high-school student, Touma and ended up as his sex pet instead :P

An incubus is a demon that gets his energy by having sex. The funny thing about this series is that Touma is much more hentai than the incubus :P So much so that even an incubus almost couldn’t stand all his insatiable advances LOL

Its entertaining to listen to Touma bully Shicurel as well as his gentleness towards him. The voice acting and sound effects are cute. The pairing is good too. Morikubo-san’s uke sounds like a genki and straight-forward youth and reminds me of Yuri from Kyou Kara Maou (but spoilt and naughty! XD). Inoue-san’s seme sounds very mature and delicious -kyaaa- X3 I’ve listened to all the vols and the H doesn’t disappoint. Its good! :D Highly recommended!

Touma turns out to be the next Demon King successor who decides to keep Shicurel as his lover and pet :3

Catalog 1: INCD-1603
Catalog 2: INCD-2603
Catalog 3: INCD-2610
Catalog 4: INCD-2606
Catalog 5: INCD-2615

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