BLCD: Issun Makura Soushi (Morikawa Toshiyuki x Hoshi Souichirou)

Issun Makura Soushi
Issun Makura Soushi 一寸枕草紙 (01/06/2000)

Main Pairing:
Morikawa Toshiyuki x Hoshi Souichirou
森川智之 x 保志総一郎
Sub Pairing:
Kashiwakura Tsutomu x Takimoto Fujiko
柏蒼つとむ x 瀧本冨士子

Rating: Recommended

Quick Summary & Comments:
The CD is based on manga, Issun Shounen by Matsumoto Kazura 松本花

There are four short stories in the CD Drama. Sounds shota-con :P It is very cute and funny. Good sound effects too!

1) 『一寸枕草紙』 (from Vol 1 Manga)
A demon and a youth are a very Rabu-Rabu couple… (Sweet)

2) 『長靴を履いた仔貓』 (from Vol 1 Manga)
A prince falls in love with a commoner. He dresses up as a cat to “seduce” him but is rejected. In a fit of anger, he dashes into the forest and is kidnapped by a demon… (The prince’s voice acting is really funny LOL~)

3) 『うさぎの耳』 (from Vol 2 Manga)
A prince hates to have his hair cut because he has rabbit ears. A skillful but scary-looking hairdresser is engaged to cut his hair because he can keep a secret…

4) 『いばらの塔』 (from Vol 1 Manga)
Unhappy that she is not invited to a party to celebrate the birth of a prince, a witch casts a curse on the baby prince. He shall die when he turns 20 years old. However, a fairy changes this curse to a spell. The prince will not die but sleep and be rescued by a knight. Listen for the twist at the end X3.

Catalog: JCD-000601

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