BLCD: Hanayome Series (Ookawa Tohru x Ono Daisuke)

Hanayome wa Hiiro ni Towareru 1

Hanayome wa Hiiro ni Towareru 1 花嫁は緋色に囚われる (28/07/2006)
Hanayome wa Kawasemi ni Ubawareru 2 花嫁は翡翠に奪われる (27/10/2006)
Hanayome wa Shiryuu ni Midareru 3 花嫁は紫龍に乱れる (30/11/2007)
Hanayome wa Ougon ni Sarawareru 4 花嫁は黄金に攫われる (31/7/2009)

Hanayome 2Hanayome 3Hanayome 4

Pairing: Ookawa Tohru x Ono Daisuke 大川透 x 小野大輔

Rating: Ok

Quick Summary:
The story is about an antique dealer Miyama Shinobu (Ono Daisuke) who is forced to become the bride of a powerful Hong Kong clan’s potential heir, Touma Takato (Ookawa Tohru). This is because Shinobu is identified by Takato’s family heirloom (some special jewel @@) as the Dragon which will bring power and prosperity to the heir of the clan… “It doesn’t matter if the bride is male or female as long as he is the Dragon”. As the third son, Takato does not have claim over the clan but with the Dragon by his side, he would then stand a chance at gaining the clan’s recognition. (That’s where we get all the non-con H) ^^” Will Takato get his wish?

I read that Ono Daisuke-san is relatively new to the BLCD world. Seems like this is his earlier work (28/07/2006) as an uke role… ^^” This is the first time I listened to his uke voice. Well I think he really tried very hard but *cough cough* I couldn’t help but laughed when I heard it. ~*dies*~ gomen ne… He sounded really funny *sweat drop* The H sound effects are also quite cheesy. The background music is not bad tho’

About Vol. 2
As a side note, his uke voice in vol 2 of the series was much more subtle and so much better *wipes sweat* Gambatte ne! Ono-san X3 In general, vol 2 seems better overall in production quality (use of sound effects, BGM etc). Maybe they had more budget this time :P

About Vol. 3
Produced a year later, Ono-san improved so much as uke in vol 3. Coupled with Ookawa-san’s sexy seme and better sound effects, his uke is nose-bleedingly hot here. There’s even phone sex between the couple LOL~ so pervy~ :3

Catalog 1: AZ-D012A
Catalog 2:
Catalog 3:

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3 thoughts on “BLCD: Hanayome Series (Ookawa Tohru x Ono Daisuke)”

  1. shit lol I enjoy reading your old posts so much XDD
    and omfg <,<; I NEVER KNEW ONOD uked and couldn't imagine it and then i heard some cds (ze extra's, sayounara to iu ki ga shinai, rosselinike somethingsomething (morikawa x onod is win)
    and f..k me. @_@;;;;;;;;;;;;; /bleeds to death.

    1. @Yinzhao: lol~ hey~ it’s been a while isn’t it :D Yeah the old posts are really quick summaries and much easier to write ^^ The detailed ones I’ve done are killers OTL;;

      OnoD is fantastic in Ze X3 It has some of his best uke work he has done so far. It helps that I like his character in Ze too :)

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