BLCD: Gokudou wa Suit Series (Kuroda Takaya x Hirakawa Daisuke)

Gokudou wa Suit ga Osuki

Title: Vol. 1 – Gokudou wa Suit ga Osuki 極道はスーツがお好き (23/03/2007)

Pairing: Kuroda Takaya x Hirakawa Daisuke 黒田崇矢 x 平川大輔
and Narita Ken 成田剣

Rating: Ok

Quick Summary
Tailor, Enokida (Hirakawa Daisuke) is unable to repay a debt of 20 million yen to yakusa boss, Ashizawa (Kuroda Takaya). Desperate to keep the shop that he inherited from his father, Enokida agrees to Ashizawa’s condition to create a suit for the man. If Ashizawa is satisfied with the suit, he would write off the debt. In addition, Enokida must become his lover until the suit is completed to his satisfaction.

Well… The tailor, Enokida is coerced into the relationship and is the typical submissive uke. Fortunately for me, Hirakawa-san’s Enokida is not the overly weepy type since I don’t really fancy weepy ukes :P Kuroda-san is often cast as yakuza (type-casted? But I guess his voice is really suitable for it). In this drama, the seme is quite sadistic ^^” and Hirakawa-san’s moans and cries are seriously… *nosebleeds* The poor baby… It feels like Hirakawa-san is doing all the work here *sweat drop*

The story is so-so but the H is pretty good.

Catalog: AZ-019

Gokudou wa Suit ga Osuki
Title: Vol. 2 Gokudou wa Suit wo Hikisaku 極道はスーツを引き裂く (31/08/2007)

Pairing: Kuroda Takaya x Hirakawa Daisuke 黒田崇矢 x 平川大輔
Sub-Pairing: Kuroda Takaya x Narita Ken 黒田崇矢 x 成田剣
and Hamada Kenji 浜田賢二

Rating: Ok

Quick Summary:
Enokida hears rumours about Ashizawa’s impending marriage arrangements. He feels insecure about their relationship even though the yakuza boss assures him of his love for him… Distracted, Enokida makes a mistake at work… and a 3rd party surfaces with his eyes on the tailor.

Enokida is a little annoying here ^^” but Narita Ken-san’s uke… *slurps* hohohoho… short but good.

Catalog: AZ-D016A

Gokudou wa Suit ga Osuki

Title: Vol 3. Gokudou Suits ni Kokuin Suru (極道はスーツに刻印する)

Release in 2008/8/29 (Kuroda Takaya x Hirakawa Daisuke)

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