BLCD: Getsurei Juugo Series (Inoue Kazuhiko x Seki Toshihiko)

Vol. 1 Getsurei Juugo – Fuonbunshi Teisuu 1
月齢・15 不穏分子定数 (25/3/1994)
Vol. 2 Getsurei Juugo – Fuonbunshi Teisuu 2 Seisen
月齢・15 不穏分子定数 2 ~聖戦~ (19/7/1996)

Inoue Kazuhiko x Seki Toshihiko
井上和彦 x 関 俊彦

Rating: Ok

Quick Summary:
Based on manga by Tokumaru Yoshitaka 徳丸佳貴. Story about a high school student, Kugami Yoshito (Seki Toshihiko) who turns into a vampire on his 15th birthday. He is discovered by a priest, Enjou Kodou (Inoue Kazuhiko), who is actually a werewolf. Every full moon, the werewolf has to mate. Driven by the monthly peak of their desire for blood and sex, they strike a bargain to satisfy each other’s needs.

In Vol. 2, Kugami’s life is in danger as he is hunted by an unorthodox group of priests…

An older work during the Ai no Kusabi 90s-era and the style shows, especially the synthesizer soundtracks. I think Seki-san raised the pitch of his voice and over-acted a little when trying to portray a reluctant and embaressed 17 year-old. Or probably its just me ^^” I may have harboured really high expectations since it is Seki-san :P Anyway, I think he sounds much better in Vol. 2. Inoue-san is as usual suave and cool.

I may be nitpicking but the background music and sound effects in Vol. 1 could have been more varied or subtle. The repetition of the same music at the same point of entry everytime the couple meets for their mutual exchange is quite annoying. Similarly, the uninspired pipe organ music is kind of jarring to the ears o_O. Otherwise, the drama and H-scenes were enjoyable and cute. Generally speaking, Vol. 2 is better than Vol. 1 in terms of overall production and I definitely liked it more.

The freetalk in Vol. 1 is quite amusing cos it is the author, Tokumaru-sensei who interviewed Inoue-san and Seki-san. (Please correct me if I’m wrong ^^) When Seki-san asked her if she likes boys love, she was so embarressed. She sounded a little lovestruck tho’ LOL~

Catalog: AB2-940325

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