BLCD: Convenience store LAMENTO Drama CD (Morikawa Toshiyuki, Hatano Kazutoshi)

Alternate universe where the boys of Togainu no Chi, Lamento and Sweet pool meet!

Title: Drama CD: Convenience store LAMENTO 「convenience store LAMENTO」
Date: 29 – 31 December 2011
General release: 25 January 2012. Preorders are open!
Available: Pre-sale during Comic Market 81
Official site:
First press freebie: Special 「convenience store LAMENTO」 receipt

Description: 「convenience store LAMENTO」 manga was first included in a booklet 「po-chi袋」 sold at Enterbrain booth during Comic Market 75 (コミックマーケット75). It will be dramatised! The story will involve characters from Togainu no Chi 咎狗の血 and Lamento. The manga is also included in Chayamachi Suguro’s artbook CHAYAMACHI CHiRAL WORKS.

Convenience store LAMENTO store assistants are all cats. The shoppers who patronise the store are just as bad as the store assistants (I think). Exploding goods? Why are all the demons visiting the store? A fight/battle looms. 店員が「猫」の「convenience store LAMENTO」。店を訪れるのは、店員に負けず劣らず個性的なお客様たちばかり。商品爆発?店に訪れた悪魔たちの目的は?はたまた因縁のバトル勃発?

The parody story should be something fun like Love Love Lamento Gakuen and Chiral Cafe e Yokoso alternate universe.

Cast: 波多野和俊、森川智之、春野 風、舞幸運、犬野忠輔、小次郎
オイリーはな、笹沼尭羅、片岡大二郎、中原 茂、鳥海浩輔
杉田智和、緑川 光、岡野浩介、小西克幸、谷山紀章

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6 thoughts on “BLCD: Convenience store LAMENTO Drama CD (Morikawa Toshiyuki, Hatano Kazutoshi)”

  1. Today I received the cd from cdjapan. When you mentioned the receipt as a first press item, it really looks like a receipt from a Japanese convenience store. Really cute! I wish I could read understand Japanese. Enjoying the cd anyways!

    1. @yudashin: I can’t remember what Japanese store receipts look like now but the Lamento receipt sure looks cute! I’ll review it when I can!

  2. This is what I love about Nitro+Chiral, they make so many awesome crossovers with their works…

    Shiki and Rai <3, nuff said. I didn't saw Rin there D:, awww too bad xD.

  3. Awesome! Shiki and Keisuke are in it as well! I also thought that it was interesting that instead of Bardo, Rai is actually the manager of the store. Though I guess it makes sense because Rai probably doesn’t like the idea of working for Bardo. By the way he looks hot with his hair tied up.

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