BLCD: Cherry Boy Sakusen Series (Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumura Kenichi)

Title:Vol. 1 – Cherry Boy Sakusen – Muriyari Hatsujouki チェリーボーイ作戦~むりやり発情期~ (15/01/2004)

Story 1 Pairing 1:
Yoshino Hiroyuki x Suzumura Kenichi 吉野裕行 x 鈴村健一
Story 1 Pairing 2:
Fukuyama Jun x Suzumura Kenichi 福山潤 x 鈴村健一
Story 2 Pairing:
Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumura Kenichi 櫻井孝宏 x 鈴村健一
w/ Nakamura Yuuichi 中村悠一

Rating: Recommended (For H scenes and Tokuten)

Quick Summary & Comments
Okie the smex is pretty good~ and the sound effects are natural and nosebleed material ^^” The whole drama is about horny boys wanting to get it on, so you get to hear them smex in all sort of ways in every track. Stories-wise is ok. Straight-forward and simple.

Story 1 is about mainly our uke, Akira’s (Suzuken) sexploits with Yuya (Yoshino Hiroyuki) and Takeshi (Junjun). I read that this is Junjun’s first seme role! He did a great job :3

Story 2 is a short story from Yasashikute Toge ga Aru Series 優しくて棘があるSWEET~蜜月は調教からはじまる~ about a young master-servant relationship, Chiro (Sakupyon) and Ryo (Suzuken). Suzuken is very cute and Sakupyon is a very sexy seme x3. I love his whispering voice *hyper-ventilating* and the H between the two is fantastic.

The 3rd story is a “special” and you get to hear a couple of cute uke voices. If I’m not wrong (according to sources found on the web) Nakamura Yuuichi-san performed his first uke voice here :9

The main attraction is the Tokuten cos all the seiyuus’ seme-uke self-H in the Tokuten Track “Hitori de Uke Seme Yattemiru” ひとりで受け攻めやってみる (自攻自受) is super-hilarious! Don’t miss it!

Title: Vol. 2 Cherry Boy Sakusen – Yogoto no Romantiku チェリーボーイ作戦~夜ごとのロマンティック~く (15/09/2004)

Main Pairing:
Fukuyama Jun x Suzumura Kenichi 福山潤 x 鈴村健一
Sub Pairing 1:
Suzuki Chihiro x Toriumi Kousuke 鈴木千尋 x 鳥海浩輔
Sub Pairing 2:
Narita Ken x Suzumura Kenichi 成田剣 x 鈴村健一
Sub Pairing 3:
MIKI x Miyata Kouki MIKI x 宮田幸季

Rating: Ok

Quick Summary and Comments:
Sequel to Story 1 of Cherry Boy Sakusen 01. Akira (Suzuken) and Takeshi (Junjun) are now a couple. They’re getting to know each other better in ways other than just their bodies. Smexylicious and a little bit of angst ^^ Other pairings add a little more variety to the fun.

Catalog 1: HDA-0003
Catalog 2: HDA-0008

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14 thoughts on “BLCD: Cherry Boy Sakusen Series (Sakurai Takahiro x Suzumura Kenichi)”

  1. These are based on novels. The covers look familiar cos they were illustrated by Minami Haruka who is a mangaka. Many of her PWP stories are smutty and have cute ukes who are often hungry (for affection/sex?) heh… so that could be a reason why you thought they seem similar with the ones in this drama. ^^

  2. I was just wondering if this had a manga. I feel like I’ve read this… or maybe I just read something that had a similar story… But the art looks familiar… Gah.

  3. I would like to hear this but I don’t see any here. T.T
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