BLCD: Cafe Latte Rhapsody (Hatano Wataru x Suzumura Kenichi)

Cafe Latte Rhapsody
Title: Cafe Latte Rhapsody カフェラテ・ラプソディ (28/12/2008 )

Hatano Wataru x Suzumura Kenichi
羽多野渉 x 鈴村健一

Serizawa Hajime 芹沢基: Suzumura Kenichi 鈴村健一
Tsuda MacLeod Keito 津田・マクラウド・恵人: Hatano Wataru 羽多野渉
Shiraishi 白石: Konishi Katsuyuki 小西克幸

Rating: Highly recommended.

Ever wondered what the colour of the universe is? It is the colour of Cafe Latte! ^^

23 year old Serizawa Hajime (Suzumura Kenichi) is short and has a freckled face. He works at a bookstore and appears cheerful and friendly to the people around him. He meets a very tall Eurasian university student, Tsuda McLeod Keito (Hatano Wataru) at the bookstore who gives people a scary first impression due to his height and intense-looking eyes. However, as Serizawa discovers, contrary to Keito’s appearance, he is a very shy and gentle guy who is not very confident about himself.

Based on a manga by Kawai Touko 川唯東子.


I’m on a Hatano Wataru spree thanks to Sweet Pool… Uwah… he voices such a cute, sweet, cho-dame-dame (super-useless) seme in this BLCD… SO CUUUTTTEEE *squeezes tight* I’ve actually picked up this drama cos I thought he was the uke. :P The info was wrong I guess… but he turns out to be such a cutie. *BIG hearts*

Hatano Wataru-san used a higher pitched voice for Keito and makes the 19 year old teenager sound young and innocent. His somewhat hesistant way of speech makes him so endearing. This is in-character as Keito does not express himself very well, partly due to his personality and mixed-heritage. His dame-dame and self-conscious chuckle is very cute. I love Hatano Wataru-san’s teary “I love only you…” which was pronounced in English in the drama… Gaaah~ *melts into a puddle* Gosh… how many times have I written the words “cute” and “sweet”? *dies*

Suzumura Kenichi-san is also very well-cast as the older uke, Serizawa and brought this character to life. Serizawa is very insecure and afraid to fall deeply in love with Keito due to the failure of his first relationship. His ex-boyfriend thought he was too possessive and said that for someone with his looks, he should be grateful for anyone who would date him. Serizawa’s past boyfriends always take advantage of him in some form or another and meeting someone who loves him so much like Keito is a first for him. Although Serizawa really wants to embrace and commit to the relationship fully, he is afraid that he does not deserve Keito and might lose him if he becomes too possessive. He tries to appear non-chalant when girls around Keito express their interest in him and hurts Keito in the process.

Although Serizawa thinks Keito reminds him of a big kitten, I think he is more like a little puppy who is forthright about his feelings for love and affection. As for Serizawa, he is another puppy who has been hurt before but is still looking for the one who will heal his broken heart.

The few girls in the drama are sweet too. Keito’s childhood friend, Lily-chan is quite an important presence in the drama. Seldom do we have non-annoying females in BL and I like her very much for being there for Keito and Serizawa when the couple has a misunderstanding.

There’s only one H-scene and a couple of cute, rabu-rabu (love love) kissing scenes.

Oh yeah, and what is this thing about Cafe Latte being the colour of the universe? Keito reveals that although he doesn’t like to drink coffee, he begins to enjoy Cafe Latte with lots of sugar after he knows about the fact. He feels as if he is drinking the universe when he drinks Cafe Latte. So romantic :) Anyway, look up “cosmic cafe” in wiki if you want more information! ^^

This drama will fill you up like a hot cup of Cafe Latte and make you feel all warm and mushy inside… I enjoyed this drama CD a lot. Highly recommended!

Catalog: A0010046

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