BL Manga, Novel: In These Words, Cruel to be Kind (Guilt | Pleasure)

Just in time for Halloween! In These Words vol 7 (English) and goodies!

In case you’re wondering what these are, they’re memo pads :D

Each page is printed with the artwork on one side and blank on the other for you to scribble notes on. Size: 4×8 inches. So that’s like…50 sheets of Katsuya and Shinohara :D allowing you to do the stalker thing and paste them all over your walls! WOW!

-Kidding- Well, you can get them from the official shoppe :D I also bought the ITW message cards which I’m considering giving away later. Watch this space.
In These Words / Guilt|Pleasure

Last update 17 October 2012: Check the links below to Guilt|Pleasure official shoppe to preorder your copy today :D Don’t be like me… I nearly forgot orz;;

Title: Cruel to be Kind (Web Novel)
Title: In These Words (Web Novel/Manga)
Circle: Guilt | Pleasure
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese
Official site:

Update Sep 2012: Congrats to Guilt|Pleasure for their publication of In These Words by Libre in Japan (photo on right)! You can grab a copy of the Japanese version manga here :D You can also get it from Amazon JP (search “In These Words”)

The Japanese version manga has 216 pages and contains Chapters 1-6. I’ll be ordering a copy to nosebleed over Katsuya again improve my Japanese reading skills XD since I already have all the Chapters in English.

Last update August 2011:

Firstly… thanks to my friend, Oru for letting me know about these lovely, smexy works by Guilt | Pleasure, a US-based doujin circle by Toga-Q and Kichiku Neko :3 That was back in February 2011 before chapter 4 of In These Words were out! I finally bought them all XD

I had wanted to get them after all the chapters are completed cos waiting for the next chapter is always painful OTL;; But I couldn’t resist in the end (I guess I had some $ left from all my figure purchases ^^;;) and ordered them last month. When they arrived, I asked myself… why did I wait so long to get my hands on them!? Lol~ but now begins the agony of waiting for the next chapter (;_;)

Also, Oru highly recommended Cruel to be Kind and you can read the web novel at Guilt | Pleasure’s website :D The sketchbook I bought provides the pr0n visual feast to the novel which I devoured in one sitting. There’s more to come but we’ll have to wait (;_;)

As for In These Words, check out their news page for the samples. You’ll fall in love just like countless fans of Guilt | Pleasure’s works :)

Besides the main stories, one of my definite favourites in the books were the freetalk corners. It’s fun and amusing to read about Toga-Q and Kichiku Neko’s creative processes and constructive arguments XDD Artworks from guest artists were awesome and enjoyable too.

And to have the manga/novel serialising in BL giant, Libre Japan’s BeBoy Gold, will there be a day we get to hear the dramatisation of Guilt | Pleasure’s works starring our favourite seiyuus? OMG… the thought of it really excites me!

So if you haven’t read Guilt | Pleasure‘s works, please do so… like… NOW! (^-^)/

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75 thoughts on “BL Manga, Novel: In These Words, Cruel to be Kind (Guilt | Pleasure)”

  1. I just bought IN THE WORDS via ebay UK, and was just wondering how many chapters are there to a volume? I also don’t know whether its a novel or a comic style book, i know it does have 200pages in the book i bought though. Can’t wait either way though :)

    1. I just received the complete vol.1 of IN THESE WORDS in English, and it only goes up to chapter 5, but I’m well happy now, can’t wait to sit down and read it.

      Annoying thing though I will have to wait for the next lot as it ends on a cliffhanger by the looks of things, boooo.

    2. Well I did email GUILTPLEASURE whether there’s going to be a vol.2 (up to chapter 11 they said) and they said yes (awesome) but unfortunately it won’t released til winter next year (BIG BOOOO) so I’m going to order them individually by chapter, going to cost me £50+ :(, but least I’ll have them :)

    3. @Lucy: Next winter? Gosh… I’ve been buying the chapters as they were published so I didn’t really think about the total costs… ^^;; sure adds up huh.

    4. It blooming does, I bought vol.1 for just £8.13 and i’m pretty sure that vol.2 will be only bought £20 upon release but that is just to far off to wait next year, so i’ll just buy them individually instead, even if it is more expensive.

    5. Well, when I bought vol.1 the first few pages were cardboard like material spacing over 2 pages of posters, i think they were the covers for the chapters 1-5, I’m ordering chapters 6-7 Saturday from Guiltpleasure, going to cost me £30 there bouts, can’t wait because chapter 5 left it on such a flipping cliffhanger, it nearly killed me with annoyance.

    6. Oh I know, there was absolutely nothing censored out in this book, you literally saw every nook and cranny. It was my very 1st BL Manga I bought (1st Manga of any kind actually) I was NOT disappointed at all, can’t wait to put an order in for chapters 6-7 tomorrow from Guiltpleasure, just hope it don’t take long, its being shipped all the way from the US to the UK. SO EXCITED :)

    7. Well I finally ordered chapter 6-7 from Guiltpleasure for £31.00 (shipping included) and now all that leaves for me to do is read vol.1 all over again until gets here. Could take up to a month apparently (booooo), but I sooooo can’t wait, when I get my money in another 2 weeks I’m going to place an order for chapters 8-9. :)

    8. That’s exactly true, got confirmation that they have been shipped, now its just a waiting game, also got email from them saying that they are giving me a partial refund of $10 (£6+), so I’m only paying bout £22 altogether (woohooo), cos I ordered 2 books at the same time they said.

  2. I’m confused right now… cruel to be kind is a novel but where can i get it? Cus I thought the doujin book that i bought was it but its not… I know father figure is out of stock, so is that the same for cruel to be kind?

    When i read the description clearly off from the shop of the doujin page, it said its a web novel… huh? searched the website but I still don’t know where I could get the novel?? Did i miss something out?

    Also did anyone try searching for the ITW book (volume1) through ebay? Cus i got mine through it at a reasonable price, ^^. Although it’s expensive generally for a book (or set), it was definitely worthwhile. Looking at the options, you can try get it for at least $50 including shipping fee.

    1. @lily: the web novel used to be online on the official site but I think they’ve removed it. I think they have plans to release it as a novel at a later date. But it’s been a while though. Father Figure and Cruel to be kind are different stories.

      That’s great! :D Glad you managed to get the volume at a reasonable price!

  3. i just read “A cruel God Reigns” and craving for another yaoi-reads with mind fuck n twisted plot, so my choice fall to this piece, since the artwork so lovely, but it can’t be shipped to my country, so i have to wait patiently via my cousin that stay in US to buy them for me…
    but i can’t seem to see in these words ch 6 in guilt pleasure
    is it out of stock or what… :'(
    ps. amazon give amazing price, 300 dollars for this book

    1. @shi-en-ta: Hopefully you can get your hands on it soon! And I just saw the amazon listing… wow orz;;
      Maybe Chapter 6 is out of stock. Have you checked with them?

    2. yes, ch 6 has “on Hold” status… i dont know if they’re gonna re-print it again or not…
      but i still gonna buy ch 1-5 and 7 no matter what (via my cousin)

  4. Excuse me.
    I have known GP recently . Their works ‘re so wonderful and the art make me excited. I have no hesitance to decide to buy theirs. But unfortunately, i missed chance to preoder Father Figure and In The Words vol 1, i’m so sad to hear that they’ re out of print and sold out. TT___TT

    Could you tell me if you know where to buy/ order them? English version only because I ‘m only able to read English.

    1. @shibitobana: Maybe you like to email Guilt|Pleasure and ask them if they’re going to reprint them? So far I bought all the books from their online store. And you’re right… the store doesn’t have them now D:

    2. Sorry for my late response, i’ve been busy rencently. //__\\

      I haven’t asked them yet but it seems like they will not reprint ( I want to cry) so I’m waiting for ebook now.

      Hope that I would get them.TT__TT

      Thanks for reply.

  5. I saw they weren’t going to be reprinting volumes~ ;_;
    I had forgot to order mine at cdjapan back then. Broke the bank to get vol 1-5 before they sell out. Hope everything is in stock.; OTL

    1. @dandycorsets: it’s worth it to get the English versions! Have you received them yet? They’re gorgeous!!!

      The JP version will most probably be reprinted. I ordered mine early but still only received the 2nd print! They probably didn’t expect such high demand.

    2. TTQTT omg i received them today!!v<

      (The psycho-is so damn sexy!OoO;; ajksfgsfgkaw *hides*~! )

  6. Ahhh… ITW volume 1 is going out of print? ;_;
    That would mean I have to order it NOW, but I can’t currently, I’m trying to wait until at least April of 2013 to buy more BL manga… but I want to read it sooo baaaad.
    I wonder if they’ll still have it on Amazon or something by then for a reasonable…ish…. price orz

    1. @htk318: don’t worry I’m sure they’ll reprint the manga. I received the 2nd reprint even though I ordered early at cdjapan. They probably didn’t expect it to be in such great demand. Check back whenever you can!

  7. finally ordered~! they were a little pricey for the number of pages per chapter, but i hope the artwork will make it all worth it~~

    1. just got mine today…totally thought storm Sandy was going to cause a massive delay in postal service from the other end of the coast, but mine got here within a week, so i guess that’s good~

      can’t wait to start reading xD

    2. @iced_wine: glad that they got to you safely! Hope that everyone is safe at your area too?

      Enjoy the works xD let me know your thoughts!

    1. @Gyokuyou: The one on sale on CDJapan is in Japanese. Check out Guilt|Pleasure’s official site if you want to buy the English version :)

    2. Thank you. It is much cheaper to buy Japanese version, and also cheaper for the shipping fee.
      But I don’t know Japanese (soon I’ll know).
      Ah, which one I should buy ><

    1. @nikore: Cruel to be kind is a novel/sketchbook/manga deliciously R18 ^^ GET IT TOO! Check out the descriptions for each item in their shop for more detail.

  8. i bought itw vol 1 at yaoi con yesterday and i was blown away. i should’ve bought all her works! can you tell me what father figure is about? i want to buy that one next :D

    1. @nikore: OH YES YOU SHOULD HAVE! Lol~ XD They’re awesome! Father Figure is a novel. It is gripping. But has incest themes. I don’t want to reveal too much but it definitely worth reading!

  9. Thank you for sharing, darling!
    This is the first time I heard about “Guilty Pleasure” and there art work is amazing.
    I might buy some of there stuff.
    Do they have novel versions instead of manga?
    If they have novel versions, where did you buy it at?
    Thanks for the help, darling!
    ^ – ^

    1. @King Rein: I bought it directly from Guilt|Pleasure’s store. They ship international. You can find the link from the post :) Which one are you interested in? In These Words is manga and Cruel to be Kind is a novel with R18 illustrations.

    2. @ Ponytale

      Thank you for the help, darling!
      The one I’m interested in is Cruel to be Kind since it’s a novel.
      I’m also interested in In These Words but I’ll get that later.
      If I get Cruel to be Kind, it will be my first Yaoi novel that I ever read.
      I’ve read Yaoi manga before but never one written in words. ^ – ^
      Again, thanks for the help!
      ( Huggles )

  10. I met GP thanks to you a while ago when you talked about ITW… so when they released last May with chapters 1-5 I pre-ordered it with no doubt, and also bought New York Minute.

    I must admit they gave me faith in the BL industry. Gorgeous artwork, very manly men, realistic rapes, not-so-clear seme/uke stereotypes, blood, sadism… <3<3 Definitely waiting for more stuff by them because they're currently my favourite BL artists.

    1. @Lehanan: Glad to share the news! I also bought New York Minute :D Besides enjoying the artwork, I love that the plot is gripping and intriguing. Sweet fluffy stuff are definitely fine and enjoyable in their own way but this!! We just don’t get enough BL works like these. :)

  11. is it very hardcore…. at first i think i’m gonna ask my cousin in Portland, but if it’s hardcore…. i don’t know what to do, but the artwork extremely gorgeous…. uh…. @_@

  12. iv been thinking of buying them this summer, i just have a couple of doubts.
    are the explicit parts censored? where did you buy them, ponytale? from the chinese website, or from the US one? i wonder if buying either china or usa will affect censorship… or if all books are the same regarless of where u buy them…
    buying from a chinese website is cheaper, i dont know about shipping tho… but, if im calculating right, even with shipping it will cost less than buying from the us web…
    if all books are the same (same censorship/no censorship) then i should buy from a chinese site. but i dont know where D:
    otherwise, im willing to pay more if buying from us has no censorship…

    1. @Shirokaze: I believe they should be the same contents. Only the paper quality is different. I bought from the US site. They’ll refund the shipping if it is higher than quoted :)

  13. Yes, you oughta hide or I’ll send you back to the kitchen 8’C

    I’ve made two friends buy the ITW series as well and waiting for them to catch up so I can start my endless psychological allegations with them. The way the story is presented definitely escalate curiosity without giving in too much information.

    The sketches they did were really lovely, a pity. Like I say to my roommate, you’d expect this kind of artist’s autographs to be easier to get than soccer and basketball players yet… it’s far more difficult OTL

    JS Knights Errant (KE) so far is not prony although it really does seem like a promising guy’s love story and, for the type of development, I’m assuming it flows better to leave the prony stuff for a different stage later on.
    StarFighter is on a bit of a edge, mostly just explicit materrial and the plot more of a background set.
    Teahouse, however, is a colourfilled bliss that is really balanced out ( in a story/pron scale, I’d place it in between the two titles above). Also, it has a fair dose of drama already, which I guess is a big female attractive.

    1. @Oru: uuu… (/_\) *does not come out of closet*

      Lol~ they’re not yet up to the latest chapter? :D Yeah, it’s very intriguing how they interspersed the “interrogation/dialogue” with the “dreams” :) Definitely well-crafted and keeps the reader guessing at every step of the way.

      Yeah, life works in strange ways but its a lot easier to get Jo and Kichiku Neko’s signature if you go for the events/cons they take part in right?

      Mmm icic thanks for the quick summary! I’ve read StarFighter and it is so far an easy read that has beautiful characters with cute personalities (yep, including the seme’s lol). And the sex sure is good XD The other titles I’ll have to finish and get back to you on them ;D

  14. Pff, since we’re on a sharing mode, I hope this does not come out as rude but, adding to Teahouse and Star Fighter, I’d like to also recommend Knights Errant.

    Story seem pretty interesting, such as the artwork. A big development seen from the first few pages to the current story point.

    I also felt strangely pleased with the specials the author adds to the voting-reward each week. Some older ones can be located at their deviant.

  15. @Ponytale Please read them, they’re amazing, funny and has *awesomepr0n* ! Teahouse and Sharkteeth

    HamletMachine from Starfighter always does fanarts about those comics, like this one for Teahouse, or this for Sharteeth, and even of G|P I think that’s very sweet of her, and usually those comic writers and artists support and follow each other works.

    Wow, ITW or CTBK drama CD would be amazing! Being on BeBoy can open doors like this.

    1. @Planck-chan: thanks for the rec and links! Really helpful! I’ll definitely check them out.

      I spoke to TogaQ/Jo/Kichiku-neko on twitter just now and they told me that In these words drama cd is being proposed for release in 2012! OMG our wish will come true! I’m so happy for them and I’m really really excited about it!

  16. Only last month? Imma gonna have to scold ya.

    I actually got the last chapter with the pre-order, to try out for their raffle. Failed hardcore.
    Hopefully they’ll have another one soon, even if just for the twin’s sketch that was left out.
    Can’t wait for chapter 5 of ITW and already have a bunch of theories worked out.

    Really glad to share the love with someone who appreciates fine art and plot ( *coff*andallthepron*coff*).

    1. @Oru: (/_\) sorwwy *hides in corner* but I finally got them! v(^-^)v And am agonising over the next chapter now lol. I also have one or two theories about Katsuya’s predicament.

      Never give up! XD cos you might get lucky the next round!

      And yes the plot and the men are so gorgeous <3

  17. Saw Jo Chen at Yaoi-con last year. She had a huge table of collectables. If it knew you like it her stuff I could have gotten some stuff for you. :o(

    She even did the cover art for program book.

    1. @Tasukihoneybunny aww you’re a sweetheart <3 thanks! I didn't know about her works last year ^^ only got introduced this Feb! But it's okay. Better late than never xD

  18. Artwork is truly stunning, when I first saw it I was like drooling over Jo Chen’s drawings, how it’s so gorgeous! I think there’s a lot of amazing online BL stories nowadays, like StarFighter, Teahouse or Sharkteeth, so we’re lucky enough to read them for free and buy printed yummies which helps the artist to keep on. When my wallet recovers I’m gonna get those printed versions too.

    And soon G|P will be on BeBoy Gold, so those who often buy the magazine will be able to see their awesome work there! That’s truly a remarkable achievement for their work.

    1. @Planck-chan: I’m planning to get my hands on starfighter comic after more chapters are released. Save on shipping ^^;; not economical for me to buy them one by one. Sad but true.

      I’ve not heard of the other 2 titles. Thanks for mentioning them. I’ll check them out :D

      Yes! And I look forward to the day when these works become drama CDs or even anime! So exciting!

  19. wow, these are really really tempting. A little bit too hardcore for my taste maybe. International shipping doesn´t look too expensive..hmm.. why do you make me rob my wallet? XD *have to withstand*
    Is the sketchbook the one doujinshi from CTBK thats available? (I guess so)
    Did you get any freebies?

    1. @pyoko: When I first saw them back in February I was tempted too… but held back cos I hate waiting for new chapters of manga that hasn’t completed OTL and also due to lack of $$$.

      Their International shipping charges are reasonable. And G|P will refund you the excess if it turns out to be less than what is quoted :) They’re really sweet.

      Yep, that’s the only available CTBK sketchbook/doujin :) Would definitely be awesome if it was a full manga.

      YES! I got some beautiful postcards for free (including an autographed one that you can see in the photo above) XD

      Although parts in the plot are very hardcore, they’re essential to the story. And the men are simply gorgeous.

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