BL Game: Togainu no Chi True Blood PSP!

Limited edition Togainu no Chi PSP is a must-buy for BL figure collectors.

Why? It comes with Nendoroid Puchi (Petit) of Akira!

Remember just the other day I was writing about BL games on PSP (PlayStation Portable)? Well, here’s one more title to add to the list!

And it is none other than Togainu no Chi’s very own PlayStation Portable game! :D

There are new updates about the game:

Title: 咎狗の血 True Blood Portable DXパック

Limited edition Price: 7,140 Yen (w/tax)
Limited edition bonus: Akira Nendoroid Puchi (9999 pieces only)

Normal edition price: 6,090 Yen (w/tax)
Release date: 23 December 2010

Both Animate Japan (out-of-stock) and Chara-ani (out-of-stock) is taking orders. Chara-ani preorder ends 22 December 2010.

Animate Japan has an animate-only exclusive package which will include a tapestry gift but at a higher price of 8,190 Yen. No pictures of the tapestry yet but my guess is that it’ll be the cover art.

In addition to the main Togainu no Chi visual novel game…

1) Togainu Poker Mini Game 「咎狗ポーカー」を通信対戦化して追加搭載
Erm, something about being able to challenge another friend with the same game.

2) New features taking advantage of PSP capabilities.
View screen 16:9 as well as 4:3.

3) Full-voiced cast
Including: Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔, Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷浩史, Midorikawa Hikaru 緑川光, Sugita Tomokazu 杉田智和, Nakamura Yuuichi 中村悠一, etc.

The planned Nitro+Chiral Togainu no Chi Full-voiced PSP game (咎狗の血 True Blood Portable(ポータブル) is expected to be released on 23 December 2010. Just in time for Christmas lol~ I guess with a Playstation 2 version already out in the market, it’s just natural to see a PSP-port. As expected from the current trend of PS2 to PSP ports, from Starry Sky, Hakuouki to other popular games titles.

Such exciting news and a great excuse to seriously save for a PSP. Luvi, you’re right. PSP is the next big thing for otome games and from the looks of it, possibly BL games too :)

Hopefully they add some new elements into the PSP version and not just a lock, stock and barrel port from PS2, for it make it our money’s worth :) The PS2 version was rated CERO C (15+). I guess we can’t expect too much in terms of BL-ness for PSP. Probably should be the same rating since they’re trying to target the mass markets in these game platforms.

Official site:

Not much info there yet, except for the obvious fact that we have to save 5800 Yen in anticipation of its arrival lol~

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27 thoughts on “BL Game: Togainu no Chi True Blood PSP!”

  1. @ponytale – yes thanks im sure you can do it, alos ask for junjo romantica game too. and wow your so lucky i wish i can do it to plus i will just wait on the sub if it came out here yes. and and i finally seen all of the first series of kurshitsuji.

    1. @m: yeah we shouldn’t forget that either ^^ oh we can all do that right? Then they would know there are people out here who are willing to buy English versions of these games (as long as they keep the original voice tracks) XD

      You enjoyed the season? :D

    1. @m: Mmm lemme work on that ^^ Ooo~ awesome news! XDD I’ll try to do a post about it soon! And I already pre-ordered the manga with the DVD a while back X3

  2. @ponytale – oh thank you for telling me yes i will look, and i hope that works, and thanks for giving me details i never knew do you know of the company that were mybe going to do this is so i would like to have the website link and i can email them and see if this works for the fans too.

  3. i have been watching the anime now and found out about the psp game, do you think there is a chance the game can come out in the usa and uk if the right company brings it out there are more rpgs and sim games coming on ps3 and psp so do you think if an petition will work or just ask the right company?

    1. @m: It’s definitely possible :) Hmm… if I’m not wrong, there is currently an on-going fan-based Togainu no Chi PC game translation project and the last time I read about it, they have approached a games distributor in the US who said they were keen to work with them. I’m not sure of the status now. Distributing these games can be a costly and money-losing business if nobody buys the finished product in the end. If these companies know that there are enough fans who want to buy the game, they’ll more likely want to bring the game in from Nitro+ and localise it :) Anyway, this is the link to the project if you’re interested.

  4. Aw, that kinda sucks. >.>
    But then, if that’s the case, I’ll most likely buy the normal edition, then. I’d really love to have that Nendoroid buuuut… my baby sister will most likely be eating it if I don’t pay attention. ^^;;;
    Thanks for the info! XD

    1. @vanijane: hahaha XD you’ll have to make sure your baby sis keep her cute tiny hands off Akira! XDD Well, if you like figures, I think it’s worth spending more for his figurine :3 but if you are not, I think getting the normal edition would be a good choice.

  5. Hi!

    I was checking Play-Asia and they will soon offer pre-orders for the limited edition ‘coz I’m planning to get one, too. Even though I can’t read in Japanese (yet!).

    I’m just wondering what else is different from the normal edition and limited edition aside from the Nendoeoid Akira. And is the tapestry only available if we order the game via Animate? :( It’d be cool, though, if Play-Asia would offer the tapestries, too.

    I mean, what I would give to have the TnC guys hanging on my wall. ^////^;;;


    1. @vanijane: Hi vanijane, Play-asia most probably won’t be giving out the tapestry cos if they are, they will indicate it on the order page ^^ So far, it is a Animate Japan store-only special :-\

      The only difference between Togainu PSP limited and normal edition is Nendoroid Petit Akira :) cos I think they expect most Japanese players to already have bought the PC and PS2 versions. They probably needed to give the players something else to persuade them to buy the same thing again ^^;;; cos I read that PS2 and PSP’s Togainu story and characters will be the same. But PSP version will also include Togainu Poker which you can network with other PSP players to play together.

  6. It’s what we were talking about GSC on Junjou post… I really hate them now!!! When I saw at AmiAmi was already sold out, and I’m not planing buy this thru a proxy, I don’t even have a PSP! Ok, you also don’t, but it’s so unfair! I prefer paying this ammount on a Kotobukiya figure, cos they always supported male figs than giving it to GSC!! I can imagine the price of this puchi on YJP later… now we only can hope TnC making a huge success so they can do a set of the characters…

    1. @planck-chan: *hugz* I wonder how many copies AmiAmi had? It’s supposed to be 9999 pieces limited :( I hope they do a proper set of figma and nendoroids for Togainu no chi characters. These puchi and voice petits are just not good enough!

  7. OMG cruel >.< I hate game bundles.
    I guess I will skip it since I won´t be able to play the game. (1. no PSP and 2. no japanese knowledge)

    1. @pyoko: I placed an order at Amiami and in just a few hours, it’s already sold out! Animate and Chara-ani still has it in stock. I don’t have a PSP :P but I guess it’s alright for now. Will eventually buy one I guess.

  8. This makes me happy but sad too. Knowing i can’t afford it expecially around that time of year.;_;
    The figure is super cute though. The extra option in the togainu poker game sounds really fun too.

    1. @sigma: To be honest, I hate them for bundling the figure like that but it seems to be the trend nowadays :-\ Since its a port over from PS2 and they have to make it more attractive for people to buy them. However, it makes me wonder if there’ll be a puchi Shiki? And also, is the design and size the same as the voice nendoroid petits that’s going to be released in the future? *_* SIGH.

    1. @KiraTamato44: Yeah, so far only Animate Japan is taking preorders but there isn’t any more updates. I’m waiting to see what is included in the Limited Edition X3

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